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Dealing with ongoing GI and other issues for years and just chalking them up to "getting older". Looking back now, I wonder how I could have missed all the warning signs. Oh, well.

Hypoglycemic and anemic since I can't remember when

Abdominal surgery 2003, surgeon says abdomen "full of adhesions"

Dx arthritis 2004, Dx osteopenia 2005

Gall bladder attacks 2005-08

Lactose-free 2006

Dx peripheral neuropathy 2008

Internet research on neuropathy finds connection to gluten intolerance Oct 2009 (ah HA moment!)

Gluten-free Oct 2009

Enterolab confirmation gluten & casein sensitive Feb 2010, further testing finds soy & yeast sensitive Mar 2010

Serologic equivalent: HLA-DQ 1,1 (Subtype 5,6)

Dx small fiber painful neuropathy 2010

Dx microscopic colitis 2010 (the same week as sfn dx - great week!)

Currently red meat free, gluten-free, casein-free, soy-free

  1. Nor_TX~ Not to tell you what to do, but to suggest something here... In looking at this list, the only thing that's a "whole food" is the shrimp. Many of us have found that it's better to eat completely whole, unprocessed foods at first until we get things under control. For this meal, it could...
  2. Thanks for this link, Lynayah. I didn't know there were certification organizations who inspect gluten-free foods and determine their true gluten "freeness". I googled the GFCO and found their website where you can look up products that are certified by them to be gluten-free. You can search by company...
  3. There's a name for this? I didn't realize it had a name. I've had difficulty remembering faces most of my adult life. I have to meet someone 6-8 times before I know who they are. It's really embarassing. My sister has the same problem. Sometimes I think it would be easier to hang a sign around my...