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  1. Yum!!

    We went to PF Changs post dxn and had a super yummy dinner, I got really sick the next day and I thought it was gluten but everyone said they are SUPER careful. Well a few months later found out I was allergic to soy, so I am sure that was what it was.

    I am very very very sad I probably can't eat there anymore :(. I miss soy sauce and chinese type food.

  2. As an adult, I probably would not get one for myself unless I had actual severe allergies. But I do plan on getting one for my son in the near future so that it can alert adults that he comes into contact with... whether at school or at a friend's house. I'm hoping that having the medical bracelet or necklace may give him more credibility with adults when he says that he can't eat certain things.

    Is your son Celiac?? My ds is only almost 3 now, but when he gets older and goes to preschool, etc I think this would be a good idea!

    I don't have one, I pretty sure my family would be there asap and would fill them in. If I had a life threatening allergy then I would, but it can't be a bad idea.

  3. Interesting, I am part a diocease that doesn't do wine either, just for priests/alters, etc. The asst. preist at my church has Celiac and he said the hosts made by the Benedictine Sisters are okay, I think the gluten in them is not even measurable?? I have been taking them and done okay too. It's a bit of pain though to work it out, I just very last after the ushers and they get the little thing with the hosts in it for me.

    This is what I found on their website:

    "Celiac Research that showed that the 0.01% gluten content of our breads would be perfectly safe for most celiacs. The article states

    The measurement cited here, 0.01%, represents 100 PPMs (parts per million). But the more important number is 37 micrograms, because it is daily exposure to gluten that counts. The best current information shows that 10 milligrams a day should be safe.

    Ten milligrams is the same as 10,000 micrograms. If you divide 37 micrograms into 10,000 micrograms, you will find that you would have to eat 270 wafers every day to reach the danger point. At most, celiacs would consume one wafer per day or about 0.04% (four tenths of one percent) of the amount considered dangerous.".

    They do have to be ordered but I'd def talk to your pastor.

  4. I don't have a recipe, but I used Pamela's white cake mix for a birthday cake and it tasted better than any gluten mix I ever tried. I was in to making cakes from scratch before going gluten free, but I haven't had good luck with scratch baking gluten free except for banana bread.

    Yeah I saw that when I was searching, I don't know if I can find it sold around here. So it tasted pretty good, like if you're having a birthday party everyone would like it??

    My dh made the most awesome chocolate german cake from scratch, omg it's sooo good and moist!!

  5. I couldn't tolerate milk or soy at first. After a year gluten-free my body settled down and I could eat them again. I don't know of any danger eating non-gluten foods that you can tolerate. You do have to pay attention for a few days, as delayed reactions can show up the day after you eat the food. I've had gluten reactions as late as 36 hours after eating something with wheat by mistake.

    Yeah that's why my allergist said I can try the foods I have to do it over a month I guess. Not for awhile though, but eventually.

    Gluten has been shown to influence the expression of the genes responsible for determining your intestinal permeability meaning that substances that normally can't pass through your intestines potentially could make their way through if enough of the expression is altered. This would mean that your body normally wouldn't be exposed to these larger more reactive chemicals yet with the influence of gluten on your system is now having to react. This is most likely part of the reason why a lot of people with gluten problems end up having many other allergy problems that often go away once their gut heals.

    That makes sense. I read though that most don't loose a peanut allergy, but maybe I will be one of the lucky few. If not I guess it's not the end of the world. Although going gluten free cut my candy bar choices down and now even more....not sure even what I could eat without gluten or peanuts. Thanks for the explanation.

  6. So you take allergy meds year round then?? I do have seasonal allergies and take it on and off during the allergy season.

    I forgot to tell the doctor but when I was laying there maybe 5 minutes into it my heart was beating really fast for the second half, but not for a long time or anything. Probably not a big deal though??

    So you hear about peanut allergies all the time and how scary they can be. I know mine isn't severe, but when I avoid it and then get it again can't the reaction be worse?? I just worry he didn't say anything about an epipen, but maybe with the severity he didn't think I needed it?? Probably me just worrying too much.

