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39-ish year old female from New England on a quest to feel better! Diagnosed Celiac March 2010, Gluten free since July 2009, Soy free since December 2009, Dairy free since 2006. Diagnosed with IBS and Sjogren's 2005 and diagnosed with RA as a toddler.

  1. Thanks for the replies. My doctor is more than happy and willing to fill out whatever paperwork is needed. I don't have celiac so I think the FMLA would have to fall under colitis and/or RA. I have met with HR and discussed my options and explained the difficulties I was having with my boss. How...
  2. Just wondering if any of you have used FMLA at work to cover appointments and sick days. From this website: http://www.dol.gov/whd/regs/compliance/whdfs28.htm This is the section that seems to be most applicable.
  3. I've struggled with this too but since going gluten-free it has gone away. So has much of my snoring I'd love to know more! Do you have a link or resource? My blood work keeps showing elevated eosinophils so my docs ordered an endoscopy and colonoscopy, neither of which I'm looking...
  4. I've never had an issue with anything I've had from Trader Joe's marked as gluten-free. I hate to see a store that goes out of their way to be informative about the content and manufacturing of their food deemed a villain. That seems so over the top to me. Some of us are more sensitive than others...
  5. I'll have to check out Boylans. I have found Hansens at my regular supermarket, Trader Joe's and Whole Foods (WF). WF had the largest variety of flavors. Hansens ginger ale is really good, very gingery. We used to be able to get Jones at our regular market but they don't carry it anymore. Now we...
  6. It could be a reaction to the HFCS. The extra fructose load can cause IBS symptoms like gas and bloating. Some also react to the caramel coloring which is derived from corn. If you have issues with corn that could explain it too. I miss Coke but have found that a Diet Pepsi now and then is pretty...
  7. I have swelling but I also have RA and they tend to go hand in hand. I seem to have less swelling since going gluten-free but it still happens now and then. For me humid weather or flying tends to puff them right up. Some things that help: watch your salt intake, drink plenty of water and elevate...
  8. Great question. Looking forward to what people have to suggest as I'm new to the vitamin portion of dealing with this lifestyle as well. I'm currently on 50k units of vitamin D once a week (Rx from GI doc, my D level was super low) In addition I take a multivitamin and a calcium/vitamin D daily...
  9. This is a great topic. I think I may be reacting to tapioca too. I had the Starfish gluten-free battered fish last night for dinner and today I have a noisy rumbly tummy and have had a few minor trips to the bathroom. No pain but a lot of gas. I love this fish so much so I certainly don't want to...
  10. I recently came across KP aka 'chicken skin' on the DH thread. I have had this my whole life and never knew it had a name. I noticed it got worse within the past 3-5 years. I thought it was just my pale Irish skin!! Since going gluten-free and soy free the bumps on my arms have softened a bit...
  11. Growing up I was scary thin. At 5'3" it took a lot of effort to maintain a weight of 90 lbs. My parents used to fill me with pasta and milkshakes. They even let me have the occasional beer to fatten me up. Ha! Looking back I don't know how anyone missed it! Then I was able to put on some weight in...
  12. I'm experiencing this as well and always attributed the attack to dairy but now I think it's gluten related. I've been gluten free since the summer and have had these attacks a few times, most recently twice in the last 3 weeks. The pain wakes me out of a sound sleep around 2 am. It's sharp and...