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  1. glutenfreeinminnesota

    Mn State Fair 2012

    Yes! And if you stop by the booth and talk to them, in the past anyway, they have a wheel to spin for some coupons! And...
  2. glutenfreeinminnesota

    Mn State Fair 2012

    Hello! This is my 3rd Minnesota State Fair being Gluten Free, though I missed last year. I have never gotten CC'ed, but...
  3. glutenfreeinminnesota

    Help-What Are We Doing Wrong?

    It seems as though gluten hides everywhere, even licking an envelope to seal it has glutened me (little did I know.....
  4. glutenfreeinminnesota

    Wife's Weird Reaction

    My boyfriend is not gluten-free, but since I am the chef of the house, he is forced to eat anything I make He happily...
  5. glutenfreeinminnesota


    I haven't had a reaction, but there could be CC, and you could have been very unlucky. I ate multiple kinds of Lay's...
  6. glutenfreeinminnesota

    I Tried Diary Today!

    Yay!!! I went off dairy for about a week after being diagnosed, so good job on the waiting!!! It's hard enough going...
  7. glutenfreeinminnesota

    Anyone Find Out Something Else Was Wrong, Too?

    Wow, thank you everyone!! Lots to think about. My cousin is a dietitian who happens to specialize in Celiac, weird huh...
  8. glutenfreeinminnesota

    Anyone Find Out Something Else Was Wrong, Too?

    Thanks!! Glad to know I am not alone. I hate the thought of cutting anything else out...but before I was diagnosed I...
  9. My posts are always so long...I just try to be detailed. Thanks to anyone who reads this and has advice! I still can...
  10. glutenfreeinminnesota

    Celiac In The Summer

    February...BUT, I was born in New Mexico, a warmer climate maybe? I dunno lol
  11. glutenfreeinminnesota

    If You Could Start Any Business....

    I agree about the 100% gluten-free restaurant...I have this dream as well! My whole family says I should, too bad it...
  12. glutenfreeinminnesota

    What Regular Beer Has The Least Gluten

    I agree about Redbridge! I drink it all the time, and they have it at our new Twins Stadium here in Minnesota! I was...
  13. glutenfreeinminnesota

    Gluten Free Feeling Worse?

    In the beginning as your gut heals you can have a harder time processing dairy. I had the same problem, I just laid off...
  14. glutenfreeinminnesota

    Celiac In Remission...still Having Issues?

    I haven't had a another endo, but I had the blood tests and they all came back normal (no antibodies). I still have bathroom...
  15. glutenfreeinminnesota

    Possible Glutening By Lay's Chips?

    I have been fine every time for almost 2 years...but now I am afraid to eat them! It's like playing roulette with my...