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    Education, communication, independence., cooperation. Politics: libertarianism. Medicine: all, particularly circadian rhythm disorders and gluten intolerance. Entertainment: all horror/dystopia.
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History: unexplained frequent abdominal pain plus other directly/indirectly celiac disease-associated problems noticed from infancy culminated about two years ago, 24 years old then, including a massive and severe skin problem which began improving on a strict gluten free diet [and vitamin C! I recommend it enthusiastically!]. Six months later, I was tested immunologically and little to nothing was found to suggest celiac disease [possibly best interpreted as a sign that meticulous ingredients listings monitoring and total avoidance of pre-prepared food is approximately gluten-free]. Confirmation, for me at least, was found in discovering rampant gluten intolerance/celiac disease, frequently also undiagnosed, in many branches of family. I'm here to find information on the workings [and prevention/limitation] of my unusual symptoms, and if possible, help others.