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  1. StephanieL


    This isn't exactly what they are saying. They suggest ACTUAL gluten introduction at that time. There is no guarantee...
  2. Dr. Fasano suggest the "4 of 5" rule. http://www.gastro.org/news_items/a-biopsy-should-not-be-required-to-make-the-diagnosis
  3. StephanieL

    Gluten Free, but is it Really?!?!

    Just an FYI- Unless it says "Dedicated gluten-free facility" or you call on everything, the "made on/in/shred equipment...
  4. StephanieL

    Looking for Support Group

    There is a group called "ROCK" Raising Our Celiac Kids with locations around the country.
  5. I know there are dogs for other food related things but I haven't heard of one for gluten yet. We'd still be in...
  6. I didn't have to pay to just bring it up on google though. Probably easier than signing up.
  7. Sorry it's not working . If you google the article in the first post you should be able to bring it up. It's from 3...
  8. This is a great information piece on Celiac in Kids esp, followup care. Sorry, the link won't work. You can...
  9. StephanieL

    Nima Sensor

    I was at a conference and we were talking about these kinds of tests. Unless there is VERY obvious gluten in something...
  10. StephanieL

    Egg sensitivity and Flu Vaccine?

    The flu shot can very from year to year and perhaps it's different over The Pond. https://www.aaaai.org/conditions...
  11. StephanieL

    Egg sensitivity and Flu Vaccine?

    You would know if it was an allergy vs. an intolerance. There are no contraindications for the flu shot with egg...
  12. StephanieL

    Hand Sanitizer

    If she's unwilling to wash then the second option would be a wet wipe (we use Wet-Ones unscented). The detergents and...
  13. StephanieL

    How do I go about...

    Some people with Celiac feel better off of dairy when first diagnosed. UNLESS you have seen a server reaction, there...
  14. lol Yes, yes it is. I don't rely on that-just as a side note but if they were serious about keeping that designation...