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  1. It seems reasonable to me that my son is suffering from food sensitivities, and intolerances the same way I am. He developed asthma about two years ago and and has been suffering from chronic chest and sinus congestion for at least 5 years. His pediatrician wanted me to put him on antihistamines long term so I tried it, but they didn't bring him much relief. We've also tried all the over the counter stuff such as zyrtec and claritin but they bring little relief as well.

    Now that I KNOW I am suffering from several food intolerances/allergies, it seems to follow that he too may be having problems. He looks small to me and constantly has dark circles under his eyes. Over the past year constipation has been a huge problem for him as well. I am very concerned! I have only known about my own issues since January, and since then through doing a lot of reading I've come to realize how much food can affect us.

    The bottom line is I need to have him checked, but I'm afraid his pediatrician isn't going to know what to look for or might be uncooperative in some way. I guess I'm on the defense here, but one would think that pediatricians would look for food intolerances immediately in a child suffering chronic allergies and asthma. It just seems like a no brainer to me after all the research I've been doing.

    I wanted to completely cut some of the biggest food offenders out of his diet, including gluten, to see if it made a difference after a couple of months. I have cut dairy, wheat, wheat gluten, peanut butter, and soy out of his diet at home, but I can't control what his dad feeds him because his dad won't cooperate at all unless a medical doctor says it is appropriate. Basically because it is my idea, and his dad doesn't respect my ideas, I now am being forced to find proof via a medical doctor. This is scary to me based on all the negative feedback people are reporting regarding their board certified American Medical Association doctors.

    I need advice and information if you have it. Maybe there are good suggestions on how to approach my son's pediatrician? Or maybe someone knows of a good doctor or allergist in Austin? Thanks in advance! Oh and if you have ideas on how to get the cooperation of his dad that would be nice too, but I know that is a tall order!

  2. Logically it seems silly to be angry and I am trying not to be angry, but none the less I am. I hate having to be THIS different from everyone else. The comments are starting to flow in and now I understand more about why others are angry too. Comments like "oh I bet you can have a little and it won't hurt" or "my friend has that and it's okay for her to eat it once in a while" or "I think this is crazy and you are fine", etc...

    Well I'm not fine, not even close. I am in pain from inflammation that seems to never want to go away...this past week it has been really bad since I accidentally ate something with gluten...,a scale that won't budge is really pissing me off because I need to lose 50lbs, and this strange skin rash that never seems to heal that has been coming and going in the same place on my hip for months(could be dh?)is starting to have me a little worried. To top it all off, for the third day in a row the office brought in food and of course my vote doesn't count. That doesn't necessarily make me angry, but it hurts my feelings alot. I know I'm just one person with wacky food problems and they shouldn't have to cater to me...that is the logical thing to realize...but the feelings that crop up still crop up despite logic.

    I think at this point I probably need some counseling. Anyone here ever have to go to counseling to come to terms with this stuff?

  3. thank you for the clarification! What are dextrins? I think that might be where I got my signals crossed about dextrose. No telling why I thought whey was a wheat product. Actually...now that I am thinking about it more...maybe I was also on a lactose intolerance site because I have that too...and maybe that is where I saw whey and confused it in my mind. Sorry, I don't mean to put misinformation out there. I am still learning.

  4. Thank you! Yes these are all great ideas. :)

    And as for how I know I am not supposed to eat buffalo? Well Bison is one of the foods listed on the list they gave me from the lab and isn't Bison the same thing as buffalo? I am pretty sure pork wasn't on the list. And I find it odd that Bison would be on that list too and not pork. I can't imagine what would be in bison that would be worse than what a farm animal eats that could affect me. Who knows. I am brand new to all of this food intolerance stuff and am still confused.

    It irks me that most of the gluten-free products are made from stuff that are heavy allergens such as corn, potatoes, and soy.

  5. Went to Sprouts today looking for some gluten-free mac and cheese for my kiddo and some cookie mix too...and I was really confused by the claim on some of the boxes about being gluten free. Amy's gluten free mac and cheese has whey and or dextrose in it. Aren't these on the list of ingredients to avoid for people with gluten intolerance? There was a cookie mix too by another brand(don't remember the name now)that said gluten free on the box and it had whey in the ingredient list! It was even in the supposed gluten-free isle of Sprouts(beware they have lots of stuff that isn't gluten free in their supposedly gluten free isle. Some of that stuff says "made with wheat flour" right on the front of the box!

    I left the store very annoyed.

  6. You have touched on something that I am finding rather difficult to deal with myself and that is the fact that many people think I am making this stuff up. Maybe her friend will get a dose of reality someday and open her eyes. From what I am reading, not all people with celiac disease feel sick after eating gluten. Who knows...maybe she is having other kinds of symptoms and simply isn't putting two and two together.

