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    Celiac And Jra

    Wow, that is incredible. My daughter had a lot of fluid drained from her knees and responded well to Methotrexate, so I am not sure she was misdiagnosed, I am pretty sure she has JRA as well, but it is my hope that once she is Gluten Free her JRA will be much more controlled. Thanks for sharing your story.
  2. Simm4Family

    Celiac And Jra

    Hi, I am new here. My daughter Kira has JRA and was diagnosed yesterday with Celiac disease. I was wondering if any other parents have seen a decrease in JRA symptoms on a gluten free diet? Kira's knee joints were so inflamed, but the doctors are not that encouraging and are warning us that the diet change may not help her JRA at all. Any help would be great! I need to believe this change will help her! Thanks, S