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  1. This topic has been so helpful! I'm only a little over 2 months into being gluten-free and didn't have noticable symptoms to start with. I wasn't sure if I would know if I were glutened or not. Well, I think I found out! After dinner a few days ago, I began to feel dizzy and have abdominal/gas pains/bloating. The next day it continued till evening, with the headache still here. My dinner was pigs-in-a-blanket made with Ballpark Angus franks and homemade dough (with Arrowhead Mills millet flour included) and Lays Staxx (barbeque flavor). I know, terrible nutrition-wise... I'm th
  2. Please bear with me with this thought, as it really does relate in my mind. While I am very new to the gluten free world, I have had to educate myself regarding IgE (immediately life-threatening) food allergies. This issue regarding shared equipment/facilities is a big one. Now, I'd have to search to find the link, it's been so long ago, but I had read about a study done on food made on shared equipment. It showed something like 25% of the food (with none of the allergens as ingredients) actually had traces of the allergen in it when made on shared equipment. I think this was speci
  3. I have highly sensitive gluten-intolerance, so I know from personal experience what a blow a body can take with it. -- see my answer to your forum post for the rest . . .

  4. Am posting this privately as well as on the forum -- hope you see it -- hope it helps.

    Gluten-intolerance can become just as damaging as full-blown Celiac in many ways. Also, many highly-sensitive gluten-intolerant folks experience stronger symptoms than some with Celiac, so please know that the problems you are facing are just as strong and just as real.

    I have highly sensitive gl

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