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  1. I've sworn off that place. Last time I had a salad and a bunless burger that the manager assured me he cooked personally on foil and still got sick. :(

    It's true that their food is all pre-made and frozen. The manager said ground beef for burgers is the only thing they get in fresh! Everything else is pre-packaged. If I'm going to eat a TV dinner I'll do so at home for $4!

  2. In your situation I would start making meals that are naturally gluten free but are also completely normal. Chili, tacos, shepherd's pie, stir-fry (with gluten free soy sauce, there are cheap brands), roasted chicken w/ potatoes and veggies, ect... Don't even tell your husband for a week or so. Then announce that you've been on a gluten-free diet all week and he didn't even notice nor did it significantly raise your food bills. He will be left with little to argue about!

  3. If the situation is improving then maybe wait a bit longer since you are paying out of pocket. It can sometimes take a year or two to completely heal and you are seeing improvement.

    Of course if you have any doubts about your health it's better to be safe than sorry! Just given that you don't seem to think it's needed and you are seeing good improvement I'd see if you could wait a little longer for more healing to occur!

  4. Do none of the restaurants have gluten free menus? I live in a rather small/rural area but we have a lot of chain restaurants. I usually do pretty well at Chili's, Logan's, or Outback. Plus Chick-fil-a has always been safe for me as a quick drive-thru option.

    I know how you feel about TV. I was flipping channels and passed that movie It's Complicated and they were making croissants. Flour was everywhere. I felt like I was watching a horror movie! lol

  5. Not sure if all stores made the change but my husband picked me up some fries on Saturday and they were great! I have noticed the past couple of times I go when I order my usual combo without a bun they ask if it's an allergy and then flag it! Before they just noted no bun on the receipt. I have never gotten sick at a Chick-fil-a but this extra step makes me feel better! :)

  6. My shoulder has been in pain for years now. Started when I was lifting weights pretty heavy. No clue if my rotator cuff is involved or not. My doctor says it's probably arthritis and that due to age my bone density is too high for an x-ray to be accurate and to take Advil. :rolleyes: I wake up all through the night because I lay wrong on it and I'm getting sick of it.

    My mother-in-law slipped on ice and shredded her rotator cuff. She is not celiac so I think it's just a hazard of a highly used joint.

  7. Basically phyllo dough and croissants. I can make anything else taste decent gluten free. Those are just pretty much impossible to duplicate.

    With time most of my cravings have gone away. In fact I went to Logan's today for lunch and barely noticed the rolls I used to love so much. Everyone around me had one and I honestly didn't care...not even a little.

  8. I don't think anyone is against you. It's just that you are in the anger phase and most people responding are in the acceptance phase. Yes it 100% sucks to eat rice cakes when everyone else is eating pizza. That's why you should consider finding a good safe restaurant before the dinner and get take out! Honestly I've never had a particularly good meal at any wedding so you may find you aren't missing much. Plus even if they had gone with a restaurant that had a gluten-free menu you really don't want to eat during a rush time and a huge event like a wedding party could throw off some of their safety procedures. You may be better off not eating anyhow, especially since you have a bus and train ride and aren't sure of your reaction!

    Honestly I will say the fact that they checked on a few gluten-free restaurants is more than most people would do. My inlaws can't even make one side dish without gluten so I can eat Thanksgiving dinner! If my sister in law even offered to find a gluten-free restaurant for a big event I'd probably die of shock!

  9. I agree with the above. Get the physical. It's really best to get a baseline reading on things when you are behaving normally. If things turn out well then you will know you can continue enjoying a variety of meals out. Otherwise you will know you need to be stricter about where you dine. Plus your new lady will likely be more understanding if you can say my bloodwork wasn't as good as the doctor expected and he says I need to be more careful.

  10. I'm so sorry to hear about your dog! It's so hard to lose a close companion and my heart breaks for you!

    I am also sorry to hear your relationship with your children was strained due to illness. Sadly it seems a lot of young people seem to blame their parents for every little thing these days. I'm 33 and it seems like my friends are just now at the age where they are starting to realize their parents did their best! Some people never realize and will continue a cycle to blame everyone else for their problems. You couldn't help being sick and they should be able to realize that! Resenting you for something beyond your control isn't fair!

    You have tons of people here who care for you and love to talk to you! You've helped me and everyone on this board too many times to count! Hang in there! We're all here if you need to talk!

