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  1. There is a Company called Walden Farms that has a entire line of Gluten Free, No Carb, No Calorie Syrups, Salad Dressings...
  2. Definitely Ener-G Rice Bread! It doth taste like cardboard, indeed! Mrs. Leepers Boxed Dinners. They have an undertaste...
  3. My Local WalMart Superstore now has a Gluten Free Section!!! YIPEEE!!!! I can get Gluten Free stuff for way a lot less...
  4. CelestialNav

    Knorr Bouillon

    Another thing that you have to pay attention to re: Knorr Bouillon and other Bouillons and Bouillon Cubes is that they...
  5. CelestialNav

    Godfather's Pizza

    Per the Godfathers Pizza Website Store Locator there is not one single Godfathers Pizza in Florida that serves their...
  6. If you have a well stocked Health Food Store near you, a really good butter replacement is Canoleo. It is totally non...
  7. CelestialNav

    Cooking Brown Rice Noodles...Tips?

    Tinkyada is a good Rice Pasta. But, I apply the same rule as I do to rice. I put the Rice Pasta into the boiling water...
  8. Organic Life Vitamins are Gluten Free.
  9. I peel and slice about 8 to 10 peaches, in a big bowl. I spice up the Peaches with 6 to 8 packets of Sun Crystals Sweetener...
  10. CelestialNav

    What Chains Are Offering Gluten-Free Meals Nowadays?

    Carraba's Italian Restaurant has a Gluten-Free Menu. Their Gluten-Free Chicken Marsala with Garlic Mashed Potatoes is...
  11. Good News! Betty Crocker now has Gluten Free Baking Mixes. These Baking Mixes are made in a dedicated Gluten Free Plant...