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  1. Sweet rice flour did the trick. I have now made several batches of pancakes and can attest to the consistency equating to regular bisquick. The mix also behaves as it should in other recipes, and DH has requested the cheeseburger pie (?) recipe I found on another website.

    And yes, I know that everybody's more interested in buying it than making it. biggrin.giftongue.gif

    Oh, I missed this thread. My computer crashed and needed a new hard drive.

    After paying $3.84 for a 16 oz. box of gluten free Bisquick at Wal-Mart, I think I'm definitely more interested in making it than buying it!!!

    I bought some sweet rice flour locally for approx. $1.50/lb. at an Asian store. biggrin.gif

  2. ohhhh- the prep is a ROYAL PAIN.. altho honestly the actually drinking the liquid and having the "D" aren't as bad as the NOT EATING for 24 hours (hard for me!)

    the procedure itself is a BREEZE.

    the painful gas (for me) was MISERABLE- untill i was able to get home on a heating pad-

    I should have had it done sooner...like when I was used to living in the bathroom while waiting for my endo. tongue.gif While I still have some issues, they pale in comparison!

    I honestly think the hardest part for me will be the liquid diet and not eating solid food the day before. I'm such a munch mouth. And the worst part of the endo was the terrible bloating and gas afterwards...the procedure itself wasn't that bad although I was pretty nervous since I had never had it done before.

  3. in continuation of what u said about feeling crampy afterwards.... *and anyone else chime in if u want! -

    did u ever have a colonoscopy??? and took a while to recover afterwards?? for example- MOST people either feel NO cramping/painful gas after one... and some people have painful cramping for the rest of the day... i HOWEVER had painful cramping/gas for like 5 days!!!!! has anyone else had that reaction??

    I have not yet had a colonoscopy but it's on the agenda soon...my DIL's side of the family has been dealing with some serious health issues. Since that's just now over, my son said to go ahead and schedule one, which I'll do on Mon.

    I can't say I was crampy following my Ct scan but had horrible D, bubbling and gurgling, which didn't go away until 8 p.m. Am sure it was because of the barium.

    Following my endo, I was so terribly bloated with lots of gas. Once I got rid of it a few hours later, I felt fine. The GI doc did pump air into my stomach to be able to get a better look. And I'm sure he'll do the same for the colonoscopy. Not looking forward to that or the prep for it so I don't quite know yet what to expect.

  4. The Doctor pressed her case, saying that there are advantages to having a "gold standard diagnosis". She didn't really elaborate on that. I told I had made my peace with giving up gluten and the episode with the tea convinced me I was extremely sensitive to it. She said an unconfirmed diagnosis is fine with her. So it didn't happen. I'm fine with that.

    Apart from my not getting the test and my doctors wasting my time, Could anyone elaborate on what some of the advantages might be of having the disease diagnosed by biopsy as opposed to the blood test. It seems to me whoever says what, I will always be, Gluten free.

    Thanks, Donovan

    My PCP was ready to diagnose me after getting very positive results on my celiac panel. I should have taken him up on it and not requested to follow up with a GI doc. (My biopsy was positive...not a surprise to me). But, I also have a daughter who has problems with gluten (she's pretty much eating gluten free but not always) and also is hypo-thyroid. So I felt I should pursue it to try and get a "gold standard diagnosis" for her sake. She's in grad school and took some summer classes so has not done a gluten challenge...I can't imagine having to go through that and then not knowing if she'd get a definitive diagnosis. I wish she'd just go completely gluten free and never look back.

    The only advantage I can see in getting diagnosed by the "gold standard" is if someone needs that "official" diagnosis to go gluten free and not cheat. And even then, biopsies can be negative. Or if someone lives in a country where there are allowances for gluten free foods.

  5. does anybody know what exactly a barium & ct does that an Endo or Colonoscopy cant do??? isn't Barium toxic??? i'd love to understand it all

    The abdominal CT scan will show up areas that the endo and colonoscopy can't reach.

    Don't know if the barium is toxic or not. I had to drink 3 bottles of VoLumen (about 16 oz. each) in 45 min. prior to my CT scan. I made the hospital check to be sure the VoLumen was gluten free...it is. Regardless, I paid a price for it for the balance of the day. Major D and I felt like crap until about 8 p.m. (my scan was at 10 a.m.). My abdomen bubbled and gurgled during that whole time (never had that bad a problem prior to be diagnosed with celiac).

