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  1. I can address a few of your issues. The Udi's bread and the egg: you would still be healing so that could explain the reaction. I would try eating whole, natural, fresh foods for a few weeks. It's very likely you don't have any other food intolerances. Early on in the diet you can have good days and bad.

    As for the EGD: eat gluten until the day of the test. Start the diet after! I would start the diet even if the test is negative!

    Diary: A lot of people are lactose intolerant until their intestines heal. Lay off dairy for a couple of months and try adding it back after you've had time to heal any inflammation!

    As for the the thyroid symptoms: there are a lot of overlapping symptoms between thyroid and celiac so yes the gluten free diet may have improved those for you. Also you need to ask for a test of thyroid antibodies. Sometimes your TSH is normal but you still have an autoimmune thyroid problem like Hashimoto's!

    If you can go 100% gluten free at home it would be a huge help to you. I know it's hard with lots of kids but realize all of them are susceptible to gluten issues themselves so it's very likely at least one may end up diagnosed as well!

  2. There is a lady at work who alerts me anytime she sees something that says gluten free on the box. It's funny because most of the time it's something that is naturally gluten free but she is so excited to be helping me that I don't have the heart to tell her!

    When I first went gluten free my friend hosted a Christmas party and double checked all ingredients for her recipes. She was especially concerned about this one dip that she wanted me to try. When I got to the party the dip had all gluten free ingredients....except that it was served in a bread bowl! We laugh about it now!

  3. I keep swollen glands. Definitely see your doctor. They can look at them with CT scan and see if they look suspicious and if so biopsy them. I just had a biospy last month and everything came back ok, no sign of cancer. The doctor said it was caused by CFS/chronic mono. He is going to continue to monitor to make sure nothing else suspicious pops up.

  4. I only get upset at the people that claim they are gluten free and then turn around and eat something with gluten. I don't care why they are gluten-free, I just want them to be serious about it/educated about it.

    I agree with this! I mean provided the person doesn't order off the gluten free menu and then order a gluteny dessert or a beer with it I think it's fine.

    As for the grocery store, the more buyers the more likely they are to stock the product. I live in a fairly rural area and the selection of products at my local store has exploded! Just 2 years ago I was driving out state for bread! I know fad dieters probably played a role in the expansion of options but I couldn't be happier to have everything I need a mile from my house!

  5. Good luck! Hope you have a great wedding and honeymoon.

    I'm unsure from what you've written as to whether you have eaten gluten within the past few weeks and had little reaction or whether you've been 100% gluten free since diagnoses and are judging your gluten reaction on what you felt before going gluten free. If so I'm going to have to add to the posts urging you not to eat the cake. The first time I was glutened (100% by accident) I was in the bathroom within an hour. Plus when the urge hit I had literally less than 2 minutes to get to the bathroom!!! Thank God I was so close! Then I got a terrible rash, bloating, fatigue, joint aches, and continued diarrhea for the next couple of weeks. I can assure you that that reaction was nothing like what I felt before going gluten free.

  6. Ok...I see in another post that you work at Taco Bell. I will say it's very possible that you could become glutened through the course of your general work day by touching gluteny foods or touching items that people who have touched those foods have touched and then touching your mouth. Nothing in the ingredients seems to contain gluten so I'd say CC is the culprit!

  7. The rash doesn't seem to vary with gluten exposure. It pops up every time I venture outdoors. I feel like a vampire! lol!

    I've been gluten free 2 years and while a lot of symptoms have improved some have not. The worst being fatigue, especially after exercise. A lot of days I wake up and feel like I'm getting the flu. Body aches and exhaustion. I keep swollen lymph nodes. Just had a lymph node biopsy and thank goodness it was not cancer! Right now the doctors seem kind of clueless. They are saying chronic Epstein-Barr and chronic fatigue syndrome.

  8. My normal temp is around 94. Even when I'm very sick the highest my temperature gets is 99. I think normal body temp is a fever for me!

    I also get terrible rashes in the sun and keep a mild pink rash across my cheeks.

    I can see the no news is good news theory but after being sick constantly for 3 years I just fear my job will be at risk. With no diagnoses I really have no good excuse in the eyes of an employer! :(

  9. I have many lupus symptoms. In fact every new doctor I see and tell my issues to asks if I've been checked for lupus. I have many times and my blood work is always fine. The rhuematologists says she is 95% sure it cannot be lupus. Sadly no one seem to know what it can be and I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired to say the least! For now it seems I'm told it's CFS. :(

    Hope you get some answers soon! Uncertainty is so frustrating!