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  1. Squirrelflight

    Canola Oil

    Excellent article! Thanks!
  2. Okay so after going gluten free I had an improvement in some symptoms and then others got worse. So after a little online research I decided to go lectin free as well. I'm in my first week of that and feel a huge difference although the diet feels very restrictive. I'm going to start challenging things soon and hopefully will add a few things back in. Anyway.. are there any others here who are lectin free as well? I read that lectin is similar to gluten so a lot of poeple who react to gluten (which is a lectin group) will react to the other lectin families as well like the night shades, dairy or legumes. Here is a link for a little more info if interested. http://www.krispin.com/lectin.html Michelle
  3. Totally agreed. This is an issue I have dealt with for decades. People just don't get it that very think people are also self conscious of their weight/size. That some of us cannot help and do not 'purposely' strive for it. Clothes shopping is also a nighmare at that size. I have also found it very hurtful and would not wear shorts, skirts, etc that show my legs bc of comments. Summer is hard bc less clothes and every 'notices' how thin I am. Very frustrating and rude if you ask me. At least my coworkers/family etc know I'm sensitive about and don't go there. LOL Michelle
  4. I have always been underwieght. I didn't break 100 lbs until in my twenties. Have never weighed enough to give blood, etc. Basically it has been normal all of my life to be too thin. I'm 5'3 and have generally weighed about 103 lbs. I have gained 8 lbs since going gluten free about a month ago. So for me gluten has apparently been an issue with my low weight.
  5. I tell you what stumped me for awhile was how maltodextrin is ok but dextrin is not.. the 'malt' in the name just raised red flags for me.. LOL
  6. I personally found that a few big problems got better when I went gluten free and then started to see that other issues like fatigue, bloating, irritability, headaches, etc starting getting much worse. For me it was an issue of once I cut out gluten I increased other foods that I cant have either. I am in my first week of going lectin free as well and feel a huge difference. And I'm definitely seeing where I am also sensitive to soy, peanuts (legumes), dairy and possibly eggs. So rather than give up on the gluten free I would look at going to a real basic diet and then challenge items to add them back in. I was also feeling very discouraged at feeling so bad gluten free. Adding the lectin free feels pretty restrictive but I do have more energy and am in a better mood and just all around feel better. Michelle
  7. Squirrelflight

    Really Annoyed

    This would really bother me too. It's unfortunate that some people just dont take care of themselves and even more unfortunate that others see that as an example WE should be following instead of the other way around. Just keep doing right by yourself. That is really all you can do. Michelle
  8. Squirrelflight

    Dinner Out At Company Meeting Was A Success

    That's awesome!! I'm glad it went well and you didn't suffer later for it!
  9. Squirrelflight

    Gluten Free Oats

    I have a quick protein and a fruit most days. So like a payday candy bar or almonds or a spoonful of peanut butter and any serving of fruit. I'm not a heavy eater in the morning though.. I just like a little something and then a snack mid morning and an early lunch..
  10. Squirrelflight

    Suddenly Moderated?

    ok.. I must just be seeing the change. Just wondered if I did something I wasn't supposed to without knowing.. LOL Thank you~
  11. Squirrelflight

    Suddenly Moderated?

    In posting today I have noticed that my posts are being moderated. May I ask the reason for this? Just kind of confused.
  12. Squirrelflight

    Feelin Lonely In Glutenland

    Wow.. some great suggestions.. really enjoyed reading the responses here! Thanks!
  13. Squirrelflight

    How To Gain Weight

    Protein. You mention the pizza and brownies but that is more junk food. Try high protein shakes.. (will need to research for gluten-free status) and aim for 1.5 grams of protein per pound of body weight each day. I have always been underweight and this is what I was told to do. How long have you been gluten-free? I personally have found that I am gaining weight quite nicely and have a better appetite now that I am gluten-free. Now I have to deal with the body image issues bc my face is fuller and I just look different and it bothers me... lol. Always something!
  14. My dds toenails have curved since she was born.
  15. Squirrelflight

    Cheap Work Lunch Ideas?

    I cook dinner every night so I set some aside and go ahead and pack it up for my lunch the next day. In the morning all I have to do is grab my bag out of the fridge and go. As long as you have access to a microwave you have a lot of options. Leftovers make a great lunch and I dont feel bad about eating roasted chicken with garlic mashed potatoes and corn while the gals have a slice of pizza. If I had gluten-free crackers and a salad I would feel more discouraged I think so I'm trying to eat well and treat myself. A snickers bar is gluten-free and a nice afternoon snack. LOL As far as cost.. I buy whatever meats/veggies/fruits are on sale that week. I try to make a pot of soup or stew each week bc that lasts for several meals at a pretty low cost. And I keep cheese at work in the fridge along with some chocolate milk. I have a jar of peanut butter at my desk and some almonds.