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  1. Husband is Celiac. I trust Culver's only if actually eating there, so we can correct things right away. Have not had any trouble with them.
  2. I'm a little late, but celiac hubby has tried the bun. Typical gluten-free bun that breaks apart, so he still has to eat the burger with a fork. Wish they could get Canyon Bakehouse buns; they are the only ones, at this point, that hold together!
  3. I didn't know Sweet Baby Ray's was gluten-free! May try it again. We use Cookies BBQ sauce since it is gluten-free (says so on the label), and hubby has not reacted to it.
  4. Please don't assume everyone that works at a fast-food place is a stupid 16-year-old. I'm a professional, but if I ever got tossed out on the street, and was having trouble finding a job, I would not hesitate to work at a fast-food restaurant. There are many people working at fast-food places that...