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  1. I decided to go check it out this weekend...i ordered the baked ziti and a pepperoni pizza (i'm a pig i know ...my thoughts...food - i will definately go back for the ziti and maybe try a different pasta dish, the pizza I doubt I would order again, it was very crumbly(sp?)...it actually reminded me of pizzaria UNO's gluten-free pizza...but anyway there are better gluten-free pizza's out there...service - the waitress was nice but I don't think she was to aware of the gluten-free concept...she thought I meant whole wheat pasta when I said gluten free - no wheat - pasta... overall expericence was positive gluten-free since 8/06
  2. I just found out that mama lucia's started serving gluten free pizza and pasta...has anyone had a chance to try it?? recommendations/comments?? thanks!!