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  1. True. However, after you have tried (and failed) to be gluten-free long enough, you come to recognize glutenings for what they are. At least I have. I'm super sensitive. My gluten reaction very rarely includes GI symptoms in the first place. I know that if I experience the "big D", that it was probably something else or a super severe gluten reaction. I find that this thread has been pretty helpful in confirming that there are many gluten-free labeled foods that still cause problems and that it isn't all in my head... ("but it SAYS it's gluten-free...")
  2. Lays and Kettle potato chips for sure, Classico pasta sauce, Amy's meals (took me awhile to figure out, the enchiladas were so good!!). There are so many things I've had CC reactions to, I pretty much stopped keeping track like I used to. Pretty much any restaurant EXCEPT PF Chang's, and I've had better luck with Outback lately. It actually makes me feel better to see the responses to this, sometimes I think I'm the only one and I'm crazy to blame it on these "gluten-free" products!!
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