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  1. Bluebonnet,

    I'm so glad you had a good time and a pleasant experience. Thank you for posting! My hubby and I are in Fla right now visiting family and will be in Orlando in a couple days. I just made a reservation at Kouzzina based on your excellent review! I love Greek and Mediterranean food and love Cat Cora! I made the rez via Disney's website and they have a section where you can check off your food allergies. That's brilliant. This is my first real vacation since going gluten and soy free and it's nice that Disney is so accommodating. Now off to look at the Yacht Club...

    :-) Thank you!

  2. Have you been tested for SIBO? how about fructose malabsorption?

    Turns out that was the source of so many of my issues. I am lactose and soy free and used coconut milk for my milk sub. I began to react to it too. After being treated for SIBO and sticking to a low fructose/fructan diet I'm able to tolerate more foods that use to give me grief (though I had to give up some other foods like onion, garlic, various fruits, etc.) I now also use Hemp milk. I can have Coconut Bliss icecream in small amts. I can even tolerate lactose free cheese and yogurt. They used to give me terrible pain but now that pain is gone.

  3. Hi Marz,

    I react more strongly to soy too. I swell up like a puffer fish and I'm sore and bloated for a really long time. Longer than if I had been glutened. I also get major headaches.

    All my foods have to be gluten, soy and lactose free. I can tolerate some casein. Here are some things I've found that meet those requirements:

    Udi's breads, muffins, etc.

    Kinnikinnik's breads, bagels, etc.

    Tinkyada brown rice pasta

    Wydle pretzels

    Glutino crackers, pizza crusts

    Foods by George brownies

    Many of Amy's frozen foods

    Lay's potato chips

    Cape Code potato chips

    These items have soy oil which in small amts doesn't bother me:

    Bell & Evan's frozen breaded chicken breasts, fingers, nuggets

    Starfish frozen breaded halibut, cod, haddock

    If I think of more I'l post them.

    Good luck!

    p.s. how could I forget - many of the Katz bakery items too

  4. Oh yes, all the time. Well meaning friends will ask, can you have carrots? rice? I just look at them puzzled. People really don't seem to understand the differences between vegetables, fruits, dairy and grains so expecting them to understand what gluten is like asking them to speak Chinese. Unless you deal with food intolerances yourself I find very few people are educated about what they put in their mouths. I've always been someone who cooks and someone who enjoys trying different recipes, foods and cuisines so I feel like I was lucky in a way. I had a leg up when I had to give up gluten (and soy, and foods high in fructans and fructose) because I could adapt the foods I already knew how to cook.

    My sister, who was recently diagnosed celiac, went to a restaurant and told her server she was gluten free. The server proudly boasted that everything in the restaurant was gluten free. My sister asked, even the bread? The server said yes. Knowing this was not true she asked the server to check. The server came back, apologized, and admitted she had no idea what gluten was.

    So many restaurants are trying and yet there's still a long way to go.

  5. Given the time frame and location of Jersualem there's a very good chance the bread during Jesus's time was made from sorghum or teff. Even if it was wheat, it was not the wheat we have today. Man has cultivated and changed wheat so much that it bares little resemblance to wheat 100 or even 1000 years ago. The requirement that it be wheat gluten is hogwash and based purely on tradition. A blessed rice cracker (or other grain) should be perfectly acceptable. The host does not literally change to flesh. It's symbolic. The Catholic church needs to join the 21st century and be more accommodating and accepting of its members needs. I find it amazing that they rather have people suffer instead of them being more open minded. This is why they keep losing members.

    (signed: a an ex-Catholic school survivor)

  6. You have come to the right place!

    Another place gluten can be hiding is in your lotions, shampoos and cosmetics.

    First off I think those numbers look great. It's only been 6 months and it can take us much longer than that to heal and recover. From a 75 to a 9 shows great improvement.

