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  1. Canyon Bakehouse now have hamburger rolls..I am going to have to order them...all their other breads, foccacia and muffins are far superior to all the others I have tried to eat of the last 3 years...you can order online too.
  2. SissyG

    Gluten Free In Italy?

    Thanks for the info..I will definetly follow up on it. Will only be there 2 days but would love to be able to eat something other than a salad...LOL
  3. I found a new bread at Whole Foods and it is wonderful. When I first saw it I thought just like in the past I would buy it, taste it, throw it away, just like all the others. BUT, this bread has the texture of real bread, tastes good, toasts well and I have reordered it online from Canyone Bakehouse twice...They have a 7grain San Juan bread that is great for sandwiches and an out of this world Cinnamon bread, focaccia and divine cranberry crunch muffins. Of couse like all good things in life it is a little pricey, but who cares, it is delicious. You can check out their website at www.canyonbakehouse.com
  4. SissyG

    Gluten Free In Italy?

    Thanks Olivegirl, that is encouraging news. I also have a Select Wisely card in Italian so I will be able to communicate with the waiters that I am gluten intolerant. I hope that someone who has been to Venice can recommend a restaurant or two.
  5. SissyG

    Planing A Cruise Any Advice?

    Most cruise lines areavery sensitive to gluten free needs...my experience is with Princess cruises...we have cruises numerous times since being diagnosed and it is a joy to know that the worry about eating gluten-free doesn't exist...I always fill in the online cruise personalizer requesting gluten-free and then follow up with a fax to passenger services...When we arrive in our cabin there is a card telling me that the maitre'd has been made aware of my needs and I should introduce myself to him on our first visit to the dining room...I have had nothing but good experiences from them bringing the next night's menu to me to choose from to our head waiter actually showing up at one of the specialty restaurants to supervise my selection and the preparation of my meal..I was told that each gluten-free meal is made at a dedicated gluten-free area in the kitchen. I have never had a problem cruising since I have been diagnosed...but oboy....before I knew what my problem was we were eating those delicious dinner rolls and pizza and bagels and I was suffering the whole time I was on a cruise....isn't it funny how long it takes some of us to figure it all out. Sissy
  6. We are spending a few days in Venice before boarding a cruise and when I think of Italy all I can think of is pizza and pasta...any suggestions for restaurants in Venice...We will be staying on the Grand Canal at the Hotel Carlton.
  7. I was also really shocked when I happened to find these mixes packaged together at Sam's Club. I've made both of them and they are really good texture and flavor wise..I just bought another box when I was there last time...Just think how great, you could actually use two of the carrot cakes and make a wonderful cream cheese frosted birthday cake...WOW, gluten-free is really getting better. I am so happy that I found these.