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  1. I had similar little things. My ears no longer itch or are very waxy. I used to need to q-tip them every day they were so itchy. My scalp and skin are less dry. The kp on my upper arms is less severe. My lips are less chapped and dry. I'm no longer a slave to lip balm. My eyes are more moist and I need less artificial tears. One of my punctal plugs fell out and I haven't needed to have it replaced. The weird numb spot between my upper lip and nose is gone. My fingernails are strong and grow like crazy. They're no longer 'bendy' or peel easily. I can breath easier. My sinuses are less clogged. My sense of smell is back too (sometimes I wish this weren't better! :P ) My voice is more clear and strong. I'm much less hoarse. I also feel less claustrophobic and less anxious and more patient. I seem to be more present and in my body if that makes sense. Less foggy I guess you could say.

  2. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year everyone! I'm so thankful for this site and for all of you!

    This is my 2nd Christmas gluten-free (as well as lactose and soy) and I didn't get sick. I did get sick my first gluten-free holiday, likely from CC. This time I brought food everywhere we went. Dinner for me to warm up and food to share. I did a lot of cooking and baking this year. Some successes and some busts and some things were so yummy we ate them all before the holiday got here!

    This year we hosted Thanksgiving too. Everything gluten-free, lactose and soy free. Everyone cleared their plates and said how yummy everything was. At Christmas yesterday people were saying how that was their first Thanksgiving they felt satisfied but not over stuffed or lethargic after. This led to a conversation about how gluten seems to affect everyone in some way and maybe we could all do with less of it n our diet. (not us gluten-free full timers of course). It's nice to see gluten eaters accepting the way we have to live and even experiencing it's wonderful side effects.

  3. For your taco cravings try Chipotle. Their food is fabulous, fresh and all gluten free except for the wheat tortillas. I go at least twice a month and get a burrito bowl (no tortilla) or crunchy tacos. And now they recognize me so when I get up to the counter they change their gloves!

    For burger and fries cravings try Five Guys, McD's or BK and just go bunless. Make your own whopper/big mac sauce and bring it with you. I buy those little condiment cups with lids so I can bring things with me like salad dressing, mayo (I use soy free), hummus, salsa, etc.

    For the person who mentioned filet o fish (my McD's preference too) there's a frozen gluten free breaded fish at Whole Foods made by Starfish that makes an awesome f.o.f substitute. They make breaded halibut, cod and haddock. I've tried all three and they're fantastic.

    Of course you can make all these things at home but the appeal of fast food is that it's fast and provides immediate gratification. Once you've been gluten-free for a while, say maybe over a year, that need for immediate gratification goes away.

    You can do it!

  4. Thanks for the heads up. I can't tolerate soy either.

    Why add in a major allergen if you have a formula that works without it?

    To me this is the key point of this thread and something I ponder too.

    These items have also been crossed off my list because ingredients have change to add one of the major 8 allergens (soy & milk):

    1. Burt's Bees added soy to their products when they were bought by Clorox
    2. Cool Whip recently added milk and cream to their recipe, previously it just had cassein but not lactose

  5. You should only have them if they were fried in a dedicated fryer, otherwise you risk getting sick via cross contamination.

    McDonald's often uses a dedicated fryer for their french fries but ask to be sure. If it's a small McD's (like in a food court or an airport) they may not have a dedicated fryer due to space constraints.

    I really wish all doctors, dietitian and nutritionists would brush up on these things. So much bad advice is being handed out!

  6. I didn't notice any significant weight loss after going gluten-free but that's likely because I still had an undiagnosed soy intolerance and SIBO at that time. I'll be soy free a year this coming Dec (oh, tomorrow!) and I've healed from the SIBO treatments. Since healing from the SIBO I have lost a significant amount of weight and inflammation. Since I had so many health issues this past year and my weight was up and down comparing my current weight to what my weight was this time last year I'm down 12 lbs. That's without trying or exercising or dieting (other than sticking to gluten-free/lf/sf and low FODMAP diet). I might fluctuate an ounce or two a day (normal) whereas this time last year my weight would fluctuate 6-8 lbs day to day. I had to have pants in 3 sizes and keep sweatpants on hand for the really bad days. My stomach could puff out 4-6 inches day to day. Now it's fairly stable and I have little to no bloating. I am wearing my lowest sized pants and gave the largest to goodwill, confident that I won't need them anymore.