    Your nutritionist is way off. Makes me wonder what her credentials are. Celiac is genetic and cross contamination is a huge issue. Do you have the option of changing nutritionists? If so look for someone who has experience with Celiac and gluten-free living. My nutritionist has Celiac which makes things so much easier.

    Keep reading here, you'll finds lots of good advice and ideas.

  7. I have issues with fructose and fructans too. My fructose test came back negative but I'm sticking to the fodmap diet because I feel better. I had SIBO which exasperated all of my issues. I can have a tiny bit of cooked apple, coconut milk and lemon and lime. That's it for fruit. I can't tolerate any onions, shallots, garlic, scallions, or asparagus. I can have tomato sauce once a week and only one serving, say on spaghetti or pizza. Any more than that and my esophagus flares up and I have heartburn for days. Salad kills me. I can have well cooked corn, potatoes, carrots, green beans, beans, and squash. It feels really weird not to eat fruit and veggies (as well as no gluten, soy or lactose) but I feel so much better. I've always eaten a ton of veggies for variety and nutrition so I feel like I'm being bad. I haven't touched any stone fruits since May and there's a lot of veggies I haven't tried too. Even though what I eat is limited it just feels good not to be in pain. It's wroth trying if you have tried everything else.

  8. It's disappointing when we discover we have more intolerances than just gluten but in the end it's so worth it to know and cut those foods out to heal and feel better. I learned I'm allergic to oats (and rye but I don't eat rye anyways) which was mind boggling. I had to give up my fave gluten-free cookies - Lucy's.

    I have a good alternative Haagen Daaz for you - Coconut Bliss icecream. Dairy, soy and gluten free. Their coffee ice cream reminds me SO much of Haagen Daaz.

    For my 'milk' I like hemp milk.

    I'm sure someone will come along with a good bread substitute.

  9. I was diagnosed with RA when I was 3. Symptoms began at age 1.5. I've dealt with severe RA my whole life. The GI issues began about 5 years ago and this year I was diagnosed with Celiac and then non-Celiac gluten intolerance since I don't have the classic celiac gene. I'll bet a zillion bucks I actually have celiac and have had it my entire life. I had a rheumy who didn't believe there was a connection. So guess what? Got a new rheumy! I also have Sjogren's and psoriasis, secondary to the RA and non-Celiac. I hae an endoscopy and colonsocopy coming up soon. I'm quite curious what shows up. I've been gluten-free for 15 months. They're not looking for celiac specifically so I didn't need to go back on gluten, thank goodness.

    The good news that if a child is diagnosed today with RA there are some amazing meds on the market that didn't exist when I was younger. I take enbrel which has put my RA into remission. On top of that all my diet changes have really made a huge difference. For example, my ankles no longer swell like crazy.

  10. What a jerk! Everyone knows you don't ask a woman if she's pregnant.

    Though this did happen to me last summer. I was gluten free but the bloating was still at an all time high. I know now that it was probably the SIBO. I did look pregnant. I'd say 8 months, no joke. At a block party the neighbor's son (about 7 yrs old) loudly asked me, are you going to have that baby soon?

    I just laughed it off. Had he been an adult, I might have slugged him. ;)

  11. I'm dairy, soy and gluten intolerant too. I take a calcium/magnesium and a vitamin d supplement. The Trader Joe's chewable gummy bear calcium and D vitamins are great. Meant for kids but I double the dose. They're gluten, dairy, fructose and soy free.

    I use hemp milk and coconut milk (both fortified) for most of my 'milk' needs. I've also made cashew milk before and it was wonderful.

    I make an awesome pesto with spinach that is great on pasta, chicken, etc. It makes a great dip and sandwich spread too.

    1 bag of baby spinach (blanched to hold color)

    1/2 cup (more or less) walnuts (or other nut you like)

    1/2 jalapeno (or alternative pepper, or none if you prefer)

    1/2 cup (more or less) lt. olive oil

    s & p

    Blend in food processor.

