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  1. I always seem to be hungry. Or if I'm not necessarily hungry, in general, I seem to be craving something. This causes me to go into the kitchen raid the pantry. It seems to be sweets that I'm driven to. And I can't let myself make any type of gluten-free dessert because I will eat the whole thing by the end of the night, no joke. I figure it may just be some personal issue but I'm wondering if any other Celiacs have the issue as well. Is it possible my body is lacking something from the gluten-free diet? Drat! Sorry about the typo in the title.
  2. I have a bit of a strange question, one mainly of curiosity. If I wanted to try to either verify that I have celiac or to see what my symptoms are to gluten and I started to eat wheat containing products, how long would it take to react to just the gluten? What I mean by that is that if I've been gluten free for 2 years, I figure that ingesting wheat, regardless of celiac diagnosis, would cause problems due to not having had it for so long. I imagine this to be the same with any kind of food abstinence. Is this correct? If so, how long would it be before the body would be ok with eating wheat again? Then, as the body acclimates to wheat again, if symptoms persisted, they could be attributed to celiac, etc. I have no plans to do this, I had just been mulling the idea over in my head and became curious as to how to differentiate between disease and simple lack of familiarization. Thanks for any thoughts!
  3. Thank you all so much for your replies! Today is my second day without the gum or the cocoa. I had a couple of pieces of gum last night and think my belly started to react - I'm doing my best to go cold turkey with the gum but I do have something of an addiction to it! Is there any way to test for other intolerances that gives accurate results, aside from elimination diets? I have very little willpower when it comes to avoiding foods (see gum addiction, above ). I also tend to eat very few process things. But I get the feeling that it may be the sugar substitutes. I'll have to monitor them more closely. I wonder if their concentrations vary from gum to gum. I do believe I have an oat sensitivity so I've avoided them for quite awhile. Hard to say for certain since I obviously have something else wrong too. Out of curiosity, is dairy the most common intolerance among Celiacs? I don't believe I'm one of the fortunate few who can handle oats, e
  4. I was tested back on November 13th, 2008. I didn't think much of it since my doctor called and said "You have celiac disease". I've been living gluten-free since. However, I've been having the same symptoms I had before: Gas and bloating. I had a biopsy done in May of last year and it came back negative, which isn't surprising since I've been gluten-free. I called my doctor today to get the results of the blood test that they used to diagnose me. They said it was the "Tissue transglutamine, IGA" - not sure what I spelled correctly or incorrectly there The results came back abnormal >100 with <10 being normal. I think I felt better for awhile but for the past year, perhaps, still have gas and bloating. I don't recall having any other symptoms except perhaps irritability. I read a lot that people have muscle pain, headaches, etc. I feel fine today but felt pretty badly yesterday. Really, the best connection I can find for my issues is my gum. I chew gum every day, typically sugarfree. I know that sugar alcohols can cause gastro problems but it seems to be an immediate reaction and it doesn't seem to end. As well, I just realized I have not had my fat free Nestle hot cocoa mix today (processed on shared equipment). I'm just wondering if there's another test I should have done, if you guys think that yes I definitely have celiac, if my gum is causing the problems, etc. Any opinion would be greatly appreciate. As a side note, I did post something similar to this on the "coping with" forum and did not receive many replies; I also did not have my blood test results handy. Please let me know if this should be deleted as a duplicate. Thank you!
  5. I'm feeling pretty awful today and have not had anything out of the ordinary. I did, however, chew nearly an entire pack of Orbit Tropical Remix (I admit to a gum addiction )! The ingredients seemed safe but I did see, after my syptoms started occurring, that one of them "Hydrogenated Starch Hydrolysate" may contain gluten, according to this site. Has anyone ever had an issue with this before? Other than the gum I've had an apple, nestle instant breakfast (sugarfree vanilla) - drink this regularly, and a theraflu packet today. Thanks for any insight
  6. Hello! I've been struggling for awhile with symptoms I would associate with being glutened: highly unpleasant gas and extreme bloating. However, I eat pretty much the same things every day and have verified over and over again that they are gluten free. One thing that I do consistently that may be an issue is chew gum (sugar free). I can't find any gluten in it, though, and I have trouble believing that I could swallow so much air as to cause this much discomfort. The amount of gas and bloating varies from day to day. I'm wondering if perhaps a certain brand of gum may be the problem? Or perhaps the artificial sweeteners? One big issue I have is that I seem to be addicted to chewing the gum. If I stop chewing gum I think about food and over eat. As a result, I love gum and haven't been able to come up with a low/calorie free substitute. If anyone feels that my gum chewing may be the issue, a suggestion to replace it would be absolutely wonderful. A typical day of food for me would be: -gluten-free cereal, banana, vanilla soymilk or nestle sugar free instant breakfast for a first meal -An apple or some other fruit for lunch -Baked potato, cheese, and steamed veggies with onion powder and garlic powder for dinner I eat a bunch of steamed veggies (poke holes in the bag and steam it in the microwave) as well as potato. Many of the products I eat are Wegmans brand and (thank you so much, Weggies!) they are labled gluten free. I really have no idea what's causing me so much disomfort. I had a biopsy done and show nothing irregular, including no celiac disease as I've been eating gluten free. I never had a positive biopsy done as I was only diagnosed through blood testing. I've been eating gluten-free since November 2008. I was wondering if perhaps I have an intolerance to something else instead of gluten. Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm starting to get extremely discouraged and would love to be able to get rid of these embarassing symptoms!
