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  1. I go with the same ratio. 40% protein 35% fat, 25% carbs. I pretty much stick to the Paleo diet, or the Primal Blueprint. Very easy to go gluten free with just eating Meats, veggies and fruit! Low carb and loving it! I feel so much better in all areas. I sometimes can't believe how many little things have improved by going completely grain free. I would have to say almost everything. However, I am just coming off a pretty serious sinus infection. Pretty common for me. Kinda bummed, but only been doing this for 9 months, so after being sick most of my 40 years, I know I am not going to be bullet proof in 9 months. But I feel so much better with more fat & protein. The low fat SAD about killed me!!
  2. Awww Charlie's Girl, thanks so much, I needed that! I really appreciate everyone's input. I think you are right. I know my son would love to stay and enjoy the festivities, and as a previous super crazy sweet tooth guy, he has no problem turning down sweets, he can have the occasional candy treat etc but when he can't he doesn't take it personal like my daughter. She is the one I worry about the most. She is twelve, and she is really is sensitive about not being able to eat like the other kids, but she knows how terrible it makes her feel. She gets all defensive about it and now it is affecting her social life at school. I think she feels like she is so different and therefore acts like an outsider and therefore is being treated like one. She is having a really hard time making friends this year. So I am very hesitant to take her out and make her even more different. She is having a hard time which breaks my heart. Thanks for the the support and hearing me out!
  3. Hi All, I am having a hard time deciding what to do for my kids this Halloween. My son who is 9, is gluten free, but my 12 year old daughter is not only gluten free but grain free and following the GAPS/SCD diet. She is responding quite well to it but it does mean a lot of sacrificing. Now my big question is what to do about school parties. I just don't know what to do, and would love to know what others have done in a situation like this. My daughter can not have any sugar at all, and everything has to be made at home basically. Am I crazy for taking them out of school for the last half of the day to miss out on their "Fall Parties". I am trying to entice them with going to a movie or something, but they can't get too excited about that. I am glad Halloween is on a Sunday so that might be an easier low key night. They did express interest in just passing out candy so that might work. I'd love to know what others have done in situations like this. Thanks!!
  4. For our girl scout troop, we send out a agenda/newsletter and appoint someone to bring snack and let them know what they can bring, due to food allergies, usually fruit, Tostito corn chips,salami, cheese, veggies. We have 2 in our troop who are gluten free, and 2 that are dairy free, the parents are understanding. It is interesting that when there is more than 1 child or person with an allergies or food sensitivity, people perk up and start to get interested, but if it is just my daughter or myself, people sometimes don't get it. We usually don't make a big deal about snack at our meeting, it is sort of off to the side and the girls eat it or they don't. We have 4th & 5th graders so they know what they can eat, or like so they are pretty much in control of their intake. Good luck!
  5. Delmonte Tomato Paste. Used a small spoonful to make Spanish Rice last night and my daughter read the label after dinner! Ugh, we all had the effects! I can't believe that one snuck by me. I am going to go through my kitchen again!!
  6. Eternal Essence, I believe you are because I have had the exact same symptoms! However, I don't have an "official" diagnosis through all the blood tests (only had ttg test) or biopsy. I have laid it out with my dr. and we compared all the blood panels from the last 5 years and he is convinced that it is "sprue" as he calls it. It is was it is he says and keep doing what I am doing. Whatever makes you feel good. As your gut heals, you really really need to be careful what you are putting into it. I learned the hard way at first, after I stopped gluten for 3 days I felt great, then a week or 2 later, I started feeling bad again, but I had no gluten, it was dairy. Then I had to reevaluated everything in my house. Not to mention eating out, that is a big no no while figuring this all out. (I can have just lettuce at a resatuarant and I still feel the itchy eye and skin come on). So, then I figured, if you had a weeping open sore on your leg or arm, would you put crap on it? Therefore, eat really clean whole, I would suggest organic food. Easy to digest foods such as fish, chicken, bone broth soups, tender ground beef. No crucerifious veggies for a while, no dairy, no soy, no HFCS. You have to baby your very tender insides. I would up you vitamin B's, and iron for sure. I still get the cracks on the corner of my mouth (lack of b12) if I work out too much and get a tiny bit run down, so resting your healing body is key. You will get better over time and it is not a linear thing, it will be up and down but the farther away from gluten you get the better it will become! Amy
  7. AmyT

