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  1. Hi, I am new to the forum,(thus the empty reply) but I work for Celiac.com & we have an autoreply that I thought would help you. For your review:

    Celiac.com cannot offer any medical or dietary advice, other than to recommend that people with celiac disease should maintain a 100% gluten-free diet for life, and anyone who believes that their symptoms could be caused by celiac disease or gluten intolerance should be screened for it (we recommend that everyone be screened for celiac disease because its symptoms can range from none to almost any unexplained health problem--not to mention the fact that around 1 in 100 people actually have it and most never get diagnosed and treated).

    Screening for celiac disease is a simple blood panel that includes these tests (please note that you should still be consuming gluten in order for the antibodies to be present):

    Anti-endomysial antibody IgA (EMA)

    Anti-reticulin antibody (ARA)

    Anti-gliadin antibody IgA (AGA)f

    Anti-Gliadin IgG (AGA)F

    Anti-Tissue Transglutaminase (tTG) Antibodies

    I hope this helps! Best wishes to you & your little guy. :)