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  1. beksmom

    Bloating & Bowel Issues

    please let me know how your results come back. I'm really curious and all info might help m,e when i see my doctor again...
  2. For some reason i have become bloated, and only able to have a bowel movement every four plus days ?? Prior to being...
  3. beksmom

    Airborne Wheat

    I just want to thank all my friends hee on this forum for throwing out your advice and giving me some directions to try...
  4. beksmom

    Airborne Wheat

    That is a good point i will ask my doctor to run a panel on food allergies since i've totally changed to 100 percent...
  5. beksmom

    Airborne Wheat

    I live in Mt Shasta, CA Its Northern California about 2hours from the Oregon border. I was thinking airborne because...
  6. beksmom

    Airborne Wheat

    It is Saturday June12, 2010. I have been in and out of the hospital for four days with severe hives and back to back...
  7. What is cc? And was your abdomen severly tender?
  8. I was in a health food store last week and asked if they had a gluten free section. The employee actually handed me a...
  9. I have celiac spru, PLEASE HELP. After eating a quarter of a nestle crunch ice cream bar yesterday afternoon and am still...
  10. I want to thank you for you response. It gives me confidence that i am doing the right thing . My son has an appointment...
  11. Thank you for the advice . I will look into BVR for sure. Hopefully they can help. : )
  12. From a HR perspective I would just like to ay that I hope more and more people become aware and educated re: Celiac Disease...
  13. I am waiting for approval for medi-.cal and will for sure go to an orthopedic at that time. My primary dr. doesnt seem...