    Sticky Social Situation

    Why does everything have to revolve around food!! People act like they will starve if there isn't food involved in every situation. Sheesh! Whenever I go to outings, church, school, birthday parties etc. I usually eat before so I don't feel the urge to eat when I am there. I usually knock them out with an awesome gluten-free recipe, but don't tell them that it is, and they always ask me if I am still doing that gluten free thing. Ugh! When I am somewhere with food and I am not eating I just say I have severe food allergies and I can't be sure what's in it. That usually shuts them up. In your situation, I would have brought something for yourself that everyone could eat, they can also pig out on the glutenous food and feel crappy for the rest of the day!
  8. I was feeling the same way! I felt great at first, then a time of not so great and it seemed like something different everyday. It was frustrating. Now I am 8 weeks gluten free and I am starting to feel really good most days. My problem that mostly bugs me is muscle tightness and muscle knots. I cut back on my vitamins and a few days later I could really tell so keep those up. With me, if my vitamin b12 is down, the corners of my mouth get sore and cracked. It will take some time to detox. Take it easy, eat clean whole foods, not a lot of processed foods. Also what really helps me from thinking about it all the time is getting off the computer and doing something else like taking a walk, getting together with friends, etc. Otherwise I sit here and look up every symptom for hours, no wonder my neck and shoulders are tight!!! Good luck and you can do it!
  9. AmyT

    Help, I'm Withering Away!

    First of all, what a rude thing to say! It is so interesting to hear different reactions to the disease. However, if you are 5ft, and 98 pounds. You still fall in the normal weight range for BMI, and a little low on height weight charts. I am in the same boat. I am 5ft4 and weighed 124 when I discovered I was gluten and dairy sensitive. I have lost 11 pounds in 8 weeks. I definitely wasn't heavy to begin with. However, I do think that this may be my "normal" weight range now. Ever since I can remember gaining weight I always felt "bloated" and puffy. I believe this was all from the disease. I am 40 years old and I believe I had it since I was a child. It came and went so I never had any consistent symptoms until last year. I never had a eating disorder, but I was always watching my what I ate so I wouldn't gain weight. Also, I never looked toned so I always looked kinds puffy. That being said, I would eat a lot of protein, have you tried protein shakes? I eat protein 3 meals a day. I have been following Marksdailyapple.com and he promotes the primal living lifestyle, with plenty of protein, tons of fruits and veggies, so I have tons of energy. I do have grains here and there, but like you I am skittish of cc. So I either bake it myself or don't eat it. I have a hard time eating a lot at once, so I make sure to get plenty of healthy fats as well, like avocados and seafood. I guess that's all for now! Good luck!
  10. AmyT

