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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   04/07/2018

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  1. Problems With Mouth Sores

    As far as the vitamin connection goes I really dont think that is causing the sores. My folic acid and b-12 levels are great after I found out I had celiac and started taking care of myself. I do admit though that I slip up monthly (at least) sometimes by accident I eat out quite a bit....and sometimes I just have to have a cookie. I pay dearly and feel so stupid after I do it. I really think the month sores are caused by the food containing the no-no's. I just wondered if anyone else was bothered and thought it was a connection to the celiac. As far as the slip ups go. I am learning my lessons the hard way. I found out about the celiac around the fall of last year. The longer I stay food offender free ,the worst the results when I do eat food that are off limits. I guess with some hardheads it just takes longer to be good! Kathy
  2. I know this sounds gross but when I slip up or accidently eat something containing gluden etc... I seem to develope sore places on my tongue and inside my month. Not many but maybe one or two. They really hurt. Does this have something to do with the celiac? I know there must be some sort of connection as it seems to happen quite a bit. Thanks for any input on this topic... Kathy
  3. Valentines Day Candies Boy Did I Blow It

    Thanks everyone.....you are all always such a great help, and I am so thankful for this message board. Kathy
  4. THANKS!!! That was the post...you are my hero for the day....Thanks again, Kathy
  5. A few weeks ago I found a post, printed it and now I have lost my copy.....what can I say...I am not the most organized person! Anyway this person was telling how she purchased 3 different types of fl ours from an Asian grocery market. She was saying how she was able to use her old ways of baking and she was just using the mixture of asian flour in place of the wheat flour. Does anyone remember the post. I really want to try it. Thanks so much for any help you may offer.....Kathy
  6. Ok...I was doing so good...being new at this, I have been so careful with what I eat. Well this week at work a wonderful co-worker who always remembers all of us on any special day....well she brought in little baskets of Valentines candies. You know the kind that have the little sayings on them, bubble gum, sweet tarts,and other assort. hard candies. I just thought ...this stuff must be safe..after all its hard candy. Well I had to leave work today doubled over in pain. Do you think I am just going to have to stay away from anything that I dont absolutly know everything that is in it? I Dont mean to be having a pity party but this is not fun at all! Does hard candies contain gluten also? One more question... When you try to remain gluten free...and somehow come in contact with it for the first time....does the reaction seem to get worst and worst?
  7. I have Celiac and Hashimotos Throiditis. My son has Celiac. My mother has Crohns and my brother has Diabetes. We are not in the process of getting my daughter, sister and her daughter tested for Celiac. They all have symptoms and have had them for a while now. I was told that Celiac is known to be passed on in families. Our family does seem to have quite a bit of autoimmune problems. Hope this info helps. Kathy B
  8. Enlarged Red Blood Cells

    Thanks everyone. You have been a great help! Kathy
  9. I have just been told I have celiac disease. This was found when the doctors were puzzled as to why my body was requiring such a large dose of thyroid medicine. My bloodwork came back positive and so the story goes with the Celiac disorder. I have suffered with stomach problems for as long as I can remember. Terrible stomach problems. I was told it was everything from stress to IBS. I really just thought it was something I was going to have to live with. Anyway my question is this.....with my last bloodwork my doctor noticed that my blood cells...i think he said my red blood cells seemed to be enlarged?? He said I was lacking in folic acid and could be lacking B12 however he just said to start taking folic acid asap. He told me to come back in for more bloodwork, which I will do next week... Had anyone been told anything about enlarged blood cells. Is this normal with celiac disease? Thank, Kathy
  10. Looking For Support

    Boy what a relief to read that someone is feeling the same way I am. I too feel isolated. I was just told I had Celiac after years of suffering and not knowing what was wrong. I am going through denial. I will tell myself that the doctors were incorrect and it has to be something else wrong. How can eating something cause so many problems. My doctors found I had the condition by running test to find out why I was on such a high dose of thyroid medicine. It seems there are not too many people that take such a high dosage. Because of the Celiac I dont absorb meds in a proper manner?? I thought everyone had what I have always called stomach attacks. I really went around for years suffering and not wanting to talk about it. I will go without eating anything containing gluten for days....feel better....then jump into the cookie jar.....and boy it usually takes 48 hours and then the fun starts...I have had to stay in the bed hurting for 2 days straight. I should learn my lesson but I guess I just hardheaded. I know that in time we will get used to all of this. Its so great to have a board like this one. I never knew how many people were going through the samethings that I am experiencing. Hang in there! And thanks for sharing!
  11. One more quick question. Is it pretty safe to order gluten-free foods off the internet? I been looking at a few sites. The shipping cost are just so high. Your thoughts will be appreciated...
  12. Thanks Everyone! When I was first told I had Celiac Disease the Doctor gave me a print out of what NOT to eat. I have had a really hard time with this new way of eating. I knew what not to eat,however the trick was...finding out just what I could eat. Everyone on this board is so nice and I want to let you know how much all the ideas mean to me. You all have helped more than you know. I really did not know what to buy. I sure did not want to waste anymore money on food I was taking a taste of and putting in the trash.....YUCK...everything I have tried to bake has been terrible. Anyway...thanks again for all the great ideas. Im going shopping and hopefully I get the hang of this gluten-free way of cooking. God Bless you all! I really think with having this kind of support I'll be just fine!
  13. Hello all, I have just been told (after years of suffering) that I have Celiac Disease. I rushed out to the local bookstore and bought up 4 cookbooks. I then went to the local health food store and shelled out $75.00 for various types of flours, etc. I went home and attempted to bake bread (also invested in a bread maker) I baked bread. I made cookies and several other things. Well, I guess my question is....Is there anything out there that even comes close to the bread I have eaten for years? It seems that everything I have made has a funny taste. Now, dont get me wrong. I do understand that I am having to adjust to a wheat free lifestyle......but is anything going to have any taste to me? I am not tring to whine but being new to all of this....well it bites big time. Does anyone have any suggestions for me? Will I just have to get used to doing without breads. Do you just get used to having a limited menu? Boy, it seems Im in a mourning phase for how I used to eat. If anyone can suggest any cookbooks or websites where I might find good ideas for making gluten free breads, cookies etc. or any thoughtful insites on how you got used to this new lifestlye.... I would be greatful for any ideas or insites.....Thanks, Kathy