    It's a super versatile recipe. There's no basil in my recipe but you can certainly add it. You can add garlic too. I sometimes add toasted pine nuts and a bit of lemon juice after it's blended. You could toss in sesame seed or tahini too for more calcium. I may do that next time.

  12. Yesterday I went to our small local health food store and found Vance's DariFree so bought it. I think I'll try making a batch of the "cream of whatever" soup mix only cutting the recipe in half to test it (that stuff is expensive!). I also found a slightly different version of it on the Taste of Home website.

    For a dairy substitute you can use soy milk, rice milk, hemp milk, almond milk or coconut milk.

    Hemp milk is my favorite and I used it in all my 'creamy' recipes.

  13. - American Chop Suey - hamburger or turkey, tomato sauce, gluten-free noodles

    - Shepard's Pie - hamburger or turkey, corn and mashed potatoes

    - Tuna Noodle Casserole - I make a roux with gluten-free flour and olive oil, add chicken stock and hemp milk, add tuna, peas, pimentos and gluten-free noodles. Top with gluten-free breadcrumbs and bake.

    - Chicken Parm - Bell and Evan's gluten-free chicken breasts, tomato sauce, cheese for hubby, daiya for me

    - Pizza made on Glutino gluten-free crust, sauce, daiya, veggies

    - Quick Cassoule - kielbasa, veggies, white beans topped with gluten-free bread crumbs and tomatoes (I use the ends of gluten-free bread)

    - Tacos - the usual fixins

    - Fish Tacos - Starfish brand gluten-free breaded fish with coleslaw wrapped in warm soft corn tortilla

    - Roasted chicken legs and sweet potatoes

  14. living by example is about the only way to deal with this

    I totally agree. The only responsibility and control we have is over our own lives.

    I think you're right that it's their own fears that they are wrangling with. Perhaps fear of change. Concerned that what they view as daunting and limiting (gluten-free diet) will be forced upon them some how, some day. There's also the 'misery loves company' aspect to some family circles and sounds like your MIL falls in that camp. She's decided you're a hypochondriac and now she's finding articles to support her viewpoint. If only she'd put that energy into understanding and supporting your needs and not her own need to be right she'd be a happier person and you'd have a happier relationship. Ah well. Right? Just toss those suckers into the trash.

    I'm very lucky in that my family has been incredibly supportive. My sister was just diagnosed celiac too. Support and validation is essential in making the transition and sticking to the diet. It's too bad some families don't see it that way.

  15. Ask your doctor about being tested for SIBO and fructose malabsorption. There's also blood tests than can test for allergies (IgE), sometimes referred to as RAST or Elisa.

    I have an odd one too - my body produces too much histamine and therefore it reacts to every food as if I'm intolerant to it. Med is helping but not fully recovered yet. Cramping, D, nausea, pain, etc. Not fun.

  16. I found out about my soy intolerance once I eliminated the gluten. You may well find you, too, are intolerant to both (many of us are).

    That's my experience as well. It's difficult for me to tell sometimes if I've been glutened or soy'd but then I look at my ankles (cankles) and say yup, soy'd. I puff right up and dry out (dry eyes, mouth, etc.).

  17. Humira shots (which contain mannitol)

    That's quite odd! Why would they put sugar alcohol in Humira? It's not like you'd be drinking it. Must be a preservative. I take Enbrel and wonder if it too contains sugar. (Humira and Enbrel are like the Coke and Pepsi of RA meds)

    I have issues with fructose, fructans, sugars and I'm on a FODMAP diet. I never thought to check my meds for mannitol or sorbitol. It never occurred to me it could be in an injectible.

    Well, sure enough Enbrel in the 25mg doses contains: 40 mg mannitol &

    10 mg sucrose. That's the one I took for years until recently. The one I take now (50mg pen applicator) contains; 1% sucrose. No mannitol.

    I'll be damned.

    I wonder if injecting myself with mannitol for oh, 7+ years caused or contributed to my GI issues.

    Thank you Mushroom for mentioning the mannitol in Humira!