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  1. Breakfast: Peanut butter apple with skim milk, egg muffins (toss chopped veggies/meat/cheese into a muffine tin and toppped with beaten eggs), PB & J Lara bar with skim milk, PB & J smoothie (frozen strawberries, banana, milk, peanut butter), and I always eat a banana (unless I have the smoothie) on my drive in to work before breakfast.

    Lunch: Usually leftovers from dinner or chicken salad with rice crackers, salad with some sort of chopped meat on top, soup, etc.

    Dinner: Baked ziti, spagheti, baked chicken (spicy thai peanut, lemon pepper, sweet and sour, salsa, etc), shrimp scampi, tacos, and tons of homemade soups (taco soup, chicken tortilla soup, veggie soup, chicken noodles soup), I also love making chilli and having it either as regular chili, or "Mac" with noodles and onions, on top of a baked poatoe, etc. I also just tried a recipe for fiesta cabbage rolls that were awesome, just make ground beef with taco seasoning packets, brown rice, onions, garlic, and a can of diced tomatoes and roll in lightly steamed cabbage leaves.

    Snacks: Chocolate, almonds, gluten-free cookies, guac or hummus with carrots, fruit, popcorn, chips & salsa, etc.

  2. I've heard from several family members (not my hubby...go figure) that I've lost too much weight, I look sickly, tired, run-down, etc. I know I have lost weight, but nothing crazy. I eat normal - albeit healthy - peanut butter apple with skim mil for breakfast, leftovers for lunch (today it's a fiesta cabbage role), and baked ziti for dinner. I snack on almonds, carrots and guac or hummus, green tea, chocolate. Desserts and less frequent snacks are popcorn, tostito's with salsa, kettle chips, chocolate chip cookies with milk...

    I MEAN I EAT! I workout a lot too - 6 days a week for 45minutes to an hour, everything from ellipticle, running, Jilliam Michaels DVD's, lifting in the gym, pilates, yoga - and I'm always walking my dogs.

    My only thought is that I need to adjust my workout schedule now that I no longer have so many bad-for-me fillers in my diet?

    I guess I'm just wondering if anyone here gets a lot of those comments, and how you deal. I feel like I'm super healthy, but if I'm looking sickly maybe I'm not doing as good as I think I am.

  3. It took me a while to figure it out too. I was so used to a little bloating here, a cramp there...that a slight discomfort seemed so normal I hardly would notice. However - I'm getting better about listening to my body. I was crazing yogurt and all I had was my husbands Activia vanilla...I read that it's processed in a facility that has wheat...ate it any way...and now I am bloated and just a bit crampy.

    As you get more in-tune with your body you'll pick up on all those little signs that you got so used to just dealing with before you realized what was going on.

  4. Everyone here has given great advice! I don't know that I can add much more - I think the snack idea is great and I really like Larabars. Well not all of them...but they have a PB&J one that i SWEAR tastes like eating a regular PB&J on white bread...SO GOOD! (especially since I can't find a Gluten-Free bread I like) They are also cheap here, just bought a TON on sale, 4 for $5, at Giant.

    Other than lara bars I keep Gluten-Free Pretzels and rice crackers at work and will sometimes bring some soft cheese to spread on them for a snack. Let me look in my snack drawer...

    Almonds, dark chocolate, rice crackers, lara bars, tea, Dr. lucy's cookies...

    And any portable fruits and veggies are great.

    And YES. I thank GOD for Wendy's chilli!!! And Frostys!!!

  5. Not really any advice but wanted you to know your not alone.

    I'm 24 and I told my doctor exactly what you said...I shouldn't be this tired, this worn down...this is the prime of my life and I can't even play a role in it.

    Since going gluten free I've felt much better, much more free to be involved in my own life. I am somewhat concerned about dairy but haven't gotten the nerve to eliminate it yet. I think the earlier idea of a food journal is cricual - it can bring some things to light you may never have noticed.

    You're in the right place though - everyone here will do all we can to support and give you advice.

  6. Hi Jayceedan and welcome!

    Could you please state you sources for your information, or perhaps you were posting your speculation. Many people here rely on accurate information for their health. :)

    According to my understanding, the gluten free pasta comes prepared and is not cooked in the restaurant kitchen, just heated.

    Here are Olive Garden's Gluten Free options: (again)


    That is 100% correct. I went today for the first time since going without gluten and ordered that. I found it to be terrible. Absolutely gross. No sauce, and they couldn't add any more or it would "risk cc" I asked if they could just chop up a tomato and was told "no, they all are pre-chopped". I sent it back and walked right out.

    I am still angry. It ruined the ONE meal I got to eat with my husband this week because of his late work hours.

  7. They don't really vary significantly from a gluten-filled day. Really...

    Agreed. But I didn't know that a few weeks ago :) All I knew was gluten seemed to be everywhere and I would never eat pizza or pasta again.

    I would have been thrilled if someone would have just told me that tinkyada pasta tasted, basically, the same as my old wheat pasta. And as I said...I kept wishing I could just see into someone's life who was already "good" at being Gluten-Free...

    This all might just be me though, maybe others won't share those feelings.

  8. JustLovely9216, I am sooo interested in your reply. You say you ate at Fudruckers and Wendy's and PF Changs and had burgers and fries? Pleasee plese tell me how you did this? Other than a baked potato at Wendy's what could you eat at Fudruckers? I love their burgers and fries and PF Changs makes great hot and sour soup. How did you find safe foods.... Please help... I'm hungry!!

    Lol! Happy to!