  7. I decided to go ahead and do this even though I didn't really think I had any true allergies. I figured it never hurts to check before I started guessing and pulling things out of my diet.

    The allergist didn't think we were dealing with true IgE allergies, but maybe delayed IgE allergies or more intolerances. Mostly stomach he said can be true allergies, but often are not. I did have a month not too long ago where I kept getting hives, but it went away.

    Anyway, found out that I had a reaction to green peas, peanuts, and soybeans. At first I wanted to cry when I added gluten to that, but then I kind of thought about it and hopefully it won't be too bad. He wants me to remove those from my diet and do it for a month and see if my stomach problems resolve and then I can try to add one one month at a time. He seemed to be hopeful that I might be able to tolerate soy, as it was the least reactive.

    I was a little confused, so if you have a reaction, but you don't notice it then it's okay to eat it?? That's what I got from what he said. I believe my soybean was 2+ and peas and peanuts 3+.

    Oh and if anyone has had these kind of reactions did you feel better soon after eliminating??

    Also it seems to me when you are diagnosed with anything autoimmune it seems common for allergies to show up, I wonder why that is??

  8. Well Plavix according to my GI was suppose to be MUCH easier on my stomach. He did not want me on aspirin at all. Plavix is more harsh then aspirin though, it's also expensive. I guess I am nervous about going off everything, but I don't know.

    After having a stroke at 25, it makes you a little scared.

    What do you reccomend eating for an elimination diet?? I know there are a number of different ones you can try.

    Thanks for the help, I feel bad asking so many questions....

  9. Gastritis can take on different symptoms for me, depending on how angry my stomach is. Sometimes it shoots pain behind my shoulder blades, and my stomach almost always feels bruised. It also burns at time, my digestion is slow (food will feel like it's just sitting in my stomach) or I can get a "pill-is-caught-my-my-throat" feeling. All around, it's no fun. I've never taken any anti-acids, as I acutally have low stomach acid (as many do and are wrongly treated). Black licorice root is a blessing for me, but it can raise your blood pressure, so with your history of stroke, I wouldn't advise. I believe once I get rid of h-pylori, my symptoms will greatly improve.

    What does black licorice root help with?? I actually have low blood pressure, my b/p, colestrol, etc was all perfect. My stroke was most likely from the gluten, as I've had EVERYTHING checked and the Celiac was the only thing found. My neurologist was familiar with neurological problems and Celiac. Although, he stilld didn't "really" find it, it was me, ha.

  10. I love soda, but only have it as an occasional treat. I drink Boylan's Cane Cola which is made with sugar and not hfcs. I found that once I switched to a more natural soda, the ones with hfcs started to taste harsh. I loved Pepsi and now it tastes too acid to me.

    So can I find a natural soda with caffeine?? I've had them before and I like them, but I need the caffeine *hides*.

  11. A hearty Amen to that!

    When I was going to school, I worked in an environment like that. As a result, I was familiar with what happens behind-the-scenes. In the establishment where I worked, we had dedicated friers. The BIG catch was that the oil has to be periodically cleaned (strained to remove bits of food that fell off during cooking). We did this by straining the oil through big coffee filters. Needless to say, we used a single filter to clean all the oil from all the friers (i.e. each frier did not get its own dedicated filter). Further, straining requires two containers (pour the oil from A through the filter into B ). When people are tired and just want to get home, the oil doesn't always remain dedicated to a particular frier. Bottom line, although we could honestly say we had dedicated friers, that clearly was not the complete story.

    Normally, I stay out of debates such as this which a previous poster called "The Great McDonald's fry debate". However, your post got my hopes up. Week before last, I was out doing bird photography in an area that apparently was one Michelle Obama would call a "food desert". There were only fast food joints and every time I passed a McD's, I thought how nice it would have been to tempt the fates and get some fries. Oh, well.

