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  1. Hello-

    I recently had an appt with a GI doc. He was a nice guy, but he barely listened to anything I had to say and just recommended i take miralax to help with my constipation. The visit felt very rushed, but i guess that to be expected with an MD. Also he gave me a rectal exam and he was kinda forceful with his finger...my ass was sore for the rest of the day.

    Anyway, he wants to schedule me for an endoscopy but i am a bit on the fence cause I didnt feel very comfortable with him. Hes been in practice for over 36 years and im sure he does a good job and is reputable but I have a nagging doubt. Am I being silly? I almost wish a sweet meticulous woman could perform the procedure on me :)


  2. Hi

    I'm not sure what the hell is up with me. I've been on a regimen of various vitamins and supplements and a month ago started experiencing indigestion. I stopped taking the supplements thinking that they were causing the problem but my symptoms did not disappear and got worse. I was also eating a lot of avocados which also irritated my system so i stopped eating them as well.

    I feel full after meals, have this constant lump in my throat and need to swallow, have a tight/pressure sensation under my right rib cage which appears to migrate down to the navel in the evenings and i cant stop burping. I just had an ultrasound and the results were negative for gallstones and anything else. ive been under a lot of stress the last few months and have been lifting weights like crazy.

    As I previously posted my doctor wants me to go for an endoscopy to do a biopsy and check for ulcers. I should also mention that I had a stool analysis and it came back positive for two different parasites. I havent had a fever or diarrhea so i dont know if the presence of the parasites is relevant or not.

    Does it seem like this could be an ulcer, gastritis, an injury to my intestines from working out, or symptoms of a parasitic infection? I am very curious to see if anyone has ever had these symptoms

    I am traveling to Canada next week to give a seminar and I really want to feel better asap.

    your friend Alex

  3. gave him my whole history, told him about my constipation and after i specifically mentioned that I CANNOT have gluten he says "Oh well you should just increase your fiber for the constipation....have some raisin bran or wheaties" - LOL

    He gave me a physical exam and said everything seemed fine and is setting me up for a liver/gallbladder ultrasound. He also wants to do an endoscopy, but I dont really see the purpose at this point since I am already gluten free

    I really can't handle these imbecile MDs anymore

  4. Hi- Yes my ALT enzyme was a bit high- 72 I think, not nearly as high as yours were. Are you being treated for autoimmune hep? did the enzymes come back down?

    Hi. Going back up to your original post, I notice that you said there was an abnormality in you liver functions. I was wondering if you knew what it was? When I was diagnosed with Celiac, they noticed that my liver enzymes were about 4x what they should have been. They blamed it on my Celiac disease for a long time, and i just got sicker and sicker even though I was gluten free. I was diagnosed Celiac in January of this year. I went to a liver specialist about the elevations in august. He told me that day that he thought I had Autoimmune Hepatitis. I had a biopsy done in the middle of september and got diagnosed on 9/24/2009. I would be interested in knowing whether your enzymes were high. I also suffered from indigestion and right side fullness and a stiff feeling when I would breathe.

  5. Is there a connection between celiac and gallbladder problems? I had a slight abnormality in my liver functional test and for the past 2 months have been having some indigestion and a stiff/tight feeling on my right side where the GB is. Im going to go for an ultrasound, but I REALLY DONT want to have surgery, i feel like it will make my situation worse and im just starting to feel better and heal. IS surgery always indicated or are there nonsurgical ways to dissolve or flush out the stones?

  6. All-

    I am a recently diagnosed celiac and my doctor told me that cancer & other complications can be prevented with a strict gluten-free diet, but is this true? Is it possible for diagnosed celiacs to live long healthy lives? Also, what happens when you do get an occasional dose of gluten...I heard that once you remove gluten permanently the bodys reaction to gluten intensifies. Can someone please shed some light on this?

    Warm Regards,


  7. Greetings all! My name is Alex. I am new to the forum and relatively new to celiac so I was wondering if I might be able to get some introductory assistance ;)

    I travel once a month for business (I work for a consulting firm) and am finding my biggest challenge is eating safely while I am on the road. Most of the time I will either bring my own food or go to markets and buy things that I know are safe, but it gets frustrating sometimes. I go to places like Charleston, Richmond, New York, Miami, etc where there are wonderful restaurants everywhere, but I am so afraid to eat out. On occasion I will go to an Outback, a PF Changs and usually perform my due diligence prior to the trips, but even when I eat at places with gluten free menus I still never know if the food I'm eating is safe. I suppose I wanted to get some feedback and see if any of y'all travel and how you manage your diet when you are away from home. Do you guys feel its just best to avoid restaurants all together?

    I would love to hear from you and feel free to drop me a line anytime you want to chat.