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  1. Thank you "Jean'sBrainonGluten" for the wonderful advice and insight. I have been cutting back on gluten a lot and have started to feel better! I am also not drinking cow's milk, I switched to Almond Dream. i hope I have found my own answers. Thank you and happy holidays!
  2. Brittany and GFinDC, Thank you for your nice responses! I going to be serious about going gluten free, everyone is right, it is really the true way to know if that is the root of the problem. The tests just aren't painting an accurate picture of what is wrong with our bodies. I was pretty down last night after showering (and losing another large gob of hair) and am just frustrated that no one has any answers. So it looks like I will have to over rule what they think and go with my gut (no bad pun intended) on this one and avoid gluten. Thanks again! Kayla
  3. I would appreciate as much input on what could be wrong with my body as possible....I will try to provide as much information as possible. Any ideas or suggestions would be a blessing. I am a 'seemingly' healthy 26 year old teacher who over the last 2 months has been having: *unexplained all-day headaches (back base of my neck a lot) *fuzzy warm foggy feeling in my head that generally clouds my ability to remain focused and productive *irritability, depression, low motivation (fed up with feeling like I am operating at 1/2 of my ability) *Unexplained hair loss (I started with a lot of thick, long hair) and have probably lost 1/3 of it, the amount of hair I lose during a shower will plug the drain.... *Flushed or warm feelings in my face and ears (often after eating fried or breaded food, which I don't do often) *I take fiber to relieve constipation, which is a constant problem for me/( except on weekends when I'm off work and will go to the bathroom 3 or 4 times) *I have an aunt who has celiac disease, and asked my doctor to test for it. My blood and stool work came back negative, and I got the generic IBS diagnosis, which means nothing other than that they can't figure out what's wrong with your system.... *I had my gallbladder removed when I was 20 because I had gallstones *I take Adderall to get me alert enough to get through the day *I notice I feel especially horrible after eating pizza for some reason. Thank you all for your time! Happy Holidays!