  11. Lithium is very toxic to your liver. I work at a mental health organization and this was a very early treatment for bipolar disorder (the mania part not the depression part) and they basically almost never use it now. If you use it your doctor has to do bloodtests monthly or sometimes weekly as it will build up in your bloodstream quick! If you get too much you will literally be functioning in slow motion. The best way to describe it would be turning into the human equivalent of Eyeore. Talking slow, walking slow, barely able to move!!! They usually have to put you in-patient until you detox!

    As for hairloss, I'd ask for thyroid testing and also lupus testing. Both commonly cause hairloss.

  12. Honestly I would stay at home if I could. I have a 16 year old daughter so I wouldn't really consider myself I SAHM. Sadly my husbands insurance is so expensive ($10K deductible!!!) that I have to work to keep us insured ($500 deductible). I have been sick for over 2 years (since having mono) and no one can seem to tell my why. Luckily my job is low key but I come home exhausted. Often I have to take 2-3 hour naps directly after work. I basically only do really necessary housework (cleaning bathrooms, dishes, and laundry) on weekends. All my friends go hiking, camping, to the gym, ect. on weekends. I'm just too exhausted!

    I would just explain to people that right now you are able to comfortably stay home and take care of your health and you are taking advantage of the opportunity. As for the kid questions, that is just rude. I can't believe with so many stories of people struggling with infertility that people would even think that question was proper! BTW having a 16 year old people are constantly trying to encourage me to have another baby!!! I joke and say that once you deal with a teen girl you'd be crazy to start over again! Anyhow my hormone levels are all askew and I don't think I could get pregnant if I wanted to but I don't feel like getting into that discussion with coworkers!!!

  13. I know this thread is super old but we have a bunch of new people on the board that I thought might enjoy reading it (I know I did when I first found the board) and contributing their experiences.

    My latest worst gluten-free product that I tried is Kinnikinnick personal pizza crusts. I love everything else they make that I have tried (donuts and cookies) so thought the pizza crust might be okay as a time saver (wasn't feeling like making my usual King Arthur recipe which is awesome BTW). It wasn't the worst pizza I've had since going gluten-free but not something I will buy again at $8 for a box of 4. It just lacked flavor and texture--was very bready (not a good kind of bready though) and didn't crispy up at all even when I tried using my pan with holes in it. It also broke fairly easily despite being so thick and did not hold up to a sauce (got soggy on top). Since I can't eat cheese anymore I just pile my pizzas up with lots of sauce and toppings. I need a pizza crust that will withstand those topping and not fall apart or get super soggy. Fortunately King Arthur has a great recipe that I have made many time here: http://www.kingarthurflour.com/recipes/gluten-free-pizza-crust-recipe

    For pre-made crusts I love Udi's! It is a thinner crust and has a great texture! Never soggy. I too can't do the Kinnikinnick. It's so gummy. Sadly the only pizza place in rural WV that offers gluten-free crusts uses the Kinnikinnick. I'm not paying $15 for a tiny pizza with a gummy crust. :(

  14. There was a lab experiment where they made sourdough that had almost no gluten but the article made it plainly clear that the level of fermentation was well beyond what would be capable in a bakery or what could be made in home. So in short no...I wouldn't tough the sourdough.

    I like Udi's and Rudi's and so does my gluten eating husband. We had Rudi's pb&j's for dinner last night!

  15. My sister-in-law does not have celiac or any other bowel disorders and she gets extreme GI issues when stressed. She is undergoing a divorce and for over a month had constant puking and diarrhea. In high school when her parents were divorcing she had the same issue and actually underwent testing for celiac, colitis, crohn's and other issues at Duke and it was confirmed to be due to anxiety.

  16. I loathe beer so I can't answer to whether or not any gluten-free variety is good. I know that my not gluten-free husband loves Rudi's and Udi's breads. I do usually toast them because it improves the texture. I usually use Ancient Harvest corn/quinoa pasta. Gluten eating friends coming for dinner usually have 2nds or 3rds. Sometimes ask to take some home. That leads me to believe they can't tell the difference. I seriously believe Betty Crocker gluten-free brownies taste WAY better than the original and my family who all eat gluten agree. It takes trial and error of brands but it's possible to find tasty gluten-free food. Plus don't forget the many things that are naturally free of gluten!

    Forgot to add Udi's makes amazing pizza crusts. I have pizza night once a week and it's the whole family's favorite!

  17. Do you have these issues with all caffine or just coffee? You could have a mild coffee allergy or intolerance. I have occasional issues with coffee but can drink tons of tea without problems.

    Also people with Celiac are prone to other autoimmune issues. You may want a check up just to be sure you aren't dealing with RA, Lupus, or Sjogren's (commonly causes dry eyes).