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  1. Ha ha we have had many go rounds on this topic! For me, I wasn't getting better and my last holdout was my beauty products...
  2. Kinnikckinnick and Katz make great donuts! But don't go there just yet. Let your gut heal. You can have your gluten free...
  3. Irish Heart! Good to see you! Here's your cupcake and ice cream... you choose the flavor. LOL
  4. I remember those days Not me! I'm so glad to see some familiar faces around here. I'm sorry for being MIA.
  5. Super simple! Dump 2 cans of canned peaches with juice in the bottom of a greased dutch oven. Then dump your favorite...
  6. If I could get on my knees and beg you not to move in with him I would. You say it is an otherwise great relationship...
  7. I used to post here all the time. I don't have time anymore, so I come on once in a great while. I just wanted to share...
  8. I went to the Story Tavern in Burbank, California today. Best gluten free food I have ever had eating out hands down...
  9. Yes the blood type diet has lists of foods that are beneficial and foods to avoid for your blood type. My doctor recommended...
  10. I'm just going to avoid buckwheat. It doesn't taste all that great anyways and it's not worth it. I had brain fog really...
  11. sandsurfgirl

    Is It Normal To Constantly Be Starving?

    When I first went gluten free I was starving all the time for a few months. I was very sick at diagnosis so it took me...
  12. Did you move my post? I couldn't find it in coping with so I reposted because I had a glitch when I originally posted...
  13. Yesterday and today I've had horrible brain fog, like back in the old days when I was going through gluten withdrawal...
  14. sandsurfgirl

    Exhausted And Venting

    Why does your nutritionist have you on a high protein diet? When you are healing the last thing you need is unnecessary...
  15. sandsurfgirl

    Dh On The Palm Of Your Hand?

    I had very painful DH on the palms of my hands until I was diagnosed and went gluten free. I haven't had it since.