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  1. Well I saw the doc yesterday and he says OHIP does not cover genetic testing. He did however say he thought they might be changing that come the new year, so I will wait until then before I spend my money on the test! Just wanted to update this in the event that someone else from Ontario has the same question!
  2. laughingduck

    Endoscopy Tuesday

    Good luck! Don't worry about the test. I did mine without any sedation (they just sprayed a really foul tasting solution down my throat which numbed it a bit). It was not bad, just a little uncomfortable! It only took a few minutes then I was out of there!
  3. thanks for the reply! I did a search but can't seem to find the info. I've got an appointment with my doctor in two weeks but if it's not covered then was going to go ahead and order the test. If it is I'd rather not waste my money though! Has anyone here from Ontario had it covered?
  4. I want to get genetically tested for celiac, as my blood test came back negative but my doctor thinks I still may be celiac following an endoscopy. I would like to do the genetic testing and have seen that they cost around $400 yikes! Does anyone know if genetic testing is covered in Canada? I am from Ontario if that makes a difference. Thanks!
  5. laughingduck

    Serious Bowel Disfunction

    Have you tried slippery elm tea? It works WONDERS for these sorts of problems. You can find it at health food stores. It is the main ingredient in essiac tea Which is a cancer fighting tea. It does not come in tea bags, but rather in a powder that you mix with warm water and it makes a slimey gruel with little taste. I don't mind it but some hate it. But it is good for both getting things moving and slowing things down, whateer you need. Probably something most celiacs should have in their cupboard! Good luck figuring it all out!
  6. laughingduck

    My Big Mistake

    I have a shellfish allergy and am also shy to bring this up and stand out at restaurants. What I often do is look over the menu and see what I want quickly, then get up to use the washroom and on the way stop the waitress to make her aware of my allergy and ask that she lets the chef know. This way I don't feel like I am making a big fuss in front of everybody, but I am still being safe. Don't worry you'll get used to it!
  7. laughingduck

    White Mucus.. Sign Of Detox Or Something Else?

    I do too! Glass is awesome! I am self-taught, learned from online tutorials etc. Fused glass is easy once you get the hang of it!
  8. laughingduck

    White Mucus.. Sign Of Detox Or Something Else?

    Ya I know, I guess I was curious to see if anything would happen if I ate some gluten. Once I know for sure that I am celiac and not something else I will definitely be more careful!
  9. laughingduck

    White Mucus.. Sign Of Detox Or Something Else?

    Interesting that you also experienced this after quitting gluten! That theory kind of makes sense. Especially since my stomach pain and nausea has gotten much better, my psoriasis seems to be fading, and my acid indigestion is going away. I have neither diarrhea nor constipation, just this gross mucus . I guess it could be a sign of healing. I am going to ask my doctor about it when I next see him in a couple weeks!
  10. laughingduck

    White Mucus.. Sign Of Detox Or Something Else?

    Thanks for responding ravenswoodglass. I know mucus is a sign of my bowel being unhappy, which is why I am confused as to why I only noticed this AFTER i went gluten-free? How does that make sense? Is my body getting rid of excess mucus because it no longer needs it? On another topic do you do glasswork? I do fused glass and lampworking. I just noticed your username thought I'd ask!
  11. Hello, I have been having issues with my gut for several years, and following an endoscopy a couple months ago my doctor suggested I may have celiac disease and to go off gluten to see how I feel. I am a 28 year old female, and not your typical celiac, if I am indeed a celiac. I am about 10lbs overweight, not underweight like most celiacs. I do however have a lot of issues with stomach pain, dizziness, fatigue, diarrhea and constipation, psoriasis, and joint pain. Anyways the reason I am posting here is (sorry) kind of a gross one. Since going off gluten a month ago, I occasionally noticed a small bit of white mucus in my stool. One week ago I went to a friend