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  1. camprunner

    "emergency Food" Suggestions Needed

    Thanks for all the suggestions, keep them coming if you can think of more. Unfortunately due to lactose intolerance Nutella is out
  2. camprunner

    "emergency Food" Suggestions Needed

    I like those suggestions. I just remember that I got some Thai meals at Whole Foods when I went out of town for a week on business and I don't know if they will eat those but I'll bet maybe there are similar type meals that can be microwaved for them. The friend that is keeping them knows that fresh fruit and veggies are ok and is pretty familiar with their diet but I also don't want to intimidate and I also have some back ups that aren't as familiar with the diet so I want to make sure they are covered. Like I said, it is possible that they will leave at 8 or 9 pm one night and be back by breakfast the next morning...it is also possible they will have to eat a meal or two with this family so I want to be prepared.
  3. camprunner

    "emergency Food" Suggestions Needed

    I'll need to think about that one... DH will probably be responsible for getting them there so I was hoping that I could do something in just one spot. I'm also not sure how much freezer space the family I'm sending them to would have. On top of that, even though we do have things at our house that freeze well, they are generally not the things that the kids will eat. I would love to be able to send them the kind of hotdogs they can eat (not healthy, but they will eat them), a vegetable they would eat. Then the stuff listed above. I'm just thinking hotdogs and frozen veggies aren't going to make the 30 minute trip well and I can totally see dh driving off without them where as a box beside the door he'd probably remember.
  4. In a few months, our family is expecting a new baby. I will be sending my kids to a friends house during the (home)birth and need to have a food box packed for them that could sit by our door for as long as 5 weeks while we wait. I'm at a loss as to what I could pack to provide them with meals while they are gone (especially since there is no way to know which ones they will need!). DD (8yo) is gluten intolerant and lactose intolerant. She wets the bed as one of her reactions (to both) so this is definately not a reaction I want her to have at someone else's house and after she get's back to our house as there will be enough laundry at our house. So far, I'm thinking I can pack -Almond milk -Cereal -Lara Bars for snack -maybe some peanutbutter and gluten free crackers? What else? We don't do a lot of convenience foods around here and it seems that this is exactly what she will need. I'd like for her to feel like she has plenty to eat when the family sits down to eat a meal. Any suggestions? My labors really haven't been that long so it's possible that it will only be for one meal or no meals.
  5. camprunner

    Does This Look Ok?

    Thanks for the tip. We are definately going to go fairly early. Maybe leaving even earlier would be a good idea!
  6. My mother just informed me that she always figured I had a sensitivity to some type of food but "figured I'd be ok with lots of vitamins". Uh yeah so 20 years later, here I am with serious health issues. Thanks Mom.
  7. camprunner

    Does This Look Ok?

    Thansk guys. I can't have soy at all right now. I might call and ask about some things or we may just pick some place that has a gluten free menu. It's just that with all I have to avoid, I didn't want to have to draw it all out for the waitress.
  8. camprunner

    Does This Look Ok?

    My husband wants to take me here for Valentines Day: http://www.bdobo.com/locationhours.html We've been there before in my pre gluten free days. On the window it says "Great for Food Allergies and Special Diets" You pick out the raw ingredients that you want, take them to the cook who cooks it right in front of you on one of those big round grills like they have in the Japenese restaurants. Are there any special instructions I need to give them? Do they need to clean it first? They do have a soy sauce that can be put on the food. I'm not sure how sensitive I am to soy...just know that I can't eat it in my food without pain.
  9. How long until I start absorbing vitamins from foods instead of taking a handful of them every day? How long until I can reintroduce the other foods that my body seems to be sensitive to?
  10. Looks like you have the DQ2 and DQ8 genes for Celiac disease and have high antibody levels. I'd say that you have it.
  11. This is me. I don't actually live in the state I work in. I had to drive 2 1/2 hours each way to get them electronically done in that state because the the ink ones done at my local police department weren't readable I also didn't realize it could be linked
  12. This is me. I don't actually live in the state I work in. I had to drive 2 1/2 hours each way to get them electronically done in that state because the the ink ones done at my local police department weren't readable I also didn't realize it could be linked
  13. Thanks for the posts! I am definitely going to use some of these ideas!
  14. Thanks so much. I really appreciate the replies and there are lots of good suggestions. I will stock up on the gluten free pasta and I've been eying the Better Batter but I'm having a tiny problem with night shades at the moment. If I'm able to add them back into my diet, I will order it for sure. I have learned to make a lot from scratch and it pretty much comes second nature to us by now (been working on it since September of 09) but that's probably why it's frustrating and I'm not understanding others. As for my mom, she admits she messed up so we may go back as long as it's clear that I will be bringing my own food. She is very money consious and feels that us bringing food is not good manners on her part. She also knows I like her vegetable soup that has noodles in it and she really wanted to please us (with the soup) and at the same time apparently set boundaries that I would not be "getting my way" with everything hence only offering me broccoli for Thanksgiving dinner when we'd offered to purchase the turkey. By the time we left, I'm sure she wished she hadn't. My husband was really good about the gluten until about a week ago when I realized the pain I was in was probably from nightshades. It was his suggestion that the nightshades were causing the problem, but we were eating them at every meal and he's a little miffed that my diet is losing foods. I have talked with him about giving me a little warning about the gluten and nightshades but he's suddenly inistent that I shouldn't need time to mentally prepare for everyone else eating a food that I would like to be sharing. On Thursday, we are invited to an italian covered dish LOL. That one is going to be fun but I have time to figure out what to bring and bring something that I can eat! Hopefully all will be fine. I know there will be gluten and nightshade filled food there by default but I've had time to think about that.
  15. But that's my point. I am having a difficult time preplanning when I ask about the menu and I'm told "I don't know". It's hard to take a frozen lasagna four hours justs incase they decide that's what they want to have. It's hard to have something we wouldn't normally eat on hand "just in case" someone decides they want us to bring it to a party.