    As for why it irritates you so much, it is what it is. You have a right to feel irritated even if you don't understand why. I am learning more and more how this hits us all in so many different emotional ways. Food is such an integral part of our culture and to have to be so careful of what we eat is a big strain in more ways than one.

  7. Very interesting. I too have had a lot of teeth falling out type dreams. I have dreamt that I would wake up and my teeth would be lying around on my bed and pillow. I have dreamt that while brushing my teeth, there would be blood and when I would spit, I would spit out teeth. I have dreamt that I'm at work and any time I'd open my mouth teeth would fall out and clink onto my desk.


  8. Here is what I am not supposed to eat:

    anything dairy

    anything soy

    anything beef

    I am also allergic to or have intolerances to spinach, strawberries, artichokes, peas, corn, avacado, pork, and seafoods such as shellfish, salmon and tuna.

    What I know for sure is safe for me to eat at this point in time is listed below:










    tomatoes...but they can upset my stomach from time to time




    green beans

    sweet potatoes


    Wow this is such a small list!

  9. You guys are all so amazing in what you know and how you are coping. I feel like such a whiny baby right now. I wish I could garden, but I live in a apartment with no room...not even for serious container gardening. So gardening unfortunately is out of my reach.

    Good to know I don't have to have a bread maker. I am going to have to learn to plan my meals out better but it still is going to be expensive since I have limited choices and have a need for organic food at this point. The food companies really have us over a barrel don't they?

    The crock pot idea is worth looking into...I wonder how much it will cost in electricity to use it since it has to be on all day. Any ideas? Thanks everyone! I am still thrilled I have found a website and can talk to others who know exactly what this is like. I am glad I opened up and decided to jump into the community.

  10. Thanks bunnie! I can eat chicken, romaine lettuce, broccoli, asparagus, bell peppers, squash, kale, apples, potatoes, blueberries, blackberries, most other fruits but citrus upsets my stomach, turkey, rice, tomatoes although sometimes they upset my stomach too, almonds, carrots, green beans, black beans, and mushrooms. It's a small list I know... but I'm probably forgetting some things.

    Definite things to NOT eat include all dairy, anything soy, spinach, artichokes, eggplant, beef, most seafood, gluten of course, corn, strawberries, and refined sugar since yeast seems to be a concern.

  11. I'm in the same boat you are. I just found out about my intolerances which include gluten(haven't had an endoscopy yet)and I'm overwhelmed by it all too. I have known about this for a couple of months now and I am still learning a lot of stuff I didn't know. Even as careful as I have been, I am willing to bet that I am not totally gluten free yet.

    I thought I only had to be careful of the food I eat...now I am finding out that it goes way beyond food! I am trusting all the seasoned folks here though that it will get better. They are living proof it will...but for now yes it is hard to take in and there are a lot of emotional things to deal with too. Just think how lucky we are to finally know what is going on in our bodies and to have a website to go to for support and knowledge. My heart goes out to you. Good luck!

  12. food is expensive enough as it is, but for someone like me who has little extra income, I'm finding it extremely financially difficult to eat right. I am wondering how everyone else who is not very well off financially and who have lots of different intolerances and allergies are able to afford to eat properly.

    Supplements cost a lot too. I know I am deficient in nutrients. My hair is falling out, my nails are thin and have ridges in them, and my skin is in bad shape. I am open to suggestions!

  13. Thank you Sandsurf girl and everyone else too. I am sitting here with tears rolling down my cheeks now. I know I am not the only one who is suffering and I normally don't feel so sorry for myself. I am also very concerned about my little boy on top of everything else. He too is suffering from terrible sinus problems, asthma, chest congestion, and constipation and various digestive issues.

    I haven't had him tested yet but am almost positive he is suffering from the gluten intolerance too. I have changed his diet at home cutting out dairy, soy, peanut butter, and wheat. I am desperate to get him eating healthier too but haven't been able to stop him from eating things at school he shouldn't and his dad doesn't take any of this seriously.

    My son is underweight and has dark circles under his eyes. I know he is starving also and it breaks my heart. Trying to get his dad to understand what all I know now is damn near impossible. His dad even told me that if I was having trouble being the managing conservator that he could take on that role. Well that is horrifying to me because my ex doesn't believe these food intolerances can exist. He thinks it is all a bunch of alternative medical crap that isn't based in science. He refuses to educate himself on it all simply because I brought it up. As far as he is concerned anything that comes out of my mouth is wrong and doesn't deserve respect.

    I need to get my son in to see a good doctor who will go a little more above and beyond. Past experience has taught me that doctors don't really get it either. The only reason I found out about all my issues was because after years of being fed up with medical doctors not finding what was wrong with me, I went to an alternative practitioner who took a bunch of blood and had it sent to a lab for testing. I never got this far with a medical doctor. Come to find out it cost three thousand dollars and my insurance wouldn't cover any of it. This is a whole new topic I know!

