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  1. Yes the blood type diet has lists of foods that are beneficial and foods to avoid for your blood type. My doctor recommended it and I figured it was worth a try. I've been totally gluten free for 4 years and eat a clean diet, live in a gluten-free household, yet still have lingering health problems...
  2. I'm just going to avoid buckwheat. It doesn't taste all that great anyways and it's not worth it. I had brain fog really bad. It's one of the worst reactions I've had in years. I don't get glutened often. I even had the achy flu symptoms and everything. It was bad.
  3. Did you move my post? I couldn't find it in coping with so I reposted because I had a glitch when I originally posted the topic. Then I found it here.
  4. Yesterday and today I've had horrible brain fog, like back in the old days when I was going through gluten withdrawal when I was first diagnosed. I have that achy flu like feeling when glutened and I am starving!! I started the eating for your blood type plan at the recommendation from my doctor...
  5. Those little journals are great and they fit in your purse. Do they still have books with the points of different foods in alphabetical order? I'm pretty big on technology but for food tracking I don't like it. I've tried WW online and tracking my food with the Bodybugg website and using their device...
  6. I tried WW online about a year ago and I didn't like it. I don't like having to track my food on computer or with my phone. I like the old little journals they used to have and the slider thing for counting points that you could keep in your purse. Do they still have those if you go to meetings?...
  7. I never thought of it as OCD but maybe it is. I had those swirling thoughts too. I would get anxious about something and think about it all the time. I hardly do that now. Once in awhile if it's something very stressful, but back then on gluten it would be over things that really didn't warrant that...
  8. Hopefully your test will come up positive and you won't have to worry about it. Also know that not all docs know how to read the results. Insist on seeing your labs. Only one of the five panels needs to be off and it can only be borderline and that makes you celiac. There are no false positives with...
  9. I don't even consider it "self diagnosis." Any doctor with half a clue when it comes to celiac (most of them are minus a few in the having a clue department) will use dietary response as a diagnostic tool. There is no way that you would have those dramatic results from a gluten free diet if...
  10. You are right. Gluten filled rinse water will contaminate your dishes!!! The dishwasher I don't worry about because it rinses with gallons and gallons of water and it's very hot. Your husband needs to stop being a brat and do more to keep you safe.
  11. I know within about 20 minutes. FYI Lipton onion soup is gluten free as far as I know. Do a search for it on here. It used to have gluten if I remember correctly.
  12. My reaction is a weird one. I used to love Coke, Pepsi and Barq's root beer. Now they all taste like soap and chemicals to me since I went gluten free. The first time I tried soda again after diagnosis I got it from a machine at a fast food place. I thought they had run chemical cleaner through the...
  13. I'm with you on that one. I've done a lot of reading about how bad it is that our water is flouridated now. I just filter my tap water. I don't have the energy to distill it.
  14. Yeah I lost my best friend when I got diagnosed a couple of months ago. We met at a mom's group at church. She has always been someone I looked up to and thought I could trust wholeheartedly. I called her crying on her voicemail and got no phone call. Then after calling her 2 more times I got...
  15. Why would someone keep bringing up stuff that happened when you were so sick?? I don't get it. I'm so sorry for those of you who have spouses who don't understand. It's hard on our spouses. My healing period has been rough because my husband has had to work all day long and then come home and...