    Dental Issues With Gluten Free

    That is interesting because I haven't heard anything like that except the opposite. We have dental discoloration here. My daughter is 11yo and she has very yellow teeth. Celiac does something to the enamel. Celiac also causes vitamin absorption problems, it can cause calcium to leech out of bones and teeth. You might want to ask him about that. Maybe someone here know more than me!
  11. I am a 40 year old female and for many many years my cholesterol has been high, I always get the lecture blah blah blah. I am 5'4" and weight 120lbs, exercise a lot and don't eat much. I love getting the lecture from the nurse who is overweight and sits around all day! It's so frustrating. High Cholesterol runs in the family, but who knows, I think most of my family has undiagnosed gluten sensitivity on both sides of my family. It has been a super struggle to overcome the cholesterol issue. My triglycerides are low, my HDL is good if not great but my LDL is very high, therefore bringing my cholesterol to 213. However, my dr. isn't too concerned because of the new outlook on the ratios. He did bring up statins a year or two ago and I said "no way!" Having just self discovered my gluten sensitivity and spending many many hours researching all I can on its effects, I know my cholesterol will go down. My doctor said in a snotty tone "your cholesterol will go down in any elimination diet." Well, cholesterol is released by the liver to protect the body from inflammation, that is why drs. are so concerned about inflammation and the heart/veins etc. What they don't know is where the inflammation is coming from. It is coming form the inflamed digestive system!!!!!!!!! Your body doesn't discriminate about inflammation. It just releases cholesterol to help protect your self. So that is one part of it. Another issue with cholesterol is the thyroid. Celiac affects the thyroid and the Hypothyroid aka Hashimoto's can cause elevated LDL. That is what I believe I have. I have been 8 weeks gluten free and I have an order to get my cholesterol checked and thyroid checked but I want to wait a couple more weeks. I have been eating more eggs and avocados so who knows. I am debunking all "conventional wisdom" and going back to simple foods. No processed garbage and only food that God put on this earth. That's what it's here for. I'd be interested to know about your findings. I will post back re: my blood work in a few weeks! I am looking forward to seeing if just 10 weeks or so is going to make a difference. I really hope so. Take care.
  12. Thanks for Sharing Vicky! We are listening! I too am getting frustrated with my family. My mother had colon cancer at 54, is still here but will not listen when I talk to her about it, I know she has all the symptoms too, and my aunt her sister was in the hospital this fall with IBS symptoms they couldn't figure out. So I have been sharing with them since February all about it and they just refuse to listen. I think I will keep sharing the info with them. The other day my mom got on a huge rant about how we are all going to get osteoporosis like her, she got all defensive about it! Sheesh! I believe that I will prevent Osteoporosis since I will be absorbing all the minerals correctly. It is very sad that your family has had a lot of suffering with cancer, yes, mostly preventable. Keep up the good work. Keep the info coming! Good luck, Amy
  13. AmyT

    Last Nights Dinner Fiasco

    What is the card that you are referring to and where can I get one!???
  14. AmyT

    Unexpected Changes

    Sandsurfgirl, This weekend I read your post via Twitter on my phone. I was away for the weekend when I first read it, bizzarly I thought I had written it. I had to double check to see if I wasn't the original poster. My story and yours are absolutely identical!!! It is amazing. The first thing I noticed that within a few days my skin was much better. I just turned 40 in Nov, and I self diagnosed myself in Jan. Over the last year or two I had lost interest in doing most activities too. It was an odd disinterest that I couldn't quite place, more like, I was too tired, didn't want to do anything extra, thought I was too busy doing other things (mostly nothing:() At first I thought it was a natural wave of life. Now being gluten-free for almost 2 full months, I am so excited to do everything I am just a spazzzzz!!! I just got back from 2 days of downhill skiing and today I cross country skied with my kids and then went sledding with them. When I was at the top of the sledding hill, I was about in tears about how happy I was just having fun with my kids. I wasn't impatient or annoyed. It brought tears of joy to my eyes!!! And now I don't feel, sore, achey, tired or crancky! I actually thought about going for a run. My goal this year is to get a paddle board. I am definitely going to get one. Going to give it to myself as a much needed reward!! I love this forum and I wish I could meet you all in person. The support is so great. Tomorrow I go in for my yearly physical and I will get about an hour with my dr. who was pretty skeptical 2 months ago. I'm not sure I am going to convince him of anything so I am happy to have you all to give me the support I need. I hope I can be there for you all too!!! Thanks everyone for sharing your story!!!
  15. Have you eliminated dairy products? I have been gluten free for 6 weeks and now dairy affects me really bad, just like being glutened. If you haven't I would remove dairy next. Hope you feel better!