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  1. I had a couple antibody tests for Gluten come back high (the doctor said not extremely high, but high enough to be abnormal). My genetic test was 'low risk.'

    I did a very through gluten-free diet for almost three months (including some new cookware) and have not noticed a significant improvement. I have another health condition, which has stayed about the same. The main thing I noticed was overall less joint pain/body aches.

    I was told most people with Celiac have quite noticeable improvement and to slowly go back on Gluten (which is needed to do a biopsy). I'm trying to incorporate a little everyday, but am struggling with just how much for how long.

    Will I have symptoms for going back on Gluten after not eating it for months? Does anyone who has done this before have advice?

    I would like a biopsy, I think, for a more definitive answer. I have a hard time distinguishing my aches/joint pain (it could be from my other problem, it is hard to tell), and at least a biopsy would let me know if Gluten damages me. Obviously if my pain gets much worse on Gluten, I'll have to eliminate it again after the biopsy.

    If I feel 'worse' back on Gluten - does that necessarily mean Celiac or could it be Gluten Sensitivity?

    I spent all this time getting used to gluten-free and now going 'back to normal' is stressful. Thanks!

  2. My Gliadin Antibody Tests came back negative, but my Tissue Transglutaminase AB came back positive - it was 21 with a normal range of 0-19.

    My results say a level greater than 19 may suggest the possibility of Celiac Disease.

    I have been on a gluten-free diet for two months and am noticing no major differences. I believe I have a few less aches/pains but that's hard to be exact about.

    I'm supposed to be gluten-free for three months and then discuss next steps. Any idea what those would be? Can others share what you have done if in a similar situation?

    I am just feeling a bit frustrated!

    It is difficult, as we all know, to be gluten-free. And gluten-free products are not inexpensive! I've been careful and removed known lipstick/glosses, lotions, etc. with wheat. I replaced certain utensils and am careful about cross contaminating in the kitchen. My only personal product with wheat is a hair treatment I use toward the ends of my long hair so it does not get near my mouth. (My doctor said I'd have to ingest it to affect my Celiac...since topical would be an allergy).

  3. Recently my blood test came back positive for Celiac so I officially started full Gluten Free March 1.

    I found out some of my lotions have wheat in them...including my face cream. It has SPF so I avoid putting it near my mouth, but I'm going to give it away as I don't to risk using it now. Would I have had to ingested it to gluten myself, though?

    I did give away some lipsticks with wheat (my doctor told me to check my lipsticks). I also checked my shampoos as I have longer hair and had to discard my hairspray as it sprays in the air and there is a chance I could 'ingest it.'

    Is there anything else I should check? My doctor said topical wouldn't affect Celiac unless you eat/ingest it so I didn't much think about the face cream. But it is close to my mouth so it's not worth the risk for me.

    It's hard enough to eat, avoid crumbs and all that. Now to have to deal with hairspray and body lotions and face creams!

  4. Hello,

    I had the blood testing three months apart and both showed 'positive' for Celiac Disease. On the other hand, I am not showing vitamin deficiencies and I do not take a daily multi-vitamin. I suppose it may be possible my intestines aren't severely damaged yet.

    My PCP and Rheumatologist have asked me to go on a gluten-free diet now as the blood tests are coming back positive. I also have Postural Orthastatic Tachychardia Syndrome which they think gluten-free may help. I do have some odd symptoms, and if gluten-free helps, it will be worth it.

    I also get hives from cashews...but my allergy tests show negative for nuts. I am finding it hard to avoid nuts AND gluten. I'm just starting to compile what I can/can't eat and I can't believe how much food has wheat in it! Plus, I eat a lot of pasta, sandwiches, etc. so I'm struggling finding a new diet and I plan on going shopping this weekend.

    Any advice to a beginner?

  5. Thank you so much! I've now purchased my first dozen eggs in quite a while...

    I also bought a new skillet (have to learn to make Omelets and Salmon!)...and I have a bread maker I've never used. Are there Gluten-Free mixes for that? I always felt a bit guilty not having used it and now I'm glad I didn't. It's not contaminated! LOL

    I'm searching away and going through my lipsticks/lipglosses to see what is safe. Fortunately most are OK so far!

    I don't know how much to worry about foundation/eyeshadow/blush/etc. I was told and have read it can't really be absorbed through the skin so I'm not worrying about things I don't put around my mouth so far. I'm a bit of a make-up fan, so this news was moderately detrimental until I realized my fave stuff is OK so far!

  6. I've been having various issues over the last couple of years and being treated for Orthastatic Intolerance. I also was having other tests results coming back abnormal and finally saw a Rheumatologist who had me tested for Celiac Disease.

    My Tissue Transglutaminase IGA came back positive.

    She is putting me on a 3 month gluten-free diet and boy, is this really stressful. Our family is vegetarian (primarily) and a big pasta/bread/wheat/battered food bunch.

    I've also had hives from Cashews (even though I allergy tested negative for nuts) so have been told to avoid them in case.

    I went to Trader Joe's and Safeway today and there just aren't a lot of gluten-free foods! And some items that say wheat-free are manufactured on a line with wheat, so its a no-no.

    I'm trying to research the board and realize I have to start incorporating fresh fruit, vegetables, and items like Salmon and Chicken. I also found Gluten-Free Chex and Polenta to try. This is a whole new lifestyle and I want to feel better (I do feel not so great now)...but I am at a loss how to begin the diet.

    The first thing I did was check my favorite daily 'treat' - my Starbucks' non-fat iced Vanilla Latte. I'm glad those are on the OK list. I just don't have them stir it (in case the spoon touches the Chips or Gingerbread mix, just in case).

    Otherwise, I'm almost to a migraine trying to even deal with all this. Where do I begin?