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  1. Hi, I'm travelling to Hawaii in a few weeks and was wondering if anyone has recommendations on restaurants, particularly...
  2. Becks85

    Ireland - Tips Needed!

    Hi, I may be writing too late for you, but thought I would post anyway. I currently live in Ireland, and have very...
  3. Hi, I've just returned from my trip and thought I would write a couple notes about eating gluten free in Hong Kong...
  4. Thanks to you both! I figured those would be answers I would come across! I lived in South Korea briefly several...
  5. Hi, I'm heading to Hong Kong, the Philippines (Manila, Bacolod,and Boracay), and Japan (Fukuoka) for about 3 weeks...
  6. Becks85


    HI. I was in Chicago for a conference last year, and ate at the Weber Grill. It was pretty good. They have an online...
  7. Becks85


    Hi. I'm from Colorado, though I recently moved. I can't say I eat out much, but I like Udi's Bread Cafe, Abrusci's...
  8. Hello, I can recommend a cookbook and an online resource. Here they are: "Welcoming Kitchen" by Kim Lutz I haven...
  9. Agreed! Pretty sure I'm not trying to be trendy, and I'm guessing no one else in this forum is either.
  10. Becks85


    Thanks for posting your experience! I'm going to Ireland in a couple weeks, and I've been a little nervous (it's my...
  11. Becks85

    Anyone From Denver?

    Hi, I'm from Denver, too, and I've been gluten free for two years. There is a meetup group for people with Celiac...
  12. Becks85

    Meat Containing Dairy?

    Well, it looks like Qdoba uses whey in the adobo seasoning they put on the chicken (it's the only dairy on their chicken...
  13. Becks85

    Emotional Problems Whole Life

    Hello, I'm not really sure how helpful my response will be, but I thought I should post anyway. From what you tell...
  14. Becks85

    Landshark Lager?

    I'm guessing Landshark Lager has gluten in it since lagers usully contain water, hops, malt (from barley), and yeast...