  7. I can relate- I'm almost positive my brother has celiac disease but won't get tested. However, even if he found out he had celiac disease I doubt he would go gluten free. He doesn't have the willpower or the care.
  8. I'm so sorry to hear that I'm going through nearly the same thing. It will be my second Thanksgiving, however, but I wasn't nearly as careful last year, I just avoided the obvious. This year, I will be abstaining from all of it due to the risk of CC and I was glutened recently. It's at my boyfriend's brother's apartment and I'm terrified of being the odd one out. I'd really prefer to just blend, and not eating the food doesn't bother me, but I don't like standing out due to the disease. Oddly, my boyfriend feels worse about it than I do. I completely understand with people not getting the severity of it. My mom wants to be careful but simply can't get in the right mind set. I know I'm ingesting very tiny amounts of gluten because I'm eating in the same kitchen. How many pizzas have been thrown right onto our wooden cutting board! It's hard to make people understand but I've accepted it's my problem and I'm not going to try to make other people adapt too much for me. They try to be careful and that effort is all I can and want to ask- I truly appreciate it. This TG will be really difficult but I know we can soldier through it Good luck and know you aren't alone- it just feels that way very, very frequently!
  9. Lol! What a perfect (and of course horrible) description. I'm not sure much can make a person feel more unfeminine than that one symptom! Febreez has my eternal gratitude
  10. I know my personal symptoms of: Gas (very frequent and very unique scent), bloating, and irritability (debatable) are always there. It's possible that I have other varying symptoms but I know if I have "that gas" that I've been glutened. I'm in a very "dangerous" household so it's hard for me to say whether or not I have other symptoms since, until I get my own place, I have an incredibly high risk of CC.
  11. I'm completely with you on your thinking on this subject. I'm "celebrating" my 1 year anniversary of diagnosis/gluten free and I'm incredibly tempted to eat a tuna melt bagel, my favorite muffin, and a ham and cheese sandwich on Wonderbread... just to see what would happen However, from my experience, the amount of gluten does make a difference. If I eat a lot of Nature Valley bars (made with oats, happened just recently) I get my usual symptoms- gas, bloating, irritability. Back in February/March 2009 I accidentally ate a gluten containing waffle. I'm still bitter- it was EnvironKidz and was put right next to the gluten-free waffles, I didn't think twice :K Anyway, I unknowingly ate the (not even yummy) waffles and 2 hours later was doubled up in pain and ended up vomiting a few times. I slept for a couple of hours and felt better when I woke up. I don't recall whether or not I had symptoms afterward. Regardless, my conclusions from that time period are the amount of gluten definitely makes a difference in my symptoms. Overdose on small amounts = symtoms I'm used to hating. Overdose on large amounts after going gluten-free = really, really bad pain and awful symptoms.
  12. Hello, This Thanksgiving my boyfriend's brother and his fiancee are holding Thanksgiving Dinner at their apartment. It's been (possibly to the day, today) 1 year since I was diagnosed by blood test for Celiac Disease. Last Thanksgiving I recall avoiding the obvious- stuffing, rolls, etc. - but still ate with his family. I was glutened recently and have the very strong feeling that my best bet is simply to not touch any food at dinner this TG. I can handle that, I'm sure with a little disappointment, but I can do it. The issue is- how do I avoid insulting the hosts? I figure I have three general options. 1. Bring my own food. 2. Eat before and starve through. 3. Eat consciously- avoiding the obvious. I'm a skeptic about the severity of CC but as I'm not a huge fan of TG food in general it shouldn't be too painful to not eat the provided dinner, thus eliminating option 3. The problems with options 1 and 2 are how to avoid offending the hosts and bringing attention to myself. I don't like drawing attention to my celiac disease. I figure, my boyfriend could call his brother and let them know ahead of time that I won't be eating the food, but I imagine that will sound like an offhanded way of getting them to be careful making food and guilting them into a gluten-free TG or something of the sort. So I figure, say nothing until the day of and bring my own food (option 2). But I really, really don't want to have to go grab my own meal, excuse myself, and have people eye my plate, or perhaps flat out ask why I'm not eating the provided food. The option to avoid attention (number 4) wasn't even listed because I want to see everyone and be supportive. Does anyone have any ideas on the best way of handling this situation? I'm not particularly close with his brother's fiancee and don't want her to have any negative feelings toward me. I understand that celiac disease is a true problem and not to be taken lightly or be ashamed about but I'd really rather avoid the conversations if possible. Thank you so much for any input. I look forward to hearing from you all! Hayley
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