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  1. I feel your pain on the anger. Luckily I have my husband and we vent back and forth with each other. He hears how sorry people are for me at his work too. My co workers are learning along with me. It is frustrating but think of your body. Hang in there.

  2. yeah cross contamination might be what happened to me at Rudy's for all I know. I am just barely starting to understand how cross contamination is really a factor. I have a bunch of wooden spoons that are years old...I guess they are probably gluten laden and will need to be thrown away. In Rudy...
  3. Yesterday the office called in an order to Rudy's to reward us all for being such hard workers. Naturally no one asked for my input at all about alternatives for me...guess I better just accept this will never happen(today they ordered in Pizza for everyone but didn't ask me what I would like). So...