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  1. Ingredients Makes 22 * 6 tablespoons (3/4 stick) unsalted butter * 8 ounces bittersweet chocolate, coarsely...
  2. Soy Sauce??? That's weird. I wonder if that case was spoiled (though I've never had that happen when you consume it by...
  3. I've been using MonaVie for years. I feel better when I drink it. I also feel better when I take vitamins, but I've...
  4. Nightingale8472

    Recently Deaf Cat Being Picked On Horribly

    A litter box in your room for her, and a spray bottle for the other cats. Keep them separate when you're not home, and...
  5. If you're really worried that it might be something else and want more confirmation, there are labs that can do genetic...
  6. Maybe you had a negative blood test because you were gluten free for six weeks? Regardless, you obviously feel better...
  7. Nightingale8472

    Blessings And Troubles

    Personally, I make a sugar scrub of just sugar (cane sugar... not baker's sugar, too fine, or raw sugar, too coarse,...
  8. Nightingale8472

    I Dont Know What To Do

    Pale, thin and sickly is in! Haven't you seen Twilight?
  9. Nightingale8472

    Best Book About Gluten-Free Living?

    I really liked Elisabeth Hasselbeck's book. Some of the actual info on what is and is not gluten-free isn't entirely...
  10. Nightingale8472

    Dandruff And Flaking Scalp

    Unless your hair is very oily or dirty, there's no reason to wash it every day. It's very bad for your scalp if you do...
  11. Nightingale8472

    My First Gluten Free Torture

    Most of the dressings at Carl's Jr. are gluten free. I ask my friends to grab me some when they eat there. Some McDonalds...
  12. Nightingale8472

    My First Gluten Free Torture

    Most pizza places have salad...what about a green salad with just oil and vinegar, or bring your own salad dressing?...
  13. Not sure if this has the info you're looking for: Gluten Free Information The following information was given by...
  14. According to Tazo's website FAQ, "All our teas are gluten-free, except for the following: Green Ginger, Tazo Honeybush...