    WOW, I never even thought of that. Yes, fast food is hard and I am finding I am very sensitive, so I just might not be able to handle fast food. My 2 1/2 year old was getting terrible D everytime he ate at McD's, just having the fries and cheeseburger with no bun. I had to say no, my grandma liked to take them once a week. I feel bad, I will let him have the ice cream or yogurt, but that is it. It has to be something making us sick though, I really think so.

    I feel you though, I did so good all vacation and we were on our way home and I wanted something besides a sundae. I kind of was afraid too, but yeah not worth the risk.

    Thanks for the info on the pop, I am really laying off it for awhile, so time will tell. I've thought about the corn syrup being the culprit too.

  12. I had a scope which showed gastritis and healing (forget what they called them), but he said they were healing. He wanted me on Keppedix or something like that. Turned out I couldn't take it because I take Plavix, which I've taken since the stroke I had, caused by the gluten most likely. I guess there can be some bad interactions. He has me on prescription strength Zantac now. I've taken it for a few months. I still get heartburn every couple days at least. I still have some nausea, which got TONS better since I went gluten free though. Nausea seemed to be one of my symtpoms, but now I get other stomach problems as well if I get glutened and possibly even when I don't get glutened. I also had the neurological symtpoms, which are improving. My GI thinks with my blood results, but negative scope that I could have Celiac that he just didn't see. He said there is no way to see all my intestines and he very well could have missed it.

    I am currently trying to figure out if the nausea is food related, my stomach still healing, or not related to any of that. I've thought if I am still having reflux issues, maybe I still have gastritis, which is causing the nausea? Kind of always seems like I wake up with the nausea though, not sure if I would with gastritis. Get it periodically though out the day, but seems to get a bit better when I eat or just kind of stays the same. Before going off gluten it would get so bad that I would dizzy and lightheaded and think I was going to puke any second. It was almost all the time too, which it isn't now. However now every so often I will get a few days with none or very little. That makes me think food, or maybe hormones or something else. My GI thinks it will get better and if isn't too bad to just live with it. It's bothering me though not knowing what is causing it, because obviously it's not normal!

    I was trying to figure out if I could get off my Plavix and take a baby aspirin, which my GI doesn't want me to take. My neurologist thinks now that he knows the cuase that I can go off the Plavix soon, makes me a tad bit nervous honestly. I was thinking if I did I could go on something stronger, but now I am reading on another thread they are bad to take?? I am a little confused....I just don't know what to do. Could my stomach just be still healing from the gluten?? I've thought about elimination diet or my friend mentioned giving up corn. Then I get family just telling me not to stress about it, but they don't understand. Ugh, it just sucks.....I know it could be much worse though, so I feel bad even complaining about it ;(. Sorry this is so long, yikes!!

  13. Probably not PF Changs. My neighbor is in charge of them and he's pretty strict. The McDs around here are not always as good as they should be. I do think the key to travel is to pack filling snacks. I only have gluten-free beer at Waldo pizza. Glad you liked them.

    You are smart! I should've just stuck with a gluten free beer, never been much a beer person though. I miss being able to order a margarita anywhere :(. I loved beer and clamato, which is out too. Oh well, could be worse!

    I was really impressed with PF Changs gluten free menu though, well and Waldos too!

  14. Wow, this is very interesting. I need to read it again sans kiddos running around.

    I have had reccurent yeast problems. I had thrush really bad each time we would start nursing. My second son, who has celiac, we has VERY resistant yeast. It took us FOREVER to get over it, months. When I was pregnant with my 3rd child I got reccurent vaginal yeast infections and then we got thrush too, although we went right on diflucan and kicked it pretty easily.

    I still wonder if myself and my son with Celiac have yeast overgrowth in the stomach. How would one find that out??

    We are also very Irish, intersting.....I am also sure my neurologist would have missed this whole connection, had it not been for myself advocating. He did make the assumption after I asked for the right tests though. He said this is a new thing they are finding out with Celiac and gluten sensitivity.