  6. My one personal comment is that I like my homemade version of Udi's bread for french toast better, but DH prefers this one more for french toast. Since it's not my bread, I'll just do whatever he likes best.

    Halfrunner, I would love to try your homemade version of Udi's bread, which I can't find around here. Could you post it, maybe starting a new thread, for those of us who are into experimenting trying to find the "perfect" yeast bread recipe?

    This weekend I plan to try to make another loaf of your buckwheat bread but this time not cover it for rising since my last loaf got screwed up that way.

  7. Personally I feel very comfortable eating Kraft dressings. They will not hide wheat but I also know that people have various intolerances to a lot of different ingredients. That could include whole, natural foods (fruits and veggies, for example).

    Their Ranch dressing is my favorite although I've pretty much avoided it for a few months as it contains milk (as well as eggs). I figure since I was only diagnosed 4 months ago, I probably was (or am) lactose intolerant. You need to buy what you're comfortable using.

  8. Ummm I keep hearing that people are using Kraft Dressings - but the thing is Kraft Dressing use certain ingredients that don't always trigger the "WHEAT ALLERGY" warning such as: Artificial color, Artificial flavor, caramel color, Dextrin, Food starch, vegetable starch, modified food starch, and natural flavors ALL can be made from wheat or barley, and therefore they contain gluten. They can also be made from rice, potatoes, corn, or tapioca all of which are safe, so when you see any of those ingredients listed, call the manufacturer to confirm if that ingredient was derived from a gluten-free source.

    Kraft has a very clear labeling policy (wish all companies did!). I feel very comfortable buying Kraft dressings (after reading the ingredient list, of course).

  9. Interesting! There were several different varieties from Renew Life. Since I have no plans for the next few days, for now I'll stick with it for a few more days and see what happens. I asked the health food store owner if I should expect any problems and she didn't think so. A lot of her customers take this product. I liked the idea of getting so many strains of bacteria in a capsule I could take just once a day.

    Maybe there's a little intestinal war going on in there...like little Pac-man characters fighting each other. tongue.gif Hopefully the good guys will win!!! lol

    I think I finally solved the puzzle to my daily D. And to think it was so simple that if it had been a snake, it would have bitten me.

    I started on the Renew Life probiotics (80 billion with 14 different strains) and for several days I actually felt worse and then the same as usual (not good). Well, to make a long story short, a week ago I had an eye dr. appt. and she took me off my antibiotic eye ointment that I have been on for several months for severe dry eyes (probably late Feb., early March...my EGD/biopsy was April 9 so I've been gluten free almost 4 months). I had a light bulb moment yesterday when I realized I hadn't had D for several days. Not for one minute did I suspect the eye ointment was causing me problems (after all, it was gluten free). I should have realized that regardless, it was an antibiotic and we all know how they can mess us up.

    In the meantime while I was trying desperately to sort this out and trying to get better, I re-read labels on everything from foods to hair spray to lotion, etc. and came up with nothing revealing. In early April I cleaned my kitchen and pantry and did as totally a gluten-free kitchen as is humanly possible to including buying a bunch of new stuff (the usual wooden spoons, cutting boards, toaster, etc.) and could not understand why I wasn't getting better. I only ate out one time during that 4 months. And I live alone so no problem with gluteny little hands touching anything.

    So hopefully the good guys won...I guess only time will tell if I continue to feel this good! Maybe I'll celebrate by getting out the vacuum cleaner today. lol I plan to continue using this bottle of probiotics until it's gone and then probably switch to a lower maintenance dose just to be on the safe side. I just had to share the good news with you. This forum has been an absolute god send to me!!! biggrin.gif

  10. Recently, I have had severe problems with my teeth being sensative to hot and cold. Sometimes just inhaling air affects the pain. I have been to the dentist and he suggested using sensodine toothpaste. Could someone tell me if this tothpaste is gluten free?



    My dentist gave me a sample of Sensodyne ProNamel toothpaste. As far as I know it's gluten free. I found this link with fairly recent info that lists ingredients in Sensodyne products. Of course, ingredients could have changed since then (usual CYA statement): http://www.wellspher...rust-it/1069088

    The phone number on the box is1-866-844-2797 if you wish to contact the contact GlaxoSmithKline.

  11. Hi all!

    I am still working on the fine tuning of my new gluten-free life. I take a few pills every day that are prescribed to me from my doctor. I have heard that some pills can contain gluten, but I am a little overwhelmed about how I find out this information?! Do you ask the pharmacist? Your doctor? Do you look up the drug name/manufacturer/ingredients online? It's not like RX's come with an ingredients list right? Or does it?!

