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  1. School Starts

    My 16 y.o nephew was driving home from his girlfriend's house at 1 am and fell asleep. The car rolled over and miraculously--and thanks to his seat belt-- he was able to walk...
  2. Freezer Woes

    Tums are not okay???? How did I miss that? I've been using them without issue for a year.
  3. It's helpful, these blogs, aren't they? To finally be heard!! And understood. I think that alone will help many of us heal. Good luck on the tests.
  4. So Much For Blogging

    And what a lovely artist you are! And I love your little dog, too! And you must have technical support on this thing...how do you post photos?
  5. Hi Armetta, I am amazed and horrified at your experience, mostly about the utter lack of concern for another human being. I am glad your doctor finally figured out what you have...
  6. Hi Mossaic! Thanks for your comment on my blog. New bloggers unite! I have no idea what I am doing either but at least you are married to a computer genius! Maybe we shall learn...
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