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  1. I find it's relatively easy to eat gluten-free in most any city. Grocery stores in urban areas almost always have gluten-free sections and several restaurant chains (Chili's, Outback, Ruby Tuesdays, ect...) have gluten-free menus. Here are some links that will hopefully be helpful in finding restaurants.





  2. I hate to be a Debbie Downer but I have got glutened at Applebee's every single time. The last time I spoke to the manager and just had a salad and a burger w/o a bun that was supposedly cooked on foil. I got sick within 30 minutes! :(

    Edited to add: The manager said the ground beef is the only fresh meat item they have. Everything else is pre-seasoned and packaged in plastic. That kind of made me feel like you are paying 4x as much for a tv dinner...

  3. I can't fathom someone actually telling a person who knows their body after years of exerience to go to the doctor or change their signature line to say they are diagnosed. This is the Celiac AND Gluten Free forum. Not everyone is gluten free for the same reason. Some are autistic, some have Crohn's or colitis and find relief this way, others fibromyalsia, one guy has gluten induced epilepsy, and ALL belong on this forum!!! For your information doctors don't know everything. My doctor told me that my blood test wouldn't be affected by the fact that I had already quit eating gluten! Well now I find it should be common knowledge that you have to eat gluten for your body to react. Therefore my test was inaccurate and a waste of money. Before going on this diet I couldn't leave my house without taking large doses of Immodium! My B12 levels were in the gutter. I had gastritis, duodenitis, and esophigitis. Now my intestines are no longer inflamed, I absorb vitamins, and have little need for Immodium. It certainly doesn't sound like the gluten-free diet is dangerous for me now does it???

  4. I picked I might have reacted. I was eating Bob's for awhile and kept getting stomach aches so eliminated oats. Recently I was tempted by the Udi's granola and have been eating it for over two weeks without issue! So basically either just the Bob's didn't agree, the stomach aches were random or caused by something else (very likely), or I wasn't healed enough and still sensitive.

    Funny thing is I never really liked oatmeal and lately I've been craving cinammon raisin oatmeal like crazy!!! The Quaker kind I used to get as a kid. I may breakdown and buy the Glutenfreeda flavored instant packs!

  5. I had my gallbladder out 5 and half years ago. It was very frustrating because it hurt for years and the doctors kept ordering ultrasounds and saying it was fine, no gallstones. Finally I switched doctors and the first thing he ordered after seeing no stones on the ultrasound was a HIDA scan and sure enough it wasn't functioning! I only wish someone had been smart enough to have suggested that before I underwent years of pain and indigestion!

  6. I suffer from gastritis and I pretty much never vomit either. However when I'm having a flare-up my stomach burns and hurts. I also feel a lot of pressure in my ribs. They gave me Carafate which is an ulcer medicine that protects your stomach from acid and allows it to heal. It worked wonderfully!

  7. I realize you are shocked and upset by the diagnoses, but this is not the fate worse than death you think it will be. I go out to restaurants and occasionally bars with friends, I travel, I go to concerts, parties, cook-outs, amusement parks, hiking, and so much more! In fact I'm hard pressed to think of anything I did before than I can't do currently perhaps with small modifications. Tons of restaurants have gluten-free menus. Bars have wine, liquor, and cider. A lot are now carrying gluten-free beer! Cruise ships even offer gluten-free accomodations these days!

    Cheer up! Stick strictly to the diet and you will heal and gain weight. BTW I used to work with a guy that weighed 107 lbs. and he had no trouble getting dates! It's all in your attitude! Be confident! :)

  8. Takala: Thanks for your response. I hate that you've had such trouble too! I'm so frustrated with doctors! I have not been tested for lyme disease. It has been mentioned but I was told it was a difficult process and that unless I knew for sure I had been bitten it wouldn't be of help.

    I quit taking birth control two and a half years ago because I was having two periods a month. That still hasn't straightened out completely but they say that is "normal" too. I do not take NSAIDs unless I am having a lot of discomfort because I am prone to gastritis. Tylenol doesn't help much so I don't take it either.

    I know exactly what you mean by crash days! It's so hard for me to do anything really active but sometimes I have things I just really want to do! I always pay for it later. My last vacation involved a lot of walking around...got home and broke out with shingles two days later!

    I don't have much hope regarding the rheumatologist. There is only one in my area and my aunt sees him. She has RA. She seems to like him ok but says he kind of rushes you through. I'm sure he won't want to take much time to hear my situation considering. My regular doctor told me that she feels sure my issue is autoimmune and probably rheumatologic but that I will just have to suffer through and see if/when my bloodwork provides a diagnoses.

  9. Wait, you have a coffee allergy but you still drink it? What?!? Why don't you try cutting out coffee? I know the caffiene is very addictive and hard to give up but this is your health we're talking about.

    And about soy, unless you are making everything from scratch or you are living outside the US you would be surprised where it shows up. I have had to look for it in everything from tuna to tea to chocolate to lunch meat.

    The allergy is very mild and the only symptoms are that my gums and mouth will tingle...if I drink cold coffee or coffee with regular milk. No reactions to hot coffee with soy. The allergist says it is fine to indulge on occassion so I go to Starbucks once a week and have a coffee. That's all the coffee I drink.

    I probably do get a lot more soy than I think. I will do a trial without it and see if it helps.