    At Wendy's I get a baked potato and top it with a small order of the chilli. I also ALWAYS get a frosty:)

    At Fudruckers they were kind enough to clean the grill for me and also informed me they do have a dedicated fryer for the unseasoned fries that the onion rings don't touch. They served me a plain burger, with plain fries, and also on a salad plate so I knew they kept it seperated. The manager brought it to my table. I then used the lettuce wedges at the bar for my "bun" and topped with cheese and other goodies.

    Red Robin is where I get my favorite burgers and fries...you just have to ask for everything with Red Robin's spice mix.

    PF Changs has a seperate Gluten-Free menu which is nice. I also typically will throw in a "if you mess this up and I get CC I'll be leaving from the front of your restaraunt in an ambulance"...it helps:)

    Eating out def. has a risk of CC, but I've been fine so far. I think it's all about being firm, direct, and letting them know the exact steps you need to have taken to keep your food safe.

    Okay - hope this helps!

  9. I am just thrilled that all of my quirky, annoying, little things I couldn't figure out before all make sense. The hair falling out and bruising due to vit. defic. and the stomach issues, anti-social stuff. And not to mention it is not very easy to enjoy time ALONE with your husband (get it ?) when your bloated, gassy, and angry all the dang time.

    I like just being good...I don't always need to be great and on top of the world...but I'm no longer bad. Good is good...I like good :)

  10. I think you may just be overwhelmed and that your making things worse in your mind then they are in reality. I only say this because, being a newbie too, I just go over that stage myself. But I have found the reality to be much more accepting and filled with possibilities. Switching over to Gluten-Free cooking was not the disaster I thought it would be; other than still not finding a bread I like I am pretty thrilled with what I

  11. I had a great experience at the IHOP in Centreville, VA. I called the day before to talk to the manager who said he would do his best to accomodate me. I found the manager before being seated and he sat me and my family and both he and the waiter came to the table. I ordered the veggie omletter with spniach and extra tomatoes and then explained that I would need my omletter to be cooked in a freshly washed pan by someone wearing a new pair of gloves. I explained I needed fresh eggs to be cracked for my omlette as well. My order was brought out before my families (which would typically make me angry) but the server said that he had seen them put it up and didn't want anyone else's foods with gluten to get too close to mine so I appreciated it!

    I enjoyed half yesterday and the othe rhalf today (they are huge!!!) and I feel 100% fine!

    PS: The fact my dad (huge man, prof. body builder) told them that if they got this wrong I would be leaving in an ambulance didn't hurt either :)

  12. My FAVORITE breakfast (which I am enjoying right now!) is a PB&J smoothie. I always make two (one for me and one for DH) and I use about 1-2cups frozen strawberries, 2 banannas, 3-4T of chunky peanut butter, and as much skim milk as needed to blend (I used rice milk when I was a vegan and it works perfectly).

    Super fast, super yummy, and I can take it on the go for my drive to work!

  13. I def. hear what everyone is saying!

    I would LOVE to have a diagnosis for my peace of mind...so I had it right there in black & white that I'm not crazy!!

    I suppose my hope is that in going Gluten-Free and taking supplements now and eating a mainly whole-foods based diet I will be able to heal myself. I will still do my yearly blood tests and see about checking Vitamin levels...never thought of that!

    I just feel so much better...so I figured that unless gluten played some crucial role in a typical (non-celiac or gluten intollerant) persons diet...I would just remove it and live happily ever after! (Untill going to new neighbors house after a 1 hour conversation on my dietary needs and being served "all purpose flour" which is "not wheat right!?!?". And yes...I ate the stupid ball fried in the flour...and yes...I need to learn how to say no...oh boy do I ever!!!)

  14. At this point, I am self diagnosed. I feel a million times better without gluten in my diet and when I make a mistake...a pay for it. I know I am either Celiac or gluten intolerant. As all of us know in order for me to get more testing I would need to go back on a gluten diet...I don't think so!!!

    So I am wondering...do any negative side effects exist for those of us who chose to Gluten-Free...who (although I DOUBT this is the case) do not have Celiac or gluten intollerance? The only down side I can see by not perusing this is possibly missing a correct diagnosis down the line.

    Opinions please?!?!?!

    Thanks all!

  15. TOday was the first time I did this and I am SUPER proud of myself!

    We order food from Angel Food Ministries (check them out! www.angelfoodministries.com)where we get about $60 worth of groceries for $30! We don't do it every month- only the months where we like the menu's. THey actually offer a Gluten-Free special with a huge variety of Gluten-Free breaded meats that is very good, I think it's only $28!

    ANYWAYS we got bone-in chciken breats with some rib meat on them that I didn't know what to do with because I have always been a boneless, skinless snob! WELL I cooked the 6 breats in my crockpot with some water and italian seasoning on high for 5 hours. I removed the chicken and picked it apart getting about 4 cups of pulled while meat chicken!!! I then strained the brother in my crockpot, added about 2 cups of the chicken shreds backs in, and added chopped cellary and carrots! (Also added some B Vinegar, a bay, leaf, and some other spices). I cooked this together for about 3 hours and I now have AWESOME chicken noodle (will add 20 min. before we eat) soup and leftover pulled chicken for a meal later this week...maybe chicken salad.

    So I guess my "tip" is to always use everything...as best you can. And dont be afraid to try something a little scary ( I hate bones ).

  16. I am so freakin' happy it's almost pathetic! I made the Whole Foods 365 brand gluten free choc. chip. cookies and they taste PERFECT. They actually taste like making the gluten form from scratch with the nestle bag of chips! I will say to be sure and chill the dough for the "thicker" cookies as they spread out and my first batch was a ton of thin, flat, stuck together cookies...still yum though.

    So so good...so so happy!