    Here is what I take, but I don't know the manufacturers just yet, I'll call Rite Aid tomorrow and get details, but if anyone has experience with any of these, I'd love for you to chime in!

    Atenolol - blood pressure

    Prozac - depression (although since going gluten-free, I don't think I need them anymore...but that's another story!)

    Xanax - anxiety

    I asked my pharmacist at Rite Aid and while he didn't know, he/she can print out the ingredients for each of your meds so you can check them for yourself. I even had him print out the ingredients in my eye meds.

    Brand name meds would be easy to check out by contacting the company.

    Alprazolam (generic Xanax) by Greenstone is gluten free. It does have corn starch in it.

  12. When I was looking for the answears on the internet what the celiac disease is, and I came across the webpage where one doktor talked about who can get the celiac. Some institute found out that only people with the blood type 0 can get it. There is some other types also, but only like one in 1 000 000. The black people and the people from Europe are geneticly predisposed to carry the genes for the celiac disease.

    If she is lying, I'm just helping her, but my blood type is 0 possitive. Hm... It's true?

    Not true! There's an awful lot of misinformation floating around out there. I'm A negative and was diagnosed with a positive celiac blood panel followed by an endoscopy/biopsy (also positive). And I don't think I'm one in 1,000,000.

    If you want good solid info, you've come to the right place. biggrin.gif

    Also, if you want to pick up a good book to read, I'd recommend Celiac Disease: A Hidden Epidemic by Dr. Peter Green, Director of the Celiac Disease Center at Columbia University.

  13. I'm in need of a homemade mayo recipe. All the store bought ones contain either diary, gluten, or soy. I cannot eat any of that. I'd rather make my own and know it's safe biggrin.gif

    Anybody know of a good mayo recipe?

    I recently bought Hellmann's Canola Cholesterol Free Mayonnaise and it's marked gluten free. No soy or dairy (includes Parve symbol). It's a Unilever product. Phone: 1-800-418-3275. Hope this helps...

  14. My next tweak is to see if adding powdered milk will help with the little bit of dryness that DH mentioned is still there. I'll make the next batch this weekend.

    Thanks for your response! I'll look forward to seeing what you come up with next!

    In the meantime I want to also experiment with the recipe using a half cup of flour posted by RiceGuy under the "Uprisings" thread.

  15. I have been continuing to tweak this bread. The latest batch I tried cutting back the potato starch to 3/4 cup. It seemed lighter in density compared to the previous loaves when I cut it and last night DH told me that it was the best loaf of gluten free bread that he's had.

    I may pull the starch amount down a bit more just to see, but 3/4 c. works just fine.

    SA, I'm soooo glad that you had good results with this recipe. biggrin.gif It's nice to know I can help others as well as my hubby.

    I'm continually searching for a recipe for the "perfect" loaf of bread...a recipe that I can stick with and have turn out well every time. Gluten free yeast bread remains my biggest challenge as far as a gluten free diet is concerned.

    When you cut down the amount of starch, did you increase the amount of buckwheat flour or decrease the amount of water? I know you're good at eyeballing it...I'm still getting a feel for gluten free bread baking.

    When you made it without buckwheat to make white bread (a previous post in this thread), did you use all white rice flour? And if so, did you make any other substitutions?

    Do you cover the loaf when it's rising? I laid a piece of aluminum foil over it (sprayed the foil with non-stick cooking spray) but it stuck to the bread and caused it to fall slightly when I removed it.

    Please keep posting the results of your experimentations!!! smile.gif

  16. This morning I tried the gluten free Bisquick for pancakes. They are excellent. Expensive, but excellent!

    In looking at the ingredients of this Bisquick, the main item is rice flour followed by sugar and leavening (sounds like baking powder to me). The only other flour is modified potato starch with the last items salt and xanthan gum. Obviously there's not a lot of potato starch in it.

    I found this recipe for gluten free pancakes on the Land O Lakes website (ingredients are very similar) and it would be a lot less expensive. http://www.landolake...?RecipeID=14378

    I'm glad that mainstream companies like General Mills come out with gluten free items and are generally readily available to consumers so I do like to support them. I just don't like that something with such cheap ingredients is so terribly expensive. I recently bought white rice flour for $1.15 a lb. at a local Mennonite-type market. Haven't checked my Asian store but can't believe it would be less expensive than that.

    So that's my two cents worth...