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I was anemic since I was 15 (the first time I got tested...so probably before that!). Stomach issues that Dr's said was GERD. Then, 10 years later I had had enough avoiding social situations and having to know where EVERY bathroom was at all times, I went to see a gastroenterologist. They said I probably had IBS and to go on a high fiber (and I found to be very WHEAT-y) diet for two months. Two months later I went in and said it made things worse. Endoscopy done November 4th, 2009. Diagnosed with Celiac Disease Nov. 5th 2009. Gluten free since Nov. 8th 2009. I was so distraught at first, but have to tell anyone newly diagnosed, KEEP YOUR HEAD UP! It gets better...I hated cooking, but have found a new love and can make anything gluten free! Always looking for new gluten free options!!

Anemia is gone for the first time in my life...eye sight has gotten better (never before, eyes always got worse)...my teeth are cleaner according to my dentist! Feeling great and FINALLY able to love life! It is what it is...you have to embrace this disease and just be happy you don't need drugs to fix it!

  1. I agree about Redbridge! I drink it all the time, and they have it at our new Twins Stadium here in Minnesota! I was so excited, I ordered two as they are only at a few locations around the stadium. I had been drinking them out of the bottle the whole time, and at the game they poured them into a...
  2. I have been gluten free for a year and a half, and recently started getting really bad hip pain. Only in my right hip and the pain shoots down through my butt and down my leg. (Much like sciatica I guess) It came out of nowhere and sometimes I have to stop walking it hurts so bad. Don't know if it...