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  1. Alphawave

    Pizza Fusion

    That sounds great! I have only tried Redbridge beer, so that would be something different for me!
  2. I am definitely going to try that, as my Whole Foods Market is 26 miles from my house....Thanks for the idea.
  3. Thanks for the info! Believe it or not, Denver is where I am originally from...now I'm stuck here. You're right about the larger air holes in baked goods. The higher altitude you go the more that theme is present. I went to college in Fort Collins, and used to bhake cakes and they would have craters in them, it seemed.
  4. I live in Houston, and The Whole Foods Market I go to does NOT have this bread. Anyplace else you suggest I try?
  5. Alphawave

    Slippery Elm

    Just saw your postings. I do a lot of natural/herbal balancing. One thing that worked for me, without question, was Royal Jelly. Calms down inflammation. Ask your doc about it. I have been off gluten for over 3 months now, and inflammation is still an issue for me. When I stop the Royal Jelly, I am not quite right. Since I am an older age, I am told it could take a year to heal.
  6. Exactly. So far I can't find another brand that is gluten free. Looks like I am making it from scratch from now on.
  7. Alphawave

    Nathans Fries & Hotdogs

    Not that you can get it at a restaurant, but Hebrew National hotdogs are gluten free. BUT, since they are kosher as well, I one time asked if the hotdog (at a function) was kosher, and they brought out a package that happened to be Hebrew National, and cooked one up for me. Apparently they had purchased them due to some people not eating pork.
  8. Alphawave

    Pizza Fusion

    Thanks for the input. I couldn't believe it when I found out this is the first Pizza Fusion in Texas, let alone Houston, and here it is 2 miles away. I am supposing that they are a bit pricey. But I haven't had a pizza FOREVER !!!!!
  9. Yes, you are in luck. There are two main soy sauce brands. The first, and best, is San-j What-free soy sauces. There are delicious, but a bit pricey. La Choy makes a wheat -free sauce, but it is not very tasty, IMMO. I buy the San-j at Whole Foods Market. You could buy online, if your stores don't carry them. There is also a low-salt wheat-free version San-k makes.
  10. Alphawave

    Pizza Fusion

    Anyone who has Pizza Fusion in their state, have you tried the gluten-free crust? We just had a restaurant move into HOuston, right in my area, and was wanting to know if you liked the pizzas.
  11. The others are absolutely correct as to the B vitamins. I suggest that you try sublingual B-12 (you can get these anywhere, even Walgreens). You cannot overdose on B vitamins, and you are going to have trouble until you heal to absorb nutrients. By the way, a recent study, (the Haines Study), says 42% of Americans are vitamin b-12 deficient. Also, you MUST take Magnesium. Your "gut" won't handle much right now. I heartily suggest magnesium oils, gel, or even Epsom salt baths. I am an older nurse, and it used to be that epsom salt baths were ordered by doctors for anyone at risk for magnesium deficiency (Diabetes, thyroid issues, auto-immune diseases). A magnesium deficiency will NOT show up in regular lab work. Magnesium will draw from your bones and tissues to "go" to your bloodstream. Topical magnesium DOES work well. Without magnesium you cannot absorb calcium well and thus your bones will become porous (osteopenia). Magnesium also relaxes the muscles and arteries of the blood system. It helps you sleep and rest and prevent backaches, etc. Let me know how you are doing.
  12. I am newly diagnosed, and am finding the same problems with certain items. Saturday I bought some "gluten-free" oat bars that were organic. By nightfall of having the first one, it was clear there was a problem. I am still not doing well today. Nature's Path is the brand. I checked the label very carefully too!!!! Grrr!
  13. Wow, 9 years. I guess I will hope you can help with these issues, I thank you for your help one THIS issue, too. Sounds like I will be putting up with people time to time. Never occurred to me that this kind of thing started social rows.
  14. I absolutely love your answer! Yes, these people are manipulators. You would think I would be used to it being a nurse.....but when it is close to home...... Also, haven't heard anybody say "wanker" since my father, who was from Edinburgh, Scotland. Loved to hear it.