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  1. when you do move something how do I know where you moved it to?

    When I move something, I always show the link that it was moved to so you can find it again. Also if you click on your name or avatar to the left of your posts, it lists your topics and posts. Hope this helps. I'm really not very good explaining techno stuff.

  2. Welcome tct! I think a lot of people are told there's nothing wrong with them and then start this journey themselves. And since the endoscopy is done and your doctor doesn't plan to do the celiac blood panel, there's no reason not to go gluten-free right away.

    When my GI did my endoscopy/biopsies, I also had gastritis, which is just another name for inflammation. It's pretty common. Did you also bring home your pretty colored pictures after you had the procedure? Let us know how your follow-up appt. goes and be sure to pick up a copy of the results for your files. The biopsies are sent to a pathologist for interpretation as many times damage is only visible under a microscope.

    I never bought the gluten-free grocery shopping book from Cecelia's Marketplace but I think others have found it helpful especially when they're new. There are also some phone apps available. I learned a lot by reading this forum, Googling products and reading labels. It's pretty confusing at first but gets much easier with time. It might also be easier to start by eating mostly whole foods (meat, fish, fruits, veggies, etc.) as there's no label reading for them. Some of us also had to avoid dairy products for awhile. You might want to avoid a lot of the gluten-free prepared foods for now as it makes it a lot easier.

    You might also want to check out our Newbie Info 101 as some of these things come up time and time again.

  3. Welcome to the forum, Bossley! I think I probably approved your post and moved it to a different forum that seemed to be more appropriate and I see you've already had a response. We tend to get an awful lot of posts under the "Coping Forum" and yours seemed to fit better in the Post Diagnosis section IMHO.

  4. Ron, there are many of us who consume products made by these companies without a problem. Since you are a fairly new member, perhaps you have intolerances to ingredients in some of these products. When we first go gluten-free, our bodies can be pretty wonky and it's hard to pinpoint exactly what zapped us.

    I do get pretty tired of hearing of celebs who are getting on the gluten-free bandwagon thereby making it seem like it's the latest fad diet when we have no choice. Perhaps you would be better off right now by sticking with whole foods that you prepare yourself. I know it's a pain in the butt, but at least you could control the ingredients you use to prepare foods. Just a thought...

  5. I'd definitely consult a tax professional before taking this type of deduction. Personally I wouldn't want to do anything that would "red flag" me for an audit. I don't know what you'd need to do to qualify your family for this type of deduction. Obviously we can't deduct ordinary things that most people can eat and there are a lot of gardeners out there who buy seeds. I can't imagine how that would be allowed.

    Edit: I should also add that I live in the U.S.

  6. Kelly, does your daughter show any interest in cooking and baking? When I was first diagnosed, my gluten-eating granddaughter loved to help bake. She was 11 at the time (13 now). She recently spent a few days with me and we made gluten-free cinnamon-raisin bread, pizza and lemon-blueberry pound cake. We were also going to make cupcakes but ran out of time.

    While these were made from scratch, there are also some good mixes available. Betty Crocker gluten-free mixes are readily available in lots of grocery stores and Wal-Mart. King Arthur Flour has some good ones, too. Gluten-Free Bisquick makes good pancakes and waffles and I also like Pamela's Baking & Pancake Mix. There are lots more but these came to mind quickly.

    Maybe if she could help you, she might enjoy eating, too. Just a thought.

  7. Hmmmm...I'm naturally a blond, but several years ago I dyed my hair red for a while. Could that have been my "celiac trigger"? :lol:

    My daughter is also a natural blond and did the very same thing. Never thought of it as being her trigger. Hahaha

  8. I wonder what the other threads were talking about with the Apple Cider Flavored vinegar having gluten? Unless they changed it in the last few years and i was reading old threads?

    It's always a good idea to check the ingredients on the label as ingredients do change from time to time. The labels would have the most up-to-date info. Some of the old threads on the forum may not be current.

  9. I've never heard of Heinz Apple Cider FLAVORED vinegar. What does the label say? Here's the website and I don't see anything about the flavored vinegar: http://www.heinzvine...m/products.aspx

    I think the main thing we have to watch for in vinegar is the word MALT, which is not gluten-free.

    Edit: I know some people do have problems with vinegar but it's not because of gluten (well, except for Malt as noted above)

  10. I know we have some vegan and vegetarian members on the forum, who obviously don't eat meat. You might want to use the google button on the top right corner of your screen and search for vegetarian or vegan diets. I'm sure I've see some posts about it that may be helpful to you.

    Or for more personal suggestions, you might want to see a dietitian for more guidance.

  11. Michael, how about a well-balanced diet to include meats and fish, as well as fruits and veggies? Is the only protein you're getting from the shakes? Maybe you're not eating enough??? (I'm not familiar with the Arnold Ehret diet.)

    If you're newly diagnosed, it's going to take time to repair all the damage that has been done by celiac. Hopefully others can chime in and give you more ideas.

  12. I've asked about a Crock Pot, and my RA is finding out for me. I don't think Foreman grills are allowed period because they have an open burner. I might be allowed to bring one and store it.

    There's not an "open burner" on the George Foreman grills. I would liken it to heating elements such as an electric frying pan but then I don't know if that would be allowed either.