  10. The RF, SED rate, and Creatine Kinase are all in low/middle of the range. As for thyroid my TSH is 2.14 (range .45-4.5). Last year it was 3 so that has improved.

    My doctor pretty much told me that there is nothing else she can do but send me to the rheumatologist, though she admits that he probably won't help either. She said I probably have something simmering issue that will eventually show up in bloodwork but that could take YEARS!!! Or I have OA. Personally, I don't think OA would explain the fatigue, rashes, lack of stamina, constant sore throat, or swollen lymph nodes.

    GFM: I don't eat much soy. I'm sure I get traces of it in the few processed foods I eat. I have soy milk in coffee once a week because I have a slight coffee allergy that is worse with real milk. I don't notice feeling any better or worse after the soy milk.

    I guess I need an elimination diet to see if that would help. Honestly I'm so down I'm starting to wonder if the 2 years on the gluten free diet have been worth it. My stomach has improved but nothing else. I know I'm just being irrational right now though.

  11. I have a previous post that describes the symptoms I am having here:

    I'm still waiting for my follow-up on the Immunology tests but honestly don't expect them to show anything amiss.

    My June 29th bloodwork shows my ANA, SED rate, RF, and thyroid and all were perfectly normal. My symptoms most closely match lupus, but I've been told with a negative ANA that it's not a possible cause of my issues. My doctor has jotted down my issue as arthralgia (simply joint pain, which is an issue but honestly the least of my issues). In the past I've also had an MRI on my lower back, x-rays on my hips and hands...all normal/inconclusive (in some cases the bone density was too high to see anything). She has suggested my next step would be a referal to a rheumatologist. My question is will this just be another dead end and a huge waste of time and money or should I make the appointment. With a negative ANA and RF plus normal x-rays will they even take me seriously. I can't handle another doctor acting like I'm wasting their time.

    I don't want, nor do I take, pain pills. I'm not trying to score a disability check. I just want to be taken seriously and find out why I feel like I have the flu (minus the cold symptoms) pretty much every single day of my life. It's getting worse and it's affecting my work, relationships, and my ability to do housework. I just feel like if another doctor brushes me off I will be forced to give up. Maybe this is normal for me and I need to just suck it up and get used to it. :(

  12. I would send an email to Starbuck's customer service and make them aware of the issue. My local Starbucks never has a problem showing me labels and such. So far I've never gotten sick at Starbucks and I go at least once a week with a friend. I don't do fraps though. They made me terribly sick before I went gluten free so I won't chance it now! Cold coffee in general doesn't agree with me (I have a slight coffee allergy) so I usually get a soy misto.

  13. I am very upset that you would accuse me of linking to a virus! :angry:

    Those links are to commercial website for a well-known company with a McAffee Secure seal on the home page that guarantees that the whole website is scanned daily for viruses and malware. It works fine on my PC and I can't imagine McAffee would have missed anything. The second link is to an Adobe .pdf file. Perhaps your .pdf reader is configured incorrectly?

    Both links opened without issue on my work PC. All sorts of innocent sites trigger warnings with our scanning software but these opened perfect, no warnings.

    I now really want those See's chocolates though! Like for breakfast! :)

  14. Thanks for the suggestion TH! I'm open to any theories. Valley Fever seems unlikely since of all the illness I manage to catch I rarely catch lower respiratory stuff or cough. Also, I don't travel very far from the East Coast. IL or LA is the furthest West I've been.

    While I'm pretty sure that isn't my issue it does look like that needs more awareness! I had never heard of it and I always hear of older people with breathing issues being advised to look into a climate more like AZ!

  15. I think you found the problem yourself - you came and disrupted her routine without ANY word or notification. Honestly, I'd be a bit put out too if someone came and expected something very different without even mentioning it. (And you were expecting a big change in *her* routine even if just in "invading" her kitchen with a bunch of your supplies.)

    Did she handle it poorly? Absolutely. And it's fair to feel hurt by what she said! But I think you guys didn't handle it well too. (Seriously, YOU could have called and told her. It's a pet peeve of mine to expect only the biologic child of a parent to interact with the parent for the whole family.) So, and this is totally my own opinion and I understand if you don't agree with it, you should call her, apologize for not giving advance notice, and explain that her comments hurt your feelings, but you also understand that it was a big change for her routine. Ask her and discuss with her how you two can make it work better next time.

    I tend to agree. Also speaking as someone who keeps a seriously packed fridge and has little kitchen space I would have a really hard time finding room if a guest came with bags of groceries and I wasn't prepared! So yes, your MIL could have been more sensitive but really the whole gluten CC issues is kind of a big deal and someone should have given her a heads up.

    Maybe I'm just cutting her some slack because recently my own MIL made apple turnovers knowing I couldn't eat them and then sat right beside me eating going on and on about how good they were. I'm talking long drawn out yuuummms. I was biting my tongue...HARD. lol

  16. Sounds very similar to the run around I am getting. I am so tired. It is now my worst symptom. I have had loads of autoimmune blood tests, thyroid and CBC etc. Am not sure where to go from here. I am feeling worse not better. My abdom pain is less though!

    This does sound familiar. My stomach symptoms are under control but the fatigue, body aches, and general malaise are out of hand!

    I will say that I know some of my immune system is still working because I had an allergic reaction to that vaccine. That was fun...