  14. Oh and for the person who asked me what I meant about limited fish...

    I have only a slight allergy to white fish. I probably shouldn't eat it at all, but because it is only a slight allergy to it I have allowed myself to eat Tilapia on rare occasions. I am desperate to break up the monotony of having chicken every day. But fish like salmon, tuna, and shellfish, are big no no's according to the clinician and as much as I love that stuff I am too afraid to eat it now.

    This is all made worse by the fact that I am constantly around food I can't eat. Coworkers bring tons of yummy stuff to the office for everyone to share and I am ALWAYS left out. Even when the employees are rewarded by food being brought in for lunch, I can't eat any of it and miss out on what is supposed to be a big reward for working so hard. I don't get a reward and that stings.

    I can't even enjoy most foods you celiacs can have because of the allergies and intolerances I have, so I may not even be in the right kind of support group here...

  15. Oh and I was wrong about the pork...I am not supposed to eat it either. I went back to the list of foods that I am supposed to avoid and also learned I am not supposed to eat avacado! I love avacado and have been eating it since I found out about my allergies and intolerances...doh!

    Well needless to say I am still trying to figure this all out. I have learned from this experience that I am going to have to keep that list with me at all times until I have it fully memorized. It is such a loooooooong list. All I want is to be healthy for once in my life.

  16. Normally I wouldn't have made the fish, but it was one of those weeks where I had very little time to plan meals and actually pre-cook. Not to mention I have had chicken almost every day for the last two months. I had run to the grocery store on my way to work to pick up some food I could eat through the day and I couldn't face eating chicken another day. Tilapia which is a very mild fish is one of the few kinds of fish I can eat and I need the nutrition.

    Needless to say I won't be cooking fish at work anymore but it doesn't help the fact that I am struggling with this whole thing and eating the way I am supposed to be eating is KILLING my pocketbook. I am a single mom of a 7 year old with zero outside support(no family here and the ex is always unavailable due to his job). Finding the time it takes to prepare the right kinds of foods in a variety of ways is almost impossible for me. I'm doing well to hold down my full time job and make sure my kid does his homework every day. I get very little time to just simply relax. Of course I don't expect anyone to really understand this part of it because you are not in my shoes, but for me this is all a huge deal.

    Even my friends are clueless about my diet. I tried to explain as much as I could about my allergies, intolerances, and how I must not have ANY gluten what so ever. I tried to educated them on how important it is that I read ingredients and understand what is gluten and what isn't in the ingredients list. They just all shake their heads and make comments like "I am so glad I don't have to pay attention to ingredient lists".

    Actually one of my friends who seems to understand asked if my son and I would like to come to her house for dinner so I could have a break. She asked me what I can have. I told her chicken and vegetables other than corn, and spinach. I said my chicken would have to be made without marinades etc...because of the hidden gluten in most condiments. She said no problem.

    When I got there, the chicken had marinade all over it and the side dishes were corn and black beans. My heart sunk. She was proud of herself because she thought she was making something healthy for me to eat and I didn't say a word because I knew she was trying and meant well...like so many others she still didn't get it. I ate it anyway knowing that I would pay later and I am paying alright. I have joint pain and stiffness and am very stopped up in my sinuses. I am nauseated and feel weak and tired as well.

    And yes I'm angry...I don't know how not to be angry at this point. My whole world revolved around food and still does! I can't get away from it. I have been starving for years but I am terribly overweight. For just as many years I have tried every diet and way of eating known to mankind to try and get my health turned around only to end up with more weight, more hunger, and more frustration. I could just scream. I am still forced to think about food more than the average person has to and am emotionally exhausted and frustrated.

    I don't just have the gluten issue either. I have many food allergies to deal with. So truly my choices are very limited. I'm allergic to beef, most seafood, pork, eggs, spinach, and soy to name just a few. I have a big fat dairy intolerance too. So getting a good balance of nutrition is proving to be as difficult as ever. But no one in my circle of friends or my coworkers can truly know how awful and limiting this really is. They can all eat whatever they want and can't wrap their brains around how harmful normal every day food can be to some people. They will never care enough to truly educate themselves on what is safe for me because they don't truly believe what is happening to me is real. They see how overweight I am and think I'm being ridiculous when I say I'm starving.

    Thanks for taking the time to read and comment. I know I have rambled and ranted...I am losing it I think.

  17. So while everyone is enjoying their donuts and other gluten/carb filled treats, I am stuck with an extremely limited diet of basically fresh chicken, limited fish, pork, and only some kinds of fruits and vegetables. I am inolerant and allergic to most everything else. I found all this out a couple of months ago after years and years of being very sick. It has been a huge strain on my psyche as I try to negotiate eating a healthy way for myself in an unfriendly and not very understanding office full of coworkers.

    I am damn near starving here and no one gives a poop. I cooked fish today in the microwave and one would think I dumped nuclear waste in the office by the way folks reacted. I am battling hard to try and gain my health back and it would be nice if others could be a little more understanding and patient of my plight. I feel like crying right now!