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  1. http://glutenagogo.blogspot.com/2007/02/mexican-tortilla-bake-when-i-was.html

    I used 2 lbs ground beef, 2 cans black olives (I sliced them), bell peppers, onions, and pepper jack and cheddar cheeses. Outstanding.

    I made this one last weekend and am making it again tomorrow. Works great with sour cream and hot sauce (if you can handle them).

    Oh, I used La Banderita corn tortillas with ZERO gut issues if yall were wondering....Oh, and don't hate on the musings of a Southern Gent. ;p

  2. Fun times....I have pretty much zero access to gluten free bread around here. :(. I've never used another thickener before, so I am hesitant about using one at ALL. Keynote....How would some Ore Ida hashbrowns as a base do? I think it might just turn out pretty darn well (after trying the gluten free breakfast casserole- hashbrowns instead of bread-I just made Sunday). Just put the "toppings" over the hashbrowns?

    Thanks for the input! I'll try it soon.


  3. Though I haven't tried it, it seems like it's along the same lines as spaghetti squash. But most of the members here agree that Tinkyada makes the best gluten-free pasta. Many have served it to gluten-eaters, and they didn't know it was gluten-free. So if you haven't tried Tinkyada, that's what I'd recommend.

    Yes, it's the same idea as spaghetti squash. And it's pretty cheap, which is why I wanted to know if anyone likes it! ;p

    I think I saw some of that Tinkyada yesterday at Kroger! Might just have to run up and get some....Thanks!