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  1. I wonder if the caramel syrup is coloured? Doesn't caramel colour have gluten? I had a white mocha steamed milk and didn't have a reaction. This is all so overwhelming! Even after talking to a chef I got sick, pretty sure it was via cross-contact, but he said his girlfriend has celiac's so how the hell do they do that? Found out after that pizza is their specialty , maybe I'm more sensitive then I first thought...
  2. I just had a caramel non-fat steamed milk, I am in agony and have gone up about 3 pant sizes! About an hour ago I was just admiring how even though it is 'that time of the month', I was so non-bloated. I don't know if it was cross contaminated or what, but it's killing me. (I should mention I did also have a kahlua chocolate, but the ingredients on that were a-ok as far as I could tell)
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