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  1. I just ran across issues with "candida" and people trying the diet. I'm more than willing to give it ashot since my symptoms...
  2. Brilliant! Thanks to the OP for asking this, I can't believe it never occurred to me. I think a worry-weight has been...
  3. I'm amazed that so many people can get away with not having to explain the symptoms! As soon as I mention it, 4 out of...
  4. Haylsinator


    Not quite sure which types of cereal you prefer but the Chex cereals are fantastic and offer the more "adult" tates of...
  5. ...that.. is THE most brilliant thing I have ever heard!! lol how did I not think of this?! Velveeta here I come!
  6. Does anyone know if this is gluten-free? I had one today and I'm not sure if it agreed with me but I didn't see anything...
  7. Haylsinator

    3 Years gluten-free....or So I Thought!

    So, this has made me feel really guilty because I'm pretty sure I am an exact mirror of your situation. I'm still having...
  8. Found them at Walmart and Wegmans in upstate NY. Make PERFECT rice krispie treats but alone don;'t taste anything like...
  9. Haylsinator

    Rah Rah Rah! Tmi Btw

    I'll have days where everytime I go to go pee I can/do have a BM as well. Then I'll go 1-2 days without having one at...
  10. Based on my previous tests, I'm guessing I would vomit: A while back I decided to have a naughty day and ate half...
  11. I found them! Yay! I noticed that my local Walmart had them on the shelves. I was so excited! I tried them straight from...
  12. I have these with me for lunch today I adore them! My non-gluten free husband also thinks they're better than regular...
  13. Haylsinator

    Celiac Fashion Wear

    I think the "Starvation" shirt is for the types of Celiacs that were diagnosed in their late teens who are faced with...
  14. I'm in Rochester NY and have check my Walmart and Wegmans - no luck yet. I'm dying to try Rice Krispie Treats! I was...
  15. Haylsinator

    Crave Sweets All The Time

    I may be completely wrong but I struggle with binging/purging; I am constantly hungry and when I binge is the sweetest...