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  1. Just wondering if anyone is a member of the Gluten Free Society?
  2. Actually I JUST read that absent antibodies is a one of the many symptoms of Celiac Disease, LOL. "IgA Deficiency...
  3. Evangeline

    Overwhelmed By Health Problems

    Sounds like my health problems. I'll get all the symptoms for a problem and then have a test and it will turn out negative...
  4. Evangeline

    Going Grain Free Today

    I went grain-free 3 weeks ago. If you have joint inflammation, I also suggest you give up nightshades which is another...
  5. Evangeline

    Rice Sensitivity

    Oh, I experienced fatigue after eating rice, too. The doctors had tested my glucose levels and found that "all was...
  6. UPDATE: I stopped eating ALL TRACES of rice and corn and grains 20 days ago. I can now eat: Avocados (without...
  7. Evangeline

    Info On Nightshade Vegetables

    I didn't think I was reactive to nightshades but to error on the side of caution I removed them from my diet for 2 months...
  8. Evangeline

    Whatcha Eating Today Celiacs?

    Banana, grapes, ice berg lettuce and cashew-cream Caesar salad dressing, sweet potato.
  9. You must be one of those people who have undetectable or absent antibodies? I've heard that 1 in 500 people are this...
  10. I stopped eating eggs, but you MIGHT be able to find a local farm or farmers market.
  11. How long has your family been on the GAPS diet and did they notice any improvement in sensitivities to other foods? Also...
  12. Hm, I had allergy testing for $700 and they found nothing. Meanwhile, I was sensitive (NOT ALLERGIC) to over 30 foods...
  13. Are you buying eggs eggs from hens that were fed corn, soy and/or gluten? I have two friends who are corn intolerant...
  14. The only reason I started paying attention to the grain-free diet advocated by the Gluten Free Society was because I...
  15. The Gluten Free Society says that about 45% of gluten-sensitive individuals are sensitive to *gluten* (found in all grains...