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  1. Hi Lora, I agree with you 100% that it is up to us. My son had a cough and cold symptoms all the time since he was about 3 years old. Before then he had severe cramps in his legs and in his feet. One week when he was 4 years old was when the belly issues came on and he started to have severe vomiting and diarreah for over a week with no control. They tested him for everything including parisites. He would go through this at least once a month and I would be in the Dr's office, clinic and ER so much I would cry. The doctor ( nurse practitioner) said that his stomach must react when he gets a virus...the cold and coughing symptoms. I said there is no way that a child gets this sick so frequently and its " Normal". I asked her point blank for a referral ( I wish we had a PPO at the time) to a Gastroenterologist. She said lets try not to " overreact"!!! I was furious when I walked out. When he started to get blood in his stool I called and demanded to see someone else in the office. We are military so we can't go anywhere else but the base for medical care but, I refused to see his doctor again. We saw a new pediatrician and after looking at his chart he immediatly sent us to a Peds Gastro. I explained my sons story and he sat there smiling cause he knew right away what it was. he was finally dx with Celiac Disease after a DNA gene test and biopsy. This was a year and a half after his belly symptoms started. Like I said before he had severe leg cramps before then for a few years that the docs said were growing pains but, now come to find out they can be a symptom of celiac disease. My daughter is 2 and she has been coughing constantly since she was 1 with lots of phelm to the point of gagging and has severe constipation and gas. She is going in this month to be checked. I am already pretty sure that she will be positive as well just because of me watching her reactions when she eats more things with Gluten she gets a lot worse. My feelings about this disease after watching what my son has gone through is that it should be a test that is automatically ran when they have a physical or checkup. We are in a prescription loving society and doctors are to fast to write a prescription to fix the symptom and not get to the cause. Symptoms are so different in all people. For how common this disease is becoming I feel that it should be something to automatically test for. Most docs are unaware or don't even think about it because they are not fully educated about it. I talk to everyone I know and spread the word and show them websites and bring in info to help them be aware. Has your little one been tested or dx yet for celiac disease?? I hope he is doing better...If you are still fighting don't stop until you feel confident of your answer. My motto is that doctors don't always have the answer cause they are "practicing" medicine so be your own advocate. Marcie
  2. MarcieG

    Foot Cramping In Two Year Old

    My son starting having leg and foot cramps first when he was 2 years old. We thought it was growing pains for a long time and he practically lived on Ibprophen. He started getting the stomach pains and real bad symptoms when he was 5. He is 6 now and has just been diagnoised with Celiacs in October. I read somewhere that muscle cramping in the legs and feet are a symptom of the lack of nutrients being absorbed so the muscles spasm. I had no idea until after he came back positive and starting reading every possible symptom. He finally has been relieved since we have gone Gluten free. I would in my opinion say that yes it is a symptom. Hope this helps you and your little one.
  3. I am so Happy that you got a response like that. I had a similiar issue a few days ago. I went to make gluten-free waffle pizzas and used their pizza sauce. My son has celiacs and I wanted to make a more child friendly meal. I am still very new to all of this. He was just recently diagnoised in Oct so when I saw Walmarts labels I was excited and relieved. Well when I made the waffle pizzas my son was so sick all night long and I couldn't figure it out. I finally went and looked at everything again and sure enough I read the same label you are discussing and was furious out of my mind. It makes me happy that they replied in that manner. I felt like it was false advertising so I am pleased to see that they will try and correct it.