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  1. I am also a new celiac and was warned of soy which I have found to be troublesome. Also tapioca which is disappointing since so many products that are gluten-free contain either soy or tapioca flours. Learning to cook decent means has been a challenge and I do miss bread terribly. Pizza was a fond memory until Dominoes gluten free which I actually find quite tolerable. I have a supportive boyfriend, however, and friends have finally stopped offering cakes, pies and cookies. I am new to researching it and looking forward to learning more. Thank you all for being here.

    Are you saying that you think tapioca has gluten or that you cannot tolerate it? Tapioca flour/starch is a gluten-free product, which a lot of us use in baking. You might want to check these lists of safe and unsafe ingredients and also the Newbie 101 topic.

    Edit: If for some reason you cannot tolerate tapioca, there are other starches that can be substituted in baking (potato starch, cornstarch, etc.)

  2. I agree with what others have already said. You could pick up an inexpensive toaster for yourself, which would probably be cheaper than buying toaster bags.

    Some of us did have to give up dairy for awhile. I'd definitely suggest you do that and hopefully after you have healed, you may be able to successfully incorporate dairy products into your diet. Others have problems with casein, which is in all dairy products, but for now you might want to just give up dairy products to see if you get to feel better.

    Personally I didn't consume any oats right away but you could try reintroducing them later (gluten-free oats, that is). A small percentage of us cannot tolerate oats at all.

    If you stick to a whole foods diet right away, you'll have a whole lot less labels to read, too. In the meantime you might want to check out the Newbie 101 topic here.

  3. 1 box yellow Betty Crocker gluten-free cake mix

    1 reg can Libby's pumpkin

    Cinnamon chips or chocolate chips

    If you can find the cinnamon chips they are so much better. I buy several because I can only find them in the fall!

    Mix everything together. No liquid needed. Just those 3 things and bake according to the cupcake directions on cake mix (about 18 min). Yum!

    These sound so good...so cinnamon chips are now on my shopping list. Do they really rise properly or are they somewhat dense and heavy? (I need these like I need a hole in my head...and my thighs will not thank me.)

  4. I make stuffing from Ener-G rice bread. Only thing it's good for, in my opinion. No matter what you do to that bread, it doesn't lose it's shape. So you can dice it into tiny pieces, toast them, and them mix it into stuffing w/ veggies and broth. And you can do the thing where you add broth, bake, stir, more broth, bake, stir. Can do it five times and bread cubes don't lose their shape. Kinda sketchy, now I think about it....

    I think you could run over it with a truck and it would still be intact. laugh.gif

  5. I'll have to look into the USA tins for future use...was at BB&B a few days ago and saw this product but did not have a coupon at the time.....they looked similar to King Arthur's pans.

    The King Arthur pans are USA pans (at least the ones that are ridged). I bought a 9x4x4" loaf pan from KAF and the logo on the pan says USA Pan. The others I bought from Amazon as the prices were better. After checking availability, my closest BB&B didn't come up.

    I should add that while Amazon does carry the USA loaf pan with a lid, I didn't feel like I need it and it was definitely more expensive.

  6. oh yes!

    I admit, I was walking "funny" when I came out and I was glad to have hub's arm to lean on. And drive me home!

    And as Sylvia says, have some food prepared and waiting for you at home.

    And a good movie. Just take it easy afterwards.

    Let us know how you make out. We care!

    Actually my daughter-in-law had to heat up the soup. laugh.gif And I asked them the same questions half a dozen times...or so I am told. A nice nap in the afternoon might be good, too.

  7. SA, let us know how your new pan works out! Sounds great:)

    The USA muffin pan is fantastic! I made Pamela's banana-nut bread recipe into muffins (with sugar), did not use liners or grease, oil or spray the pan. The muffins came out with no problem, no sticking. I am impressed. I just wiped the pan out when finished and didn't even have to wash it.

    Now I wish all my pans were by USA. They are the most non-stick pans I own. http://usapans.com/index.html

  8. Does anyone have a recipe that uses all purpose flour?? That's all I have in my house and don't intend on getting into the city before this weekend (thanksgiving)

    What brand of all-purpose gluten-free flour do you have on hand? Many manufacturers have websites with recipes that are developed using their brand of flour. Some brands already include xanthan gum in their flour mix and some don't.

  9. it could be adrenal exhaustion but its worth getting checked for kidney stones. i went to the doctor 3 times, had scans and nothing was found. kidney stones was finally diagnosed after i was rushed into hospital after throwing up and i agreed to stay in over night to get to the bottom of it.

    google adrenal fatigue and see if any of the symptoms match up. there are some very specific symptoms of adrenal fatigue - and dont bother going to the doctor. they are still stuck in the dark ages on this.

    Welcome to the forum. Since this topic was started in 2007, hopefully the original poster has found the answer to her problems.

  10. My hubby is having a hard time as well. With him, he can't 'see' the issue physically, so it makes it hard for him. He was impressed last night though. Apparently I did rarely well with supper and dessert lol. He couldn't tell it was gluten-free. My kids didn't like the rice spaghetti though, so I will have to try and find an alternative.

    This weekend is Canadian thanksgiving and I have been looking for a gluten-free pie dough recipe for 2 days. Thanksgiving without pumpkin pie is just wrong. LOL. But all I have is all purpose flour and xantham gum. I wasn't ready to embark on the road of 50,000 flours yet so opted for the all purpose. Does anyone have a recipe they are willing to share??

    What brand of rice spaghetti did you try? Some of us really like Tinkyada brown rice pasta.

    Check out this thread for pie crust, which was just started yesterday. http://www.celiac.co...e-crust-recipe/ Pumpkin pie can also be made crustless.

    P.S. Karen beat me to it. LOL