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  1. You better stay away from oats because you cannnot guarantee that they are not cross contaminated with other grains even if labled gluten free and they contains similer protin as wheat
  2. gfbatali


    Itried probiotics from FREEDA vitamines brand .They are kosher and gluten free .
  3. Which one did you just try? Itried livwell gluten-free pizza crust from England .REEEEEEEEEALLY TASTY AND EVEN IUSED THEM TO PREPARE EGG AND MOZZARELLA CHEESE PIE
  4. gfbatali

    Newly Diagnoised

    Hi First thing to do is to know how to read food lables carfully to detect the hidden gluten with the help of dietetion or simply check this web site and try some simple gluten free recipies but do not buy too much gluten free products because they are very expensive and expired very soon.
  5. Hi dear Blood tests are not always accurate because some times it becomese negative .But taking a biobsy is always the gold standerd to detect celiac disease.For example, iam A2YEARS CELIAC PATIENT and my gastro reapeats the endoscopy every year .
  6. TRY freeda vitamines .they are gluten free