  7. Thanks for the replies. I ended up with three more blisters. One on my left knee and two on my right ankle. I didn't do the iodine test long enough. There was discomfort at first and then nothing. It appeared like the iodine just soaked in and disappeared. The 3 blister locations seem to alternate in driving me crazy! One of them is always itchy but never more than one at a time. Also, heat seems to activate them.

    Do they generally appear on or near the joints?

  8. All my life I have been itchy. I've had shingles, chicken pox, hives, KP (self diagnosed) and exczema (self diagnosed). I always seem to have what I think are bug bites, even in the middle of winter.

    I firmly believe that one or more of my shingle outbreaks was DH as it was right in the crack of my bottom. I had gone to the doc who said he wasn't sure it was shingles as he had never seen it there but didn't know what else it was so he said it was shingles. That was a good 15+ years ago. He wasn't a dermatologist.

    Recently had an endoscopy. The doc was not looking specifically for celiac but was adding that to her check list. Results came back negative. It's also important to note that I've been gluten free for 15 months at this point. Previous blood work also came back negative for celiac. My Enterolab stool test shows positive for gluten intolerance. For me the proof is in the diet so I stick to it.

    However, yesterday feeling a bit brave thinking, ok, it's not celiac so a minor cheat won't hurt now and then. In 15 months this is only my second deliberate cheat. I had a crispy spring roll.

    This morning I noticed my palm was crazy itchy. Crazy itchy. I scratched and scratched and noticed a tiny bump form. It was red. I went about getting ready for work and tried to ignore it. I got in the car (in the sunlight) and looked at my palm. There was a tiny blister. It was skin colored and filled with a liquid that was just slightly yellow but clear. I really had to look close, it was so small. I tried to squeeze it (yes, gross, sorry) and it didn't yield. It was still itchy. I was able to break it with my fingernail. It itches less but there's a red spot there, almost indistinguishable. I took a picture. The quality isn't great as I took it from my phone.


    What I'm wondering is, can a single small postule qualify as a DH rash? Can an outbreak be that small and specific? Then later at work my knee started to itch like crazy. I scratched and the area was red. Another small bump formed but since the skin on my knees are darker it was hard to see if this was also a tiny blister. I'm also having a bit of D today.

    I just read about the iodine test. I'll do that tonight. Would that be soon enough? Or too late?

    I don't have a dermatologist so I'd never get in to see one in time to have a test taken.

  9. I had that same pain for years and had so many tests, all negative. Turns out it was SIBO (small intestine bacterial overgrowth). I've since been treated (round of antibiotics) and I'm doing well. I have not had that pain since treatment. I can even tolerate cassein now. I'm able to have lactose free yogurt and lactose free yogurt cheese. I also follow the FODMAP diet to keep the SIBO at bay. Knock on wood!

  10. Kouzzina, Cat Cora's restaurant, was F A B U L O U S! I had made a rez via the Disney site and listed my allergies (gluten, dairy, soy). When we arrived they were well prepared. They had tapioca rolls warming and served them with a lemon olive oil for dipping. Then the chef came over and we went through the menu together and he told me what they could adjust and what things they couldn't. I had 2 appetizers (egg lemon soup and dolmades) and the cinnamon chicken with roasted potatoes. The chef delivered the dinners himself and assured me everything was made in a separate area to avoid cross contamination. I was so stuffed I couldn't tackle dessert but they would have made me something. I thanked the chef a bazillion times for being so accommodating. It was one of the best meals I've had in eons (that I didn't make myself). I highly recommend trying it out.