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  1. I had the following test positve: TISSUE TRANSGLUTAMINASE IGA 1.38 (normal range below .90) Just got biopsy back, was negative. My main symptom is neuropathy, some stomach issues. Dr. said try gluten-free anyway to see if it helps with my neuropathy. Just feel so confused. I really wanted a firm diagnosis! This was the only test I had positive when they were looking for the cause of my neuropathy. Feeling so defeated right now.
  2. I just started gluten-free diet 4 days ago and I'm now feeling worse than I did before I gave up Gluten. My main complaint was neuropathy before, but now I'm having horrible reflux since going gluten-free. Is it normal to feel worse in the beginning? Or could this be from the biopsy endoscopy I had done 5 days ago?
  3. rose_thorn98

    Beauty Products

    I have heard that beauty products can contain Gluten. I used to use Aveeno products, but now I think those might be off limits. What body lotion and other beauty products are safe?
  4. My Dr. thinks that my small fiber neuropathy may be caused by Celiac. I was positive on blood test (IGA) and am awaiting a biopsy appointment. Anyone else here with Celiac caused neuropathy?
  5. Thank you both for your replies. I have been gluten free now for 3 1/2 days and I am feeling much better. For years I've had horrible fatigue and bloating after eating. Now that I'm not eating gluten I do not have those feelings after eating. I'm amazed that I can eat gluten free pasta and not feel like I need to go lay down after eating it, like I did with regular pasta. For years I was thinking I had chronic fatigue or fibromyalgia, but now I think that maybe it was the gluten. My plan is to stay gluten free for a month and then to test it and see what happens. Thanks for all the advise and support. Its good to know that others had symptoms like me.
  6. I've been having horrible chest pain and acid reflux symptoms. None of the acid reflux drugs work, heart is okay, so GI tested me for Celiac. Full panel test. He says test is negative but that I may still have gluten intolerence. So I started gluten-free diet today. He said try for one week and see if I improve. How long does it take being off gluten until I feel better?( if I'm intolerant of course.) I feel so frustrated. I was diagnosed with GERD a few years ago and back then none of the GERD meds worked. Has anyone ever had chest pain and difficulty eating as Celiac symptom?