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  1. MindytheOrganist

    Culvers, Is it really gluten free?

    Husband is Celiac. I trust Culver's only if actually eating there, so we can correct things right away. Have not had...
  2. MindytheOrganist

    Gluten Free Waffles

    I really did something stupid and bought frozen gluten free waffles while staying with mother in law. The toaster is...
  3. MindytheOrganist


    A new Cheddar's is opening up in my area. I do remember some comments, mostly negative, about Cheddar's, but was wondering...
  4. MindytheOrganist

    Anyone Had Luck With Olive Garden?

    UPDATE!! Our Olive Garden got the different pasta, and it is vast improvement over what they had. Unfortunately, they...
  5. MindytheOrganist

    Anyone Had Luck With Olive Garden?

    We've had good luck at Olive Garden, but we live in a small market, and it's easy for the servers to get to know us....
  6. MindytheOrganist

    Santa Fe Cattleman's?

    Any gluten free options here?
  7. MindytheOrganist

    Best Gluten Free Bread?

    Canyon Bakehouse is the best for us. Celiac Hubby can now eat a "regular" sandwich without it falling apart. Fortunately...
  8. MindytheOrganist

    Report On United Flights And Trip To Germany

    We saw a couple from far away. We had planned to go, but none of the castles close by were "stroller-friendly." We...
  9. Trip to Germany was great! We stayed with daughter, son-in-law, and new grand-daughter, so eating out was not an issue...
  10. MindytheOrganist

    Special Meals On Planes?

    My Celiac hubby has a question. What if he doesn't eat everything he takes with him? Will there be any issues with...
  11. MindytheOrganist

    Red Robin Gluten Free Bun

    I'm a little late, but celiac hubby has tried the bun. Typical gluten-free bun that breaks apart, so he still has to...
  12. MindytheOrganist

    My Amusing Email Conversation With The Olive Garden

    Have never had a problem with Olive Garden. True their offerings are sparse. All of us order the salad with no croutons...
  13. MindytheOrganist

    Special Meals On Planes?

    Thanks for the good suggestions! We are flying to Germany non-stop from Chicago on United and have ordered the gluten...
  14. MindytheOrganist

    Gluten Free In Germany

    Thanks for all the advice! Daughter has been scoping out stores as well, and we are probably going to ship some food...
  15. MindytheOrganist


    Not all McDonald's are loaded with teenagers. I've seen many with older employees. We get the Quarter Pounder with...