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  1. Shelsi

    Babycakes In Downtown Disney

    We've eaten there once before & did not get sick thankfully. That's such a bummer to hear of others getting sick though. Frankly, I was less than impressed with their cupcakes anyways - I mean it's pretty darn easy to make gluten-free cake that tastes like & has the exact same texture as "regular" cake so I was kind of "meh" with their cupcakes. Did they just keep denying it or did they at least offer to comp you another cupcake or something? (not that of course I would take them up on it!)
  2. Shelsi

    Cheeseburger In Paradise

    I was the one Brigala heard of this from the other site. We were sooooo disappointed last night when we went to the Destin, FL location. We asked for the gluten-free menu as the hostess was gathering menus & silverware just like we usually do and she paused and said, "uh, I think you need talk to the server about that." That should have been our first clue but we just thought she was new or something. Nope, we asked our server and he said they no longer had a gluten-free menu. They no longer had the separately rolled silverware either. The manager at this location is fabulous, I guess his long-time girlfriend has celiacs so he knows a fair amount about it, and it's honestly been the safest place for us to eat other than at home. He told us they could accommodate us still. He said they still had the gluten-free buns and he could make the fries gluten-free. He said to look over the menu and he could prob change most of it to make sure it was made gluten-free. It was our anniversary and we were looking to celebrate, not to once again have to go line by line on a menu with a manager or cook, just to find out that while most of the items could be made gluten-free that also means they take off all the sauces and flavoring. I know you all know exactly what I'm talking about. My family (which consists of 2 celiacs, 1 gluten intolerant, and 1 "regular" eater) was looking forward to the loaded chips. They no longer have the chips at all. The manager thought that maybe he had enough ingredients to make some loaded fries that would be similar. Like I said, he's a fabulous manager and I'm sure whatever he came up with would have been safe to eat. However that's not what we were looking for. We wanted our loaded chips. We wanted our gluten-free menu that we could peruse and select from. Ugh, I know I'm preaching to the choir here. So we got up and left. I wrote a complaint letter to CIP this morning & my husband is e-mailing one as I type this. My 5 year old celiac daughter says she wants to write one too. The manager explained to us before we left that CIP was bought out in December. He said the Destin location is the test location now so the "new" menu we were given last night is not online at all. All the other CIP still have the regular menu and the gluten-free menu at this time. However they are trying to roll out a new menu without the gluten-free menu. He said they'll be keeping the gluten-free bun (which I'm sorry, their gluten-free bun sucks, we told him they should get a better one) but that's about it at this point. He promised to pass on our feedback. If you love CIP please e-mail them, facebook them, call, or mail them a letter with your comments!
  3. My daughter was diagnosed at 20 mos old. It's a long story but the short version is that she was diagnosed based off a negative blood test, inconclusive biopsy, and a very high risk genetic testing result along with her miraculous results going gluten-free. From the time she was born she had food intolerances to almost everything, horrific diaper rashes, distended belly, constant hunger, was not growing, and was just generally a miserable child. She was only 15 lbs at 2 yrs old (was 16 lbs at 6 mos old) and after being gluten-free for 6 weeks she was 20 lbs. Her acid reflux went away as did the distended belly, the constant hunger, the misery, and all the food intolerances. Then we also found out my hubby has celiacs disease as well. So anyways long story longer, she's now 5 yrs old and yesterday was the first time since 20 mos old that she received anything more than contamination. We were at Cold Stone Creamery, where we've gone successfully before, and I stupidly let her get the cake batter ice cream. I was positive I had looked it up before and had been surprised it was a safe flavor so I didn't even ask. I really don't know what the heck I was thinking. Anyways they knew she was gluten-free because they know to mix it in a different container and not on the stone. After she had been eating for awhile they came running out and told us that flavor has gluten in it. I looked it up and yeah, it's def gluten with wheat flour. So far nothing has happened? She ate at least 10 spoonfuls of it. I'm so confused. In the past when I was pretty sure she ate something contaminated she was in the bathroom before we could even leave (I think they took the bun off her patty but did not re-make it like they should have - of course I have no proof). How could she eat that ice cream and have nothing happen? I know reactions can be delayed but this seems kind of crazy. She's running around & totally happy and fine. No side effects whatsoever. Thoughts??
  4. What does this mean exactly? My daughter's genetic testing from prometheus labs says "Alleles detected: DQ2 heterodimer (HLA DQA1*0201/DQB1*02) It says she's in risk category 7 which is very high and 16x the general population. Does this mean she has 2 copies of the gene so both my husband and I carry it?
  5. Shelsi

    Shedd Aquarium?

    That's what I was afraid of. I'm visiting my parents who live near Chicago so I won't have my usual supply of gluten-free waffles and such to make sandwiches and other easy to carry lunch type foods. I did find an e-mail address for the Aquarium and I e-mailed them with questions. We'll see if they get back to me and what they say.
  6. Shelsi

    Shedd Aquarium?

    Anyone been there recently? I need some options for my 2 yr old and myself when we visit there next month.