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  1. SirSleepie

    Muscle Twitching

    So, as I understand it, Celiac Disease causes inflammation throughout your entire body. I have a lots of fluid in my joints. Lots of popping. I don't know if it is related. Does anyone take any anti-inflammatory products while detoxing? Garlic pills, ginger, turmeric, etc... Any magical elixirs I should be aware of? Thanks.
  2. SirSleepie

    Muscle Twitching

    Along with the twitching in my calves that I feel... I also have twitching that I can see, but that I do not feel. Anyone experience something similar to this?
  3. SirSleepie

    Muscle Twitching

    Srthomas21 - Primarily muscle twitching and stiffness...throw in a dash of buzzing and some pain. My right leg ached pretty badly last night. That was a first and kept me up for awhile. I haven't noticed problems with motor control, clumsiness, or gait. CarbQueen - How long did it take for your symptoms to subside after diagnoses? How intense/often was your twitching and when did it go away? Did the healing process take a longer period of time after diagnoses compared to isolated incidents of ingesting gluten? Jean'sBrainonGluten - Your theory certainly makes sense. If indeed gluten is causing brain damage I would assume some sort therapy would be in order. I've been taking 400mg - 600mg of magnesium daily for nearly a month. I try to ensure that I at least have one banana a day. I've began some light stretching and leg lifts. Also, I've been using a heating pad on my calves which seems to do some good. Thanks for the feedback.
  4. SirSleepie

    Muscle Twitching

    I'm reducing everything to very clean foods; fruits, vegetables, meats, rice, and that's about it. I notice exercise exaggerates the twitching, but only for a short time. I was doing lots of walking and calve raises up until recently. The extra twitching it invited was starting to get annoying, but it did seem to work out the kinks and decrease stiffness. How does this promote healing? Can you break down the science? Is it the excess blood flow in the effected extremities or a muscle/brain stimulation thing? Thanks.
  5. SirSleepie

    Muscle Twitching

    Thanks for the info. I just read an editorial called "Gluten Sensitivity as a Neurological Illness," which explains that "peripheral neuropathy is the second commonest manifestation of gluten sensitivity." Hopefully my issues are related to my celiac diagnoses and I will improve shortly. 20 days and NO relief yet. I hope this post will catch more eyes. I agree with Jean, there needs to be more attention brought to the neurological implications of Celiac disease. If muscle fasiculations (twitching) and cramping is indeed the result of antigliadin antibodies at work than I would imagine that there would be more of you who frequent these forums who have experienced this. The more of us who come forward the better.
  6. SirSleepie

    Muscle Twitching

    Srthomas21 - Muscle fibers dance about. Pulsating movements... Twitches/Fasiculations. Really don't know how else to describe them. Sorry. Mostly occurs in my calves. Also happens a lot in my feet. I have pain and stiffness in my calves as well. Anxiety is horrible. I've been gluten free for 19 days now. I noticed significant improvement on Friday & Saturday (The best I've been in a while). I took a few steps back on Sunday and now I appear to be right back where I started. Very frustrating. Thanks for the feedback and the support.
  7. SirSleepie

    Muscle Twitching

    Jenngolightly - Thank you for responding. How long did it take for your muscle twitching to go away after you went gluten-free? Were you B12 deficient? Thanks!
  8. SirSleepie

    Muscle Twitching

    Thank you all for responding. I appreciate the words of advice. Is there anyone else out there who has muscle twitching (fasiculations) as a symptom of Celiac disease? I would feel more comfortable if more of you would come forward. It would help curve my skepticism. If muscle twitching is indeed a symptom of Celiac disease others must have experienced this. Scott - How long have you been twitching? Have any of your doctors explained that this is consistent with celiac disease? Thanks!
  9. Hello all. I'm 23 and I was diagnosed with Celiac disease 11 days ago. Both my blood work and biopsy tested positive. I haven't touched gluten since my diagnoses. I do not have any gastrointestinal symptoms... My primary doctor sent me to a spine and joint doctor for buzzing/tingling & twitching in my legs. She did an MRI which revealed a single white matter lesion on my brain. She suspected I had MS and referred me to a neurologist. My neurologist quickly dismissed MS and said the lesion was non-specific. It was my neurologist who requested the blood work for celiac disease. My symptoms began with buzzing in my legs and feet which progressed to twitching and stiffness and than finally to muscle pain (mostly in calves). The twitching has since jumped around here and there, but primarily it settles in my calves. My pain has greatly diminished and the buzzing has all but gone away, but the twitching still persists. I think the twitching has become less intense, but honestly I cannot say for sure. Also, stiffness is still there... I am quite concerned about the twitching because my B12 (517) read within normal levels. And I understand a B12 deficiency is often the cause of twitching in Celiac patients. Seeing how the twitching is still hanging around I fear that perhaps the twitching isn't connected to my gluten allergy and may indicate something much worse. That's where the anxiety kicks in... 1. Do any of you experience muscle twitching? 2. If so, how long does it normally take for it to go away after exposure? 3. Do you have any vitamin deficiencies? 4. Is there anything I